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Passions Character Descriptions

Simone Russell
Played by Cathy J. Doe

Character traits: Loyal best friend.

Age: 20s. 

Marital Status: Single, but dating Rae.

Relatives: All of the Russells (mother: Eve, father: T.C., sister: Whitney, brother: Chad, aunt: Liz, and Whitney's baby). 

Profession: Used to work at Mark Cosmetics; student.

Friends in Harmony: Kay, Jessica, Paloma, Rae.

Love Interests: When she met Chad, she fell in love with him. She was convinced that he was her boyfriend even though they never went out on a date. When Chad was hurt saving Whitney, he told Simone that he loved her. Little did she know, he was delusional at the time and thought that he was talking to Whitney. After that, Simone was convinced he loved her.  

She also briefly dated John. When they were at a cabin with their friends, they were together but by the time they got home, they had broken up.

She realized that her previous feelings were wrong when she met Rae. (Simone was supposed to be in California but really she was in Harmony). We still don't know the story of what she was doing and why she "needed" the $2 Gs that she conned from her parents for the trip to California.

Rae has recently broken Simone's heart: when Simone proclaimed her eternal love for Rae, Rae told her she just wanted to keep things casual.

Accidents: When she saw Chad and Whitney kissing, she was hit by a car. It happened outside her house and remains an unsolved hit-and-run incident.

Spike after saving Jessica from flood waters of the tsunami.  And, Spike's goon clubbing her upon her head with a crowbar type device.

Schemes (all): Over the years, she has helped Kay in her schemes to break up Charity and Miguel. She didn't do anything per se but she knew about Kay's schemes. She tried to get Kay to tell the truth and stop scheming but it didn't do any good.

When she found out about Whitney and Chad, Simone schemed against her. She purposely found ways to be around Chad when she knew Whitney was around. When that didn't work, she made Whitney think that she overdosed on drugs. When that didn't seem to do the trick, she drugged Whitney. Kay had given Simone the idea of drugging Whitney so she would mess up on the tennis court. Needless to say, that didn't work either so she gave up.

Conned parents out of $1,000 each for a supposed school trip to California but was, in fact, in Harmony the whole time.

Wrong place, wrong time: When she listened to Tabitha and went to take Chad some soup, she walked in on Chad and Whitney having sex on his couch. That was not a pretty scene: she went smack happy on Whitney and yelled at her without giving Whitney a chance to explain. When Simone got home, she told their parents what she had seen and it turned into a bigger mess. Simone didn't get Chad, and Whitney was driven to go to California.

She's now back and has been thrown into the middle of best-friend Kay’s problems, once again. However, she's now standing up to her parents about ignoring her for her entire life and is demanding to be noticed.

Her mother's past: When Simone found out about her mother's past life, she was furious. She was not willing to hear her mother's excuses for her lies. She didn't want anything to do with her mother after that. Even when her mother was arrested for attempted murder, she thought off and on that she was guilty.

Secret: Confided in Eve first about being a lesbian. Her mother seems to have taken it well, but still blames herself for Simone's lesbianism. 

Proofread by Laura on 6/7/11

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