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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #298

2/18/08 Ė 2/22/08

Kay didnít wan to use magic
Last week, the scaffold Noah was on fell.  Kay had a chance to save him with magic, but she didnít want to.  Tabitha had to keep talking her into using magic and it looked as if it worked.  For a second, Kay was willing to use magic to save Noah.  Once Tabitha was happy about her using magic, Kay changed her mind.  She wanted to keep her word to Miguel.  She didnít want him to dump her if he found out she used magic.  She would have rather seen Paloma risk her life to save Noah instead of doing something to help.  Kay thought the power of love would win in the end.  Way to think about your brother, Kay.  It was obviously more important for her to honor her promise to Miguel than it was to save her brotherís life.


The writers wasted time with the truth coming out
We figured last week there was something fishy about Theresa being able to tell Ethan the truth. Sure enough, it was all a dream.  What was the point of letting the audience think that the cat was out of the bag?  If you are a Theresa fan, that must have really been bad for you to see.  They could have spared us the two days it took for the truth to come out because there was no way it was coming out that easily.


The writers are going overboard with Ethan and Theresa

Now that Theresa is being declared ďdeadĒ, the writers are going overboard driving it home how much Ethan loves Theresa.  Almost every character in the know of the Mexico situation had to drive it home how much Ethan loves Theresa.  Even Ethan called Theresa his ďone true loveĒ.  The one thing we liked about the E/T/G triangle was the fact that Ethan loved Theresa and Gwen.  If they are going to drive it home that he loves only Theresa, whatís the point of investing in this triangle?  Why not just have Gwen move on with her life?


Gwen took Juanitaís offer
Juanita kept trying to get Gwen to let her go, but Gwen refused.  She let Juanita talk her into turning her loose by telling her about a plan.  It was never revealed what Juanita wanted Gwen to do, but whatever it was, it convinced her to help Juanita.  If Gwen was going to cave in and help Juanita, why did she wait so long to do it?  She may as well have agreed to help her when she first asked her for help.  She just made matters worse for herself by helping her.  She knows how much Ethan loves Theresa so why bother helping Juanita?  She probably wonít get him anyway so sheís wasting her time.


Fancy canít be that naÔve
Fancy was wondering what she would have to do in order to get Luis back after the way she treated him, Marty and Sheridan.  Pretty offered to help her get Luis back.  Fancy welcomed her help with open arms.  Give us a break!  Did she forget how Pretty slept with Luis and said she wanted to be with him?  Now we are expected to believe that Fancy would consider Pretty an ally?  We are not buying that.

Pilar didnít expose Gwen
Pilar had the chance to expose Gwen to Ethan, Luis, and Miguel, but she chose not to do it.  She kept saying that Juanita and whoever helped her would pay for Theresaís death.  Why didnít she take the time to expose her?  Maybe she didnít want Gwen to pay the way she said.





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