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Passions Character Descriptions

Liz Sanbourne
Played by Amelia Marshall 

Character traits:  Enjoys making Eve suffer.

Age:  40s 

Marital Status:  Single, but engaged to TC.

Relatives: Eve, Chad, Whitney, and Simone. 

Profession:  Owns the Blue Note, used to own a hotel in Bermuda.

Friends in Harmony:  Luis and Sheridan.

Hates:  Eve.

True love:  When Liz was first introduced to the show, she was secretly in love with Antonio. According to the show's history, she had a relationship with Antonio but it didn't work out. She was even willing to help Antonio with Sheridan by giving Sheridan a job when Antonio wanted to help her out on her arrival in St. Lisa's.  

Childhood secret:  She says that as a child, she was molested by her father. She blames Eve’s leaving home as the cause of her molestation, believing that Eve should have saved her by taking her with her. Eve was addicted to drugs at the time, but Liz has never gotten over what happened to her.

Schemes (All):  Liz wanted to tell about Eve's past, and she blackmailed Eve because Eve didn't tell TC the truth about her past.  

Liz worked with Fox so she could get what she wanted. He sold her the Blue Note so that she could change the way it looked to remind Eve of her past as a singer.

She lied to TC a couple of times and she got him to kiss her. She once lied about her plumbing in the garage apartment not working. TC thought that she was Eve and she let him think that. He saw her naked.

Liz also pretended to sleepwalk so that he would make love to her. He knew that it would be dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker so he made out with her until Eve walked in on them.

She also put vodka in his lemonade and TC ended up kissing her in his backyard.

Liz found another way to try and expose Eve. She didn't want to do it personally because she didn't want to expose herself, so she found Eve's aunt Irma to expose Eve. This plan worked, and Irma exposed everything about Eve's past. TC was very upset about it, as were Whitney and Simone. They now know that Liz is Eve's sister but they weren't mad at her. 

Liz managed to talk TC into divorcing Eve, and she’d barely let the ink dry before getting TC to propose to her. 

Proofread by Laura on 7/5/11

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