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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #299

2/25/08 Ė 2/29/08

Why did Pilar have to announce that she was exposing Gwen?
Pilar had plenty of chances to expose Gwen, but she didnít do it.  Ethan, Luis, and Miguel flat out asked her who helped Juanita, but she wouldnít say it was Gwen.  She allowed Gwen to cut her off before she could say anything.  She also let interruptions stop her from selling Gwen out.  She conveniently had time to rub it in Gwenís face that she was going to expose her and that Ethan was going to despise her, but she got paralysis of the lips when it was time to tell Luis, Ethan, and Miguel the truth about Gwen.  She took so long to say something that she ended up getting blackmailed again.

How did Sheridan get to Mexico so fast?
We know that Sheridan took the Crane jet to Mexico, but there was no way that she should have gotten there so fast.  Last Wednesday, she was shown at the mansion with Marty.  By the end of the episode, Luis got a call about a blonde being in his hotel room.  The woman turned out to be Sheridan.  It took the others a while to get to Mexico, yet she got there within a couple of minutes.

Why did Eve allow Vincent to tie her up?
Vincent told Eve about his plan to let her hear him having sex with Julian. When Julian showed up at her house, she let Vincent tie her up and put her in the pantry.  She had the option to fight him off, but she didnít do anything.  She was helpless to stop him.  We are just not buying that.  She looks as if she could take Vincent on yet she lets him overpower her.

How did Eve know what was going on?
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Vincent had a plan to let Eve hear him having sex with Julian as Valerie.  She was in the pantry while they were having sex.  Magically, Eve was able to tell the audience exactly what they were doing.  She knew when Valerie drugged Julian.  She knew when the drug took affect on him.  That was a neat trick considering she wasnít able to see what was going on.

Why did Vincent appear when Julian took off the wig?
When Julian took off Valerieís wig, Vincent appeared.  It should have still been Valerie since all Julian did was take off the wig.  Why did her complexion change back to Vincentís?  They would have been better off leaving Valerie in the scene unless the wig has magical powers.

What was the point of Julian finding out the truth?
It was another waste of a reveal to have Julian find out about Vincent being alive since Eve was going to convince him that it was because of drugs why he saw Vincent.  It wouldnít have really mattered if the truth came out when it did since Julian was drugged when he found out.  Eve didnít have to listen to Vincentís threat of killing them Julian and Eve could have fought together.  Why do the writers ever reveal anything if they are going to find a way out of it?

How did Juanita know Marty?
No one told Juanita about Marty, yet she was able to find him at the hotel.  Does she have psychic powers or something to know that Marty is Pilarís grandson?  If she could find out about Marty that easily, she could have been found out about Pilar.

Why did using magic make things worse?
Tabitha was able to use magic for years without any problems, yet now that she and Kay made a vow not to use magic, using it will make things worse.  Now a demon elf can torture them.  This all goes back to Kay having to use magic in the first place.  We really donít know why Tabitha puts up with her.

How many times did Noah have to beg Paloma to take him back?
The woman told him numerous times that she didnít want him back, but he still kept bothering her.  He even used her grief of losing Theresa as a way to get her back.  He really looks desperate trying to get her back.  He should just let her take her time and decide whether or not to take him back.  The more he shoves himself down her throat, the more she doesnít want him.  Also, weíll have to keep enduring their boring scenes.  We shouldnít have to suffer because Noah canít take a hint and leave her alone.





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