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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #296

1/28/08 – 2/1/08

Juanita could have killed Pilar and Theresa
It didn’t make any sense why Juanita didn’t shoot Pilar and Theresa when she had the chance.  She had Pilar and Theresa locked up in her house, but she didn’t kill them.  She had to make a speech about it.  She had to tell Pilar about what she “did” to Carlos and her children and how long she has been waiting to get her revenge.  Then she let them live one more day.  That gave Pilar and Theresa the chance to come up with a way out of her house.  What’s weird is the fact that Juanita never gives anyone else a chance to beg for their lives the way she did Pilar and Theresa.  We know that Pilar and Theresa are main characters and were never going to die, but the way Juanita wanted them dead, they should have at least been hurt.  She must not have been as to determined to kill them as she said.

Gwen keeps justifying Theresa’s actions
Correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t Gwen supposed to be Theresa’s enemy?  With that said, why does Gwen have to remind the audience why Theresa has to keep lying to Ethan?  Every time Rebecca mentions what Theresa has done to Ethan, Gwen has to let us know that she and Rebecca are blackmailing her into lying to Ethan.  Our thing is, if she feels that bad about blackmailing Theresa into lying to Ethan, why doesn’t she tell Ethan what she’s doing?  Why not go for broke and help Ethan and Theresa get back together?  She obviously doesn’t feel that bad so she may as well react the way Rebecca does when she mentions the lies Theresa has told Ethan.  Constantly telling the audience that she’s the reason why Theresa has to lie doesn’t let her off of the hook for what she did.

Theresa’s apologies
It was a little too late for Theresa to be sorry for the mess she got her and Pilar in with Juanita.  Their lives wouldn’t be in danger if Theresa didn’t have to go to Mexico.  It’s not as if Pilar didn’t warn her what would happen if she went to Mexico.  She went there knowing what would happen.  Now she’s sorry.  If she thought before she acted, they wouldn’t be about to die.  What’s worse is Pilar kept apologizing about her past.  Pilar’s past wasn’t why they are in danger, Theresa is.  We were waiting for Pilar to slap the mess out of Theresa for getting them in this situation with Juanita.  It would be out of character for Pilar to blame Theresa, but she should have made her feel like dirt.

Theresa’s musical montage
Theresa had a musical montage when Juanita told her and Pilar that she was going to kill them the next day.  Instead of thinking about her kids, she only thought about Ethan.  She shows over and over that her kids don’t mean anything to her.  It’s all about Ethan.  Eve when she was crying about dying, all she was worried about was how she was never going to see Ethan again.  The only time she mentioned little Ethan was when she said she wouldn’t be able to tell Ethan the truth about him.  There was no mention about never seeing the children.

Paloma defended Fancy
When she had Luis were talking about Fancy, Paloma kept defending her to Luis.  She told him how nice she was and how he should be there for her.  We were shocked by that advice since she was ready to kick her a** when she caught Fancy with Noah.  It was as if she never caught them together last year until she saw them kissing on the wharf.

Noah could have fought off Fancy
Noah acted as if he was powerless to stop Fancy from kissing him on the wharf.  He kept stopping her, but he let her continue to go back to kissing him.  He could have walked away if he wanted to do it.  He didn’t have to let her kiss him.  Once he was caught, he tried to put it all on Fancy for why they were kissing.  Fancy may have started it, but he didn’t have to let her keep it going.

Tabitha has selective knowledge
Tabitha couldn’t find Miguel’s letter, but she knew that Pilar and Theresa were in danger in Mexico.  She also knew that they would die without the use of magic.  Guess when it comes to saving herself she’s powerless, but she has all of the knowledge when it concerns other people.

Miguel didn’t want Tabitha and Kay to use magic
Miguel knew that his mother and siblings were going through problems, but he didn’t want Tabitha and Kay to use magic to fix them.  He’s under the impressions that magic makes things worse. He was so selfish about that.  He would rather his family suffer then let them break their word to him.  We wonder if he would be this stubborn if he were the one who was going through trouble.










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