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Passions Character Descriptions

Tabitha Lennox
Played by Juliet Mills
Written by Jessica

Family:  During the beginning of the show, Tabitha didnít really have actual family, other then her living doll, Timmy, who was like family to her. Now though, she has a baby named Endora who is her child with Julian Crane from that, uh, wild jungle night.

Age: Probably a few hundred years old... she is a witch, after all.

Marital status: Single. If she had a husband at any time in the show, he would have to have been a warlock because it would seem odd to her husband that she wasnít really aging that much. Besides, getting attached to people isnít a good idea if youíre a witch because you will outlive them and always suffer the pain of losing loved ones.

Character traits: Funny. Evil, yet she doesnít seem to actually be evil: itís like she thinks she wants to be but at the last minute she doesnít really want to be, so she behaves quite well. Timmy really had an affect on her. She is definitely one of the more humorous characters, especially when Norma is around.

Profession: Causing havoc around Harmony. Tabitha takes pleasure in watching other people suffer.

Friends: Tabitha is Ďfriendsí with pretty much everyone in Harmony. However, Ďfriendsí to Tabitha means acting like a friend when with someone but when they arenít around she tries to ruin their lives. Kay is the only person, other than Timmy when he was alive, that I think Tabitha is actually friends with, probably because when Kay was trying to get Miguel, she went to Tabitha, who she knew was a witch, and asked for help. She may have powers too, to a limited extent, but if she does, she never shows that she has them.

Hates: Norma! That woman is always trying to kill Tabitha because she knows Tabitha is a witch. She hasnít been on the show for a while now; however, whether or not sheíll make a comeback nobody really knows, and it may be that Passions writers introduce Tabitha to make an otherwise boring episode funny.

Just a bit of recent havoc: Tabitha is the reason that Dottie actually redid the DNA tests. Dottie thought that Sheridan was a little bit on the crazy side for thinking that Marty could be her son, but Tabitha, using a little magic from Endora, persuaded Dottie to redo the tests, and later she found out that Marty was indeed Sheridanís child. Another time that she has recently caused havoc? Nothing big, but she did tell Beth that Sheridan and Luis were coming for Marty, which could create havoc later on. She also told Theresa about the evidence that Rebecca and Gwen have been trying to hide.

Whatís new with Tabby: Without her powers, Tabitha canít do much herself to cause havoc in the small town of Harmony. However, her child, Endora, does have powers and is always willing to lend a helping spell. So far, Tabitha has been doing what she can without any magical influence to cause havoc. 

Proofread by Laura on 7/26/11

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Updated 7/29/11



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