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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #295

1/21/08 – 1/25/08

Theresa opened up to Juanita
Theresa chose to tell Juanita about her life before she knew who Juanita was.  Pilar told her not to trust anyone, but she chose to tell her anyway.  Before Juanita found out who she was, she could have figured it out based on what she told her.  She should have listened to Pilar and not said a word.  To make matters worse, when she figured out who Juanita was, she fell and dropped her purse.  Her phone and family picture fell out of it.  She was rushing to get away from Juanita and that’s how she fell.  While she was running, she realized she dropped her phone and couldn’t call Pilar.  She was afraid that Juanita would have found it.  She spotted a pay phone and wanted to use it to call Pilar.  Instead of getting out of the hotel, she wanted to make a phone call.  That could have waited until after she left.  While she was on the phone, Juanita and her henchman found Theresa and drugged her.  They were able to get Theresa to Juanita’s house when she was able to get Pilar to come to Mexico.  She used Theresa’s phone to talk to Pilar and bargained with her to get her to go to Mexico.

Eve could have exposed Valerie
Eve had a chance to expose Valerie, but she didn’t.  Valerie visited her at rehab and ended up forcing Eve to be her doctor.  Eve’s arms weren’t restrained so she could have taken Valerie’s wig off.  Julian was there at the time so she had the chance to prove that she is not crazy.  There would have been nothing that Valerie could do if Eve exposed her.  As usual, Eve allowed Valerie to threaten her into staying quiet.  Eve must love having Valerie torture her.

Kay/Miguel/Noah/Paloma’s plans for the double wedding
Talk about boring scenes.  It was hard to believe that the writers wasted time on these scenes.  When Kay and Miguel were planning their wedding, Noah and Paloma showed up.  The couples were talking about their weddings and how expensive the weddings are going to be.  It suddenly dawned on Kay and Paloma to have a double wedding.  They thought it would save them money.  Once they agreed to the double wedding, they started on the plans.  None of them could agree on what they wanted to do for the wedding.  They were shooting down the ideas that they had.  If the writers thought those scenes were funny, they had another thought coming.  We could have gone all week without those scenes.  If they were having so much trouble deciding on what to do with the wedding they could have had their own wedding instead of the double wedding.  We know already know that we won’t give a flying fig about the double wedding.

Tabitha couldn’t find the letter
Tabitha looked in Kay and Miguel’s room for the letter Miguel wrote outting Tabitha and Endora as witches.  She tore the room up looking for it to no avail.  Endora ended up finding it behind a picture frame.  Tabitha looked all over the room, but she didn’t think to look behind the picture frame for the letter.  She also looked in Maria’s room, but she couldn’t find the letter.  Endora hid the letter in Maria’s doll so Tabitha wouldn’t hurt Miguel.  Endora kept trying to tell Tabitha about the letter, but Tabitha kept brushing her off.  When Tabitha kept going on about hurting Miguel, Endora changed her mind.  She remembered how Miguel helped her while they were gone and she didn’t want him hurt.  She hid the letter in Maria’s doll.  There were a couple of things that we didn’t understand.  The first thing was Tabitha used her magic to clean up Kay and Miguel’s room, but she didn’t use it to find the letter.  The second thing was why didn’t Tabitha know what Endora was saying when she said in her thought bubble how she found the letter?  Any other time, Tabitha can understand her whether she’s reading the thought bubble or not.  It’s too bad Endora wanted to protect Miguel because we were looking forward to seeing what Tabitha was going to do to Miguel since he thinks he’s running things.

Luis defended Fancy
Luis let us down when he defended Fancy.  He had us cheering him on when he kicked Fancy out of Sheridan’s cottage, but our joy was short-lived when he tried to rationalize what Fancy did.  Thanks to Pretty using the implant device, Fancy went buckwild on Luis, Sheridan, and Marty.  She scared Marty by saying that Alistair was going to come after him again.  She called Sheridan a slut and really let Luis have it.  She called him an idiot and how he always talks about Sheridan.  Luis found his spine and told her to leave when she kept scaring Marty.  The second Fancy left, he was trying to defend her to Sheridan.  He doesn’t have the benefit of knowing why Fancy went bananas, but he was willing to defend her.  He knows what she did to Marty, yet he was willing to give her a chance to explain herself.  Way to stick by your son, Luis!  He was so determined to talk to Fancy that he had to make sure Marty would stay asleep so he could be with Fancy.  Why couldn’t he stay with Marty instead of talking to Fancy?  Wouldn’t it have been better to make sure his son was better before finding out what was wrong with Fancy?









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