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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #294

1/14/08 Ė 1/18/08

Fancy was selfish
When Luis and Marty was spending time together, Fancy had to show up and ruin it.  She conveniently had hockey tickets for her and Luis.  She got mad at Luis for wanting to spend time with Marty.  She couldnít handle the fact that she couldnít take over his whole world.  They got in an argument and she stormed off as usual.  When it looked as if he was ready to cut her out of his life if she couldnít handle Marty being in it, she came back and apologized to him.  Then she conveniently had an extra hockey ticket for Marty to go to the hockey game. With her and Luis.  Obviously, Fancy is not going to let Luis have a momentís peace with Marty without her having to horn in on the act.  Why couldnít she let Luis take Marty to the hockey game if she was worried about her money going to waste?  She doesnít even like hockey so it would have been better for Luis and Marty to go to the game.  Nooo, she couldnítí have that.  She just had to be there herself.

Tabitha needs to kick Kay and Miguel out
Miguel and Kay must think they are Tabithaís parents or something since they were both telling her about not using her powers.  Miguel really bossed her around.  He said he canít live in a house where thereís magic.  Tabitha had a simple solution.  She should have kicked them out of her house.  Miguel and Kay must have forgotten that they are living in her house.  She should be allowed to do what she wants.  She couldnít even sneak and use her powers without Miguel chastising her. When she was making dinner, she used her magic because she doesnít know how to cook.  She got caught while she was sitting back drinking a Martimmy.  The food went flying and Tabitha blamed it on Miguel and Kay for scaring her.  Miguel barked at her to clean up the mess without magic.  We didnít realize that Miguel was the boss of the house or something.  This is so unlike Tabitha to take what Miguel is doing to her without retaliating.

Tabitha should use her magic to find the letter
While weíre on the subject of Tabitha, this is the perfect chance to mention her solution.  She could use her magic to find the letter that Miguel said he wrote outing her as a witch.  Since she couldnít find it while she was searching the house, she should have used her powers to find it.  She could also use her powers to get him to forget that he knows the truth.  If her powers didnít work, Endoraís might have worked.  This is just the writers attempt to drag out this story.

Pretty fell for Alistairís lie
Alistair summoned Pretty to the hospital to get her help to break up Luis and Fancy.  She refused to help him at first because of what happened in the basement of the warehouse.  She reminded him that he wanted Spike to kill her and how he called her ugly.  He lied and said he was saying that to go along with the act of getting Luis to feel sorry for her.  She didnít buy that at first, but she was convinced.  She agreed to help him.  He offered her the chance to be with Luis if she helped him.  She didnít even question why he would want her to be with Luis when he doesnít want Fancy to be with him.  If Alistair thought Luis was the great unwashed, why would he want her with him?  She is such an easy target for him and she doesnít even realize it.

Theresa burned her passport and identification
Theresa called herself being smart by getting rid of her passport and identification so Juanita wouldnít link her to Pilar.  She decided to burn everything.  That wasnít a smart move because she had no way to get home.  Pilar convinced her to give up her mission of trying to get Ethan back.  When Theresa decided to go home, Pilar realized that she wouldnít be able to leave Mexico without her passport and identification.  What in the world possessed her to burn her passport and identification?  She could have hidden her id so Juanita wouldnít find it.  She also could have done what Pilar suggested and put it in the safe.  The girl must have left her brain in Harmony.

Theresa bumped into Juanita
When Theresa was trying to leave Mexico, she literally bumped into Juanita.  Theresaís stuff conveniently fell out of the bag.  Juanita helped her pick it up.  Conveniently, Theresa left the picture of Pilar and Juanita on the floor.  Theresa looked right on the floor, but she didnít see the picture.  Luckily for her, Juanita didnít see the picture right away.  Juanita tried to reach out to Theresa because she looked troubled.  For some reason, Theresa wanted to open up to her because she needed someone to talk to.  Hopefully she will heed Pilarís warning not to trust anyone.  You know what we donít get?  Why didnít Theresa recognize Juanita from the picture?  She looks the same with the exception of her hair.  What was the point of talking the picture with her if she wasnít going to use it to find Juanita?











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