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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #301

3/10/08 – 3/14/08

The Fancy recast
What in the world were the casting directors thinking with the recast of Fancy?  No offense to the actress, but she didn’t do a good job with the role.  When Pretty used the mind control device on her, she was too robotic.  Emily Harper does a much better job when Pretty’s controlling Fancy.  She also didn’t have any chemistry with Noah and Luis.  Maybe the writers should have written Fancy off of the show for a couple of days if they couldn’t find a better recast.

Gwen didn’t want to adopt little Ethan
Did we go through another rewrite?  Ethan told Gwen that he wanted to adopt little Ethan.  Gwen was against the idea.  She thought that Theresa would always be a part of their lives if they adopt him. Hello?! Did she forget that she took that risk before when she and Ethan adopted little Ethan?  She didn’t even care that Theresa would have been in their lives before so why does it matter now?  Are we also supposed to forget that little Ethan loved Gwen once?  He shouldn’t have to “learn to love her” the way Ethan promised he would.

Sheridan didn’t sell Pretty out
Sheridan discovered that Pretty was the reason why Fancy has been acting so crazy lately.  When Sheridan was looking for Luis on the wharf, she found Pretty with the mind controlling device.  She stopped Pretty from making Fancy kill Paloma.  Pretty was going to use the device to get Fancy to kill Paloma.  Sheridan was against the idea.  She didn’t want Fancy dead.  Sheridan threatened to see Pretty out to Luis, but changed her mind when she saw Luis and Fancy together.  She eventually threw the device in the water to keep Pretty from controlling Fancy.  The chip that was in Fancy’s head fell out of her nose while she was having a coughing attack.  Once Luis and Fancy declared their love for each other, Sheridan was ready to break them up.  If Sheridan was going to go along with Pretty, she may as well have let Pretty control Fancy.  Getting rid of the device didn’t make Sheridan look better.  She gave a big performance about telling Luis what Pretty did only to keep her mouth shut.

Theresa suddenly cared about her children
Theresa tried to appeal to the government agent to let her go by using the “I have children” card.  This is a woman who barely spent time with her children, but now that she’s being kept from them, she suddenly cares about them.  Give us a break!  If she did care, she wouldn’t be in Mexico in the first place.  She could be home with her children as well as her family if she didn’t feel that having Ethan in her life was more important than risking her family’s lives.

The writers are spitting in Shuis fans face
Luis told Fancy that he’s never loved anyone the way he loves her.  We can practically feel the sting of that slap.  What about his love for Sheridan?  For years, we were told that Shuis’s love was practically the greatest love of all.  Now all of a sudden, Luis and Fancy’s love is so great.  Puh-leez.  They haven’t been together long enough for us to believe that their love is so great.  Luis saying things like that certainly doesn’t give any remaining Shuis fans hope that they will get back together.

Gwen and Rebecca tried to get rid of Theresa’s stuff
Gwen and Rebecca took it upon themselves to get rid of Theresa’s stuff.  They could have given little Ethan Theresa’s pictures so he could have something to remember her by.  Rebecca did crack us up when Ethan busted them.  Gwen kept getting mad at Rebecca because of what she said about Theresa.  She made cracks about not being able to eat fish or watch Jaws anymore.  Gwen chastised her for being happy that Theresa’s dead. It’s good that Gwen’s got a conscience, but at least Rebecca is keeping it real.  Gwen shouldn’t expect Rebecca to care that Theresa is gone.

Pilar obsessed over Tabitha being a witch
As mentioned in the raves section, Pilar suspected Tabitha of being a witch when she mentioned an elf.  When a toy car rolled into the kitchen, Tabitha tried to explain that it was a game that she and Endora played.  Pilar didn’t buy that excuse.  Suddenly, Pilar thought Tabitha was strange.  She grilled Tabitha about looking the same ever since she moved to Harmony.  Tabitha tried to explain why she looks the same, but that wasn’t good enough for Pilar.  She pulled Kay aside and told her that she didn’t think it was a good idea for Maria to stay in Tabitha’s house.  That was so rich of Pilar.  If Pilar thought Tabitha was strange for years, why did she go to her house the times that she did?  Why did she allow Miguel to live there?  Why didn’t she offer Kay a place to stay when Maria was born?

Ethan didn’t have to move on with Gwen
He keeps going overboard telling Gwen that he will always love Theresa.  If that’s so, why was he ready to move on with Gwen?  He could have stayed alone.  We are sick of him acting as if Gwen put a gun to his head and forced her to move on with him.  He had the option to turn her down if he wanted to.  He may as well tell her to take a hike if he doesn’t want to be with her.








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