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Passions Character Descriptions

Pilar Lopez Fitzgerald
Played by Eva Tamargo 

Character traits:  Loves her family and her religion

Age:  40s 

Marital Status:  Married

Relatives:  All of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds (Martin, Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel, Paloma, little Ethan, Maria, Marty, and Jane) 

Profession:  Used to work at Crane cannery, former housekeeper

Friends in Harmony:  The Russells, and the Bennetts

Hates:  Katherine and Rebecca

Religious:  She is a religious person. She believes in the church’s teachings for most things. Pilar lit candles for Martin and Antonio every night when they were missing. She believed if she prayed hard enough, they would come back home.

Abandoned:  Years ago, Martin left her to raise her children by herself. She didn't have enough money, so she had to send her youngest daughter, Paloma, to be raised by relatives.  

Secrets (All):  Pilar has kept a few secrets from people in Harmony.

She kept Ivy's secret for years. She knew that Ethan was really Sam's son but she didn't say anything.

She knew that Eve had a past with Julian before she met T.C.

She has also kept Theresa's schemes from Ethan and Gwen.  

Illness:  Pilar suffered from a rare blood disease, not too long ago. She was suffering major nose bleeds and she fainted. Alistair had a way to get Pilar onto a program that would guarantee that she would live. Luis found his CDs and they would have incriminated him. Luis had to give them back for Alistair to save her.  

Caught in the middle: While Antonio was married to Sheridan, she was caught in the middle. Luis and Sheridan were still in love with each other, but Pilar thought that Sheridan's place was with her husband. She eventually changed her mind and she sided with Luis and Sheridan, believing that they should be together.

Murder suspect:  Pilar has been a murder suspect in two attempted murders. She was one of the suspects in Julian's attempted murder, a few years ago. She hated him for marrying Theresa. She was also a suspect in Alistair's attempted murder. She wanted him dead for all the things that happened to her family. Neither attempted murder has been solved.

Back from the dead:  Martin finally came back to Harmony after being missing for years. He had Pilar and his family believing that he was Bob Wheeler and that he came to town with his wife, Ellen. It came out later that he was her missing husband. Needless to say, she was angry with him. Now she wants Martin to come back to her.

Proofread by Laura on 6/28/11

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