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Passions Character Descriptions

T. C. Russell
Played by Rodney Van Johnson
Written by Jessica

Family:  His two daughters Simone and Whitney, his grandson Miles, ex-wife Eve, girlfriend (soon to be wife) Liz.

Age:  Early to mid forties.

Marital Status:  Divorced from first wife, Eve Russell, once he learned of her past. Currently involved with Eve’s sister Liz.

First Love:  T.C. fell in love with Eve, and they eventually married and had kids. They seemed to have the perfect life until Liz arrived and let the cat out of the bag about Eve’s secrets. One of the major secrets that bothered T.C. was that Eve was actually the one who ruined his tennis career, not Julian. It was always easy to hate a Crane because most of the Cranes were evil and cruel but now it was his wife instead.

Second Love:  Liz, Eve’s sister. At first, Liz was just a boarder at Eve and T.C.’s house. She constantly threatened to reveal Eve’s past to her family so she could watch Eve’s life slowly crumble. She even sank as low as pretending to be sleep walking so that she could get closer to T.C. It was just convenient for T.C. that she was there when Eve’s secrets came out.

Why he easily gets on our nerves:  In the beginning, T.C. was an ok guy. He constantly reminded everybody how much he hated the Cranes, especially Julian, but other than that he was ok. Then, when he learned the truth about Eve’s past, he went overboard. Every little thing that happened he blamed on Eve. For instance, when Whitney started singing more often at the Blue Note, he decided right away it was because of Eve’s influence. When Whitney decided for herself to give up Miles using Fox’s power of attorney, T.C. said that Eve had to be the one who persuaded Whitney to do that in the first place. Basically, anything that went wrong in Whitney’s life was Eve’s fault and he won’t just say it once, or even a few times, he blames Eve for everything, usually the same things over and over again, whenever he’s in the same room as her.

What’s new with T. C: Other than blaming Eve for Whitney’s latest problem - drinking, there’s not much new with T.C. unless you count the fact that he’s disgusted (along with the fans, I’m sure) about Chad adopting his half-sister’s baby. 

Proofread by Laura on 7/26/11

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