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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #292

12/31/07 Ė 1/4/08

Sheridan used Marty to get Luis
Sheridan made an agreement with Alistair to help break up Luis and Fancy.  He told her to use Marty in order to break them up.  Typically, Sheridan agreed to use Marty to break them up.  Offscreen, Sheridan must have talked Marty into going along with her plan by having him call Luis and tell him that he needed him.  At the time, Luis was out with Fancy for New Yearís.  Then Marty called and told Luis that he needed Luis.  Luis left the Blue Note (where he was out with Fancy) to be with Marty.  By the time Luis got to Sheridanís cottage, Marty claimed he was fine.  Sheridan thought to herself how her plan with Alistair was working.  This plan was a good thing and a bad thing.  Naturally, the good will be discussed in the Raves section.  Now letís get to the bad.  Itís a shame that Sheridan has jumped on the band wagon of having to use her son in order to get a man.  This is something Sheridan would have never done.  Now that the writers have decided to butcher her, she wants to use Marty to get Luis back.  This is one more attempt by the writers to get Shuis fans to root for Lancy.  This attempt is falling flat because we are still not feeling any love for Lancy.  Sorry if that makes us bad people, but we just donít care for them.

Fancy ruined her night
While Fancy and Luis were out celebrating the New Year, she brought up what Luis did to her.  If she wanted to get past it, why bring it up?  Luis might not have needed Martyís phone call to get him away from her. He was probably sick of her whining about what he did wrong.

Kay never listens
Tabitha warned Kay not to tell Miguel the truth about being a witch.  She said it could be disastrous for them if he found out.  Since Miguel remembered what happened while hew as gone, she felt as if she had to tell the truth. He got mad at her at first, but then he forgave it.  After they made love, he wanted her to forget about her magic.  She deserved something since she spilled the beans about being a witch.  He didnít think they could have a future if she used her magic.  Lucky for her she was able to convince him that she wouldnít use magic anymore, but it was still going to be a part of her life.  She tried to play on his guilt by telling him he could break up with her if he couldnít get past her being a witch.  Predictably, he caved and wanted to still be with her.  If she listened to Tabitha in the first place, she wouldnít have had to worry about Miguelís ultimatum.

Theresa stuck her foot in it again
Theresaís canít miss plan blew up in her face.  She and Pilar took little Ethan to the cabin to recuperate from the surgery.  When Pilar gave Theresa permission to spend New Yearís Eve with Ethan, Theresa jumped at the chance to be with him.  Things got off to a rocky start, but they managed to have a good time.  That good time came to an end when Pilar called and told her about little Ethan having a fever.  Theresa left Ethan at the Blue Note to go back to the cabin.  What she didnít know was Ethan followed her to the cabin and questioned why she left him.  Things were going well for them when she made up a story about being afraid to lose him for why she left him.  That did the trick and they started to celebrate the New Year together.  Things went downhill for them when Gwen showed up at the cabin.  When Gwen and Rebecca were at the hospital, Rebecca told Gwen how Theresa and Ethan were spending the New Year together.  Gwen tried to call Ethan to get him to be with Jonathan, but he wanted to stay with Theresa instead.  Since he was told by Dr. Walker that Jonathan was okay, he thought he could spend time with Theresa.  Gwen wasnít taking that so when Rebecca told her where Theresa was, they went to the cabin.  Gwen tried to get Ethan to go to the hospital with her, but he wouldnít go back with her.  Gwen took that opportunity to make Theresa look bad.  She said that Theresa was seeing another man and that she wasnít at the cabin alone.  Ethan didnít believe that because Theresa said she was alone.  Ethan had no choice, but to be suspicious of Theresa when they heard a noise from the other room.  Pilar and Rebecca were fighting and they knocked something over.  When Ethan was ready to knock down something over.  When Ethan was ready to knock down the door to see what the noise was, Theresa stopped him.  Ethan got furious and wanted to know what was going on.  Gwen kept driving it home that Theresa was seeing another man.  Theresa broke down admitted there was another man at the cabin that she loved.  Ethan flipped out and left.  Then Theresa cried on Pilarís shoulder.

We know we are supposed to feel sorry for Theresa, but we donít.  She never had to admit to having another man at the cabin.  She could have said Pilar was there with her.  She also could have said little Ethan was under the weather so she took him to the cabin.  Ethan would have believed anything she said so she could have made up anything.  Itís as if the girl loves chaos in her life.  That would explain why she gets herself in the situations that she gets herself into.

The killerís identity was revealed
Esme decided to make Alistair her new man so the killer would take him out. She thought she would be doing the town a favor if he died. Things went awry and he got stabbed.  When she wanted Alistair to tell who stabbed him, he flashed to the killer.  It turned out to be Viki.  It was obvious that it was her.  No one else had reason to kill Esmeís boyfriends.  There was really no point to the mystery since everyone knew who it was.  We do wonder why Alistair wouldnít see out Viki since he stabbed him.  Is it possible that heís using her as an ally or something?  Guess weíll have to wait and see.







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