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Passions Character Descriptions

Sheridan Crane
Played by McKenzie Westmore
Written by Jessica

Family:  Parents - Katherine and Alistair Crane.

Siblings: Brother - Julian Crane.

Nieces/nephews: Fox, Chad, Fancy, Endora, Miles, other Crane daughter.

Children: Marty. (For a while, Luis didn’t believe this until Dottie got the real results back).

Age: Mid to late 20s.

Marital status: Well, Sheridan was first engaged to Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald but because she suffered amnesia, she got engaged to his brother Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (Brian). Now that Antonio is dead, however, she is once again engaged to Luis.

Character traits: Faithful and devoted to what she believes in. For instance, despite hard-core proof saying Marty was Beth’s child, Sheridan still believed he was hers (of course, the proof now shows she is his mother, but that was before). For the most part, Sheridan is a very nice person, considering she’s a Crane and the majority of the Cranes are ‘bad’ at some point, she never really was.

First love: Sheridan’s first love was Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. The couple is the favorite of the majority of the viewers, probably because of the obvious chemistry between these two lovers. Luis and Sheridan first met in Paris, and Luis had no idea that Sheridan was a Crane. Had he known that, he may not have fallen in love with her (at least, not as easily as he did). They were so in love that they got engaged, but when the boat that Sheridan was on exploded, she was believed to be dead or missing. While she had actually survived the explosion, she suffered amnesia so she remembered nothing. She lived on an island with her new friends/acquaintances, Brian and Liz (yep, the same Liz we know now to be Eve’s sister... for those of you who are fairly new to the show).

Second love: As said above, Sheridan befriended Liz and Brian. She fell in love with Brian, and they, in turn, got engaged. Brian wanted to go back to his hometown (can’t remember the reason, so if you know fill it in) and Sheridan was starting to get pieces of her memory back when they arrived in Harmony (how convenient that every character in this show is linked to Harmony in one way or another). It was revealed that Brian was actually Luis’ brother, Antonio (hmm... using a different name... reminds me of Ned). Sheridan, after seeing Luis, regained her memory but still chose to stay with Antonio because she had promised to marry him, and she felt she couldn’t break his heart by leaving him for his brother. However, while racing, Antonio was in an accident which resulted in him eventually losing his eyesight. It seemed as if Sheridan would stay with Antonio forever, but when they were in a plane, Alistair blew it up (yet another attempt to kill his daughter) and it seemed as if they were both dead. We later found out that Sheridan had got off of the plane and Antonio died. This left Sheridan free to be with Luis.

Profession: Sheridan doesn’t really do anything but it seems she’ll be a full-time mother soon.

Friends: Gwen, Ethan, Pilar, Theresa. (Basically, she’s friends with everyone that she doesn’t hate).

Hates: Beth! She stole her baby and that totally made Sheridan mad, especially since Luis was siding with Beth all the time, and although we don’t see that as a big deal, Sheridan definitely does.

What’s new: Sheridan and Luis are at Beth’s house to get Marty. Beth, Mrs. Wallace, and Marty are hiding in a closet. Beth planted a fake note to send Sheridan and Luis on a wild goose chase so that she could get away while they went to the emergency room at the hospital (to supposedly see Marty). Sheridan, being as ‘smart’ as she is, noticed that Beth’s car was still there. She wants Marty back, and she wants him back now. 

Proofread by Laura on 7/26/11

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