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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #293

1/7/08 – 1/11/08

Kay wanted Tabitha to stop using magic
Kay and Miguel tried to get Tabitha to stop using her magic.  Tabitha wasn’t having it.  Miguel kept telling her that evil things wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for magic.  Tabitha told him that evil things happen with or without magic.  That wasn’t good enough.  Kay had to play the do-it-for-me card.  She wanted Tabitha to stop using her magic so she could be happy with Miguel.  She had some nerve.  Kay wouldn’t have to worry about her happiness with Miguel if she didn’t tell him about being a witch. Also, if he can’t live with Tabitha being a witch, then why doesn’t he just move out of her house? He seems to have no problem staying in her house knowing that she’s a witch.  It’s one thing to expect Kay to stop using her magic, but it’s another thing for him to expect the woman whose house he’s staying in to stop using her magic.

Theresa wanted to risk her life to be with Ethan
Theresa thought that she would rather die than be without Ethan.  She came up with the “brilliant” idea of going to Mexico to find Juanita to end the vendetta.  Pilar told her not to go because it would be the death of her family.  She lied to Pilar and told her that she wouldn’t go. Theresa is something else.  She knows that Juanita is trying to kill her family, but she would rather go to Mexico and risk them being killed.  What if Juanita goes after her kids?  Then she won’t be any different from Gwen when she was willing to let Jonathan die just to keep Ethan from being with Theresa.  Of course the writers won’t put the same manipulative spin on that the way they did with Gwen, but Theresa is no different.

Gwen forgot about Jonathan
Now that Gwen found out that she and Ethan are still married, Gwen just forgot about Jonathan.  We don’t even know if he’s still in the hospital.  All she’s worried about is Ethan.  Her son was on the verge of death, but instead of focusing her attention on him, she was planning a romantic dinner with Ethan.  Talk about your mixed priorities.  The only time she ever though about Jonathan was when she tried to get Ethan to stay married to her so Jonathan wouldn’t have parents who are divorced.

Eve could have told the truth
Vincent wanted Eve to break up with Julian.  In exchange, he would stop killing people.  She did what he wanted, but he didn’t keep his word.  Eve should have known that Vincent was going to go against what he agreed to do.  She would have been better off telling the truth.  She had nothing to lose because Vincent keeps attacking her anyway.  She could have told Julian to look under Valerie’s skirt and he would know that she was telling the truth.  Guess that would have made too much sense.

Theresa’s fantasy
While Theresa was on her way to Mexico, she had a fantasy about living her life on a Telenovella.  Those scenes were such a waste of airtime.  We could have gone all week without seeing those scenes.  In the Telenovella, Theresa told Ethan the truth about little Ethan and how Gwen blackmailed her not to say anything.  Ethan confronted Gwen and Rebecca about what they did.  The acting was so over the top.  Some people probably enjoyed in those scenes, but they did nothing for us.

Sam left Alistair unattended
No wonder Sam is a joke of a cop to the people of Harmony.  He is very unprofessional.  Alistair in the hospital, but he didn’t have a guard posted outside Alistair’s room when he left.  Sam has been having trouble arresting Alistair so why would he leave his room unattended just to have sex with Ivy?  Is there no wonder he can’t catch a criminal?  What if Alistair left the hospital while Sam was gone?  Sam didn’t even have Alistair’s wrists handcuffed to the bed so he couldn’t get away.  That is Harmony’s finest for you.









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