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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #297

2/11/08 – 2/15/08

Kay brought back the demon elf
When Kay broke her promise to Miguel and used magic, she conjured up the demon elf.  He wanted to cause destruction to the people of Harmony.  Tabitha came up with the solution on how to get rid of him.  She suggested that they use magic to get rid of him.  Kay was against that idea.  She didn’t want to break her promise to Miguel and she expected Tabitha to keep that promise too.  Kay thought she had a better way to get rid of the demon.  She wanted to use herbs and ashes to get rid of him.  It appeared to work at first, but like Kay’s other plans, it blew up in her face.  He was back to cause destruction.  He almost gave Tabitha and Kay away when Noah and Paloma barged in Tabitha’s house.  He moved the kitchen table so it would appear as if it were levitating.  He also blew up the fruit bowl.  Even at the risk of them almost getting caught, she still didn’t want to use magic to make him leave.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she tried to justify her reason for using magic.  Since she used it to save Miguel’s life it was okay that she used magic.  That was considered a good reason in her eyes.  She kept stopping Tabitha from using magic any time she wanted to use it because of the promise she made.  Guess that promise can be broken if Kay is using magic, but Tabitha is always expected to honor the promise.  If Kay honored the promise, she and Tabitha wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with the demon elf.

Noah and Paloma’s scenes
We were “blessed” with rounds of Noah begging Paloma for forgiveness for what happened with Fancy.  He kept blaming Fancy for what happened.  When Paloma wasn’t buying that excuse, he relied on the good ole reliable “strange-things-in-Harmony” excuse.  Paloma was about to forgive it, but she didn’t.  When the demon elf used a spell to make Noah say that Fancy is a better lover than she is.  When the spell wore off, he said he didn’t know what he was saying.  It didn’t do any good because the damage was done and she wanted him to stay away from her.

When she was at the police station, Noah showed up to beg for forgiveness, she turned him down for the umpteenth time, but he still didn’t get the message.  She had to threaten to call another cop on him if he didn’t leave her alone.  He came up with the “brilliant” idea of going on a scaffold to get her attention.  He just knew that was going to work, but it didn’t.  When he almost fell, she didn’t care.  When the scaffold got stuck, she wanted him to jump.  He said he would have died. She nicely (sarcasm) told him not to make a mess on the ground when he fell.  Like clockwork, the scaffold broke and he fell.  Then Paloma screamed his name and cried because she didn’t get the chance to tell him that she loved him.  She had plenty of chances to tell him, but she gave him the brush off.  She didn’t want anything to do with him.  Now that he could be hurt, all of a sudden she’s upset.  These two are about as interesting as counting cracks in a wall.  We could care less if these two stay together or not.  We just want them off of the screen.

Sam was unprofessional
Sam was at the mansion to actually do some police work.  He was working with Julian to catch the killer. He saw a shadowy figure in the mansion. He followed the figure.  It turned out to be Ivy. Instead of focusing on catching the killer, he had sex with Ivy.  That was very unprofessional of him since he’s supposed to be by the book.  For all he knew, he might have caught the killer.  That’s right.  This is Sam we’re talking about here.  There’s no way he would have caught the killer.

The Mexico scenes
There were things that happened in Mexico that had us scratching our heads:

What kind of sharks were those in Mexico?  As much as Theresa and Ethan kept splashing in the water, there was no way that they shouldn’t have been bitten.  You are supposed to stay still in the water when sharks approach you, yet they were splashing around like they were crazy.  Also, Luis barely did anything in the water, yet a shark bit him.  Do Ethan and Theresa have shark repellant skin or something?

Why were Luis, Miguel, and Ethan the only ones looking for Theresa if there was a search crew looking for her?  We never saw anyone else looking for her.  She ended up having to save herself.

Why would Gwen talk to Rebecca on the phone in front of Juanita?  It was as if she wanted to get caught.  While she was on the phone with Rebecca, she mentioned how she and Rebecca were blackmailing Pilar and Theresa.  Juanita heard this and saw this as a way to get Gwen to let her out of the ropes that were tied to her.  Gwen was on a cell phone so she could have walked away from her instead of talking in front of her.

Why did Pilar blame Gwen for the mess that her and her family was in?  It was not all Gwen’s fault for why they are all in Mexico.  If Theresa didn’t go to Mexico, none of this mess with Juanita would have happened.  When she was talking to Luis, Miguel, and Ethan, she blamed herself for what happened.  We take it that she will blame everyone but Theresa.

Why was Gwen pushing her luck with Juanita?  She kept getting smart with Juanita as if she couldn’t have exposed her to Ethan.  She wouldn’t have had to worry about Pilar telling Ethan because Juanita could have sold her out.











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