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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #300

3/3/08 Ė 3/7/08

Luis and Fancy are so naÔve
Itís so obvious that the writers want us to root for Luis and Fancy so badly, that they will have people constantly coming between them.  Hello?! Can you say Luis and Sheridan?  This is the same thing that happened to Shuis.  Anyway, this week Sheridan and Pretty were able to keep Luis and Fancy apart.  At the memorial, Sheridan was able to convince Luis that Fancy didnít want to be around him or she would have offered her condolences for his loss.  Pretty was able to convince Fancy that Luis didnít want her to be at the memorial.  What made both situations so bad was the fact that the memorial was at the Crane mansion.  All Luis had to do was go up to Fancyís room and talk to Fancy.  All Fancy had to do was go downstairs and talk to Luis.  If they did, Sheridan and Pretty wouldnít have been able to lie to them.  The writers are crazy if they think these obstacles will make everyone root for Luis and Fancy. If anything, it will have the reverse affect.

Miguel didnít want Kay to use magic
Miguel barely spoke to her before he harped on Kay for using magic.  He should have been grateful that magic would have saved his life.  Instead, he kept pestering Kay so he could find out if she used magic.  Mind you, he was at his sisterís memorial, but he was worried about Kay breaking her promise.  Kay ended up lying about using magic, but he didnít believe her.  When he did believe her, he was ready to let it drop.

Gwen wanted to be a family with Ethan
We were embarrassed for Gwen when she begged Ethan to be a family with her and the children.  She heard him say that Theresa was the love of his life and the only woman he will ever love, but she still wanted him to be with her.  How pathetic is she?  We were half expecting her to get on her knees and beg him to be with her.  He even told her that it was too soon to think about that, but that didnít stop her.  She had to beg him again to be a family with her.  Why in the world would she want to continue to be second choice for Ethanís heart?  Is she that desperate to be with a man that she will be second best?  Thatís right.  She is willing to let a family die just to be with Ethan.

Theresaís memorial was all about Ethan
Theresaís memorial was more about Ethanís loss than the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  It seemed as if everyone wanted to offer condolences to him instead of the family.  Even Pilar kept saying how hard it was on Ethan to lose Theresa.  Well what about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds?  Shouldnít it have been just as hard for them to lose Theresa?

Noah tried to blame evil for why he was with Fancy
When Noah and Fancy spoke on the pier, they were going over possible reasons for why she came on to him and for why she has been acting weird.  The best solution was to blame evil.  He must really think that blaming evil is his get-out-of-jail free card.  Evil may have explained why he was in bed with Fancy, but evil didnít make him get busted hugging her.  We know that the hug was innocent, but Luis and Paloma didnít.  Pilar convinced Luis and Paloma to give Fancy and Noah another chance.  While they were at the pier, they saw Noah and Fancy hugging.  Noah and Fancy should have known better than to hug in public.  They didnít need psychic ability to know that they would have been caught.  Anytime they are in compromising positions, they get caught.

Theresa wanted to call Ethan
Theresa was found alive in a morgue.  She was told that she would have to remain ďdeadĒ to everyone in order to protect her family.  She didnít see the point since Juanita was still after her family, but she was told that she had to stay in hiding.  The federales were trying to capture Juanita before she went after Theresaís family.  Theresa wanted to call her family, but she was told that it would be too dangerous. Then she asked if she could call Ethan.  She was told that she couldnít.  She managed to get hold of the guardís gun and was going to shoot him if he didnít let her fall Ethan.  She passed out before she could call him.  When she came to, she wanted to call him again.  She felt that life wasnít worth living without Ethan.  What about her children?  Why wasnít she this determined to let them know that she was still alive?  It was okay for her children and the rest of her family to think that she was dead, but thereís no way Ethan was supposed to think she was dead.

Ethan wanted to move on with his life
If we are all supposed to believe that Theresa is the love of Ethanís life, why was he so willing to move on with Gwen?  He could have put his foot down and told her that he didnít want to be with her.  H told her at first that it was too soon to be with her, but once he went out to think, he changed his mind.  He suddenly wanted to be a family with Gwen and the children.  Theresa hasnít even been ďdeadĒ long and he was ready to be with another woman.  He certainly didnít waste any time moving on with his life.  That says a lot about his love for Theresa.







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