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Passions Character Descriptions

Julian Crane
Played by Ben Masters

Character traits:  Alcoholic; lover, not a fighter; has a soft side now.

Age:  50s 

Marital Status:  Married to Rebecca; divorced from Ivy.

Relatives:  Father: Alistair, Mother: Katherine, Sister: Sheridan, Sons: Fox, little Ethan, and possibly Chad, Daughter: Endora: Stepdaughter: Gwen.

Profession: Runs Crane Industries.

Friends in Harmony:  Ivy and Eve.

Hates:  Rebecca, Alistair, TC, and Liz.

Past Relationships: He had an affair with Eve over 20 years ago when he met her in Boston where she was singing in a nightclub. He got her hooked on drugs. They had a baby together. Alistair didn't want him in a relationship with Eve because she is black, and he forced him to break up with her. He abandoned Eve and their baby and has never gotten over her.

Julian had to marry Ivy because their fathers had a business deal. He didn't love her, but he didn't want to disappoint his father; therefore, they had a loveless marriage. They had four children together (or so he thought). 

While he was married to Ivy, he had affairs with Suzanne and Rebecca.

He also had a one night stand with Tabitha. She ended up getting pregnant with their daughter, Endora.

Feud with TC:  Julian and TC used to be opponents in tennis. Alistair pressured Julian to beat TC, who was a better tennis player than Julian, but Alistair didn't want him to lose to the caddy's son. He wanted Julian to do something to eliminate TC, and it was believed that Julian was responsible for TC's tennis-ending injury. As it turned out, Eve was the one who hit TC with the car and not Julian.

Schemes (All):  Because Alistair didn't want Sheridan and Luis together, he wanted Julian to find a way to break them up. Julian and Alistair also didn't want Luis to find out what had happened to Martin Fitzgerald. Julian had to do this because Alistair said that if Luis found out what happened, he would go to jail. It has been revealed that they had something to do with Martinís disappearance though, of course, Martin is alive but the rest of Harmony doesn't know that yet.

The first thing Julian did was hire someone to pretend to be Luis. Julian wanted the faux Luis to make it look as if he was only using Sheridan. This plan worked and Sheridan broke up with Luis. The plan backfired, however, when Luis and Sheridan got back together.

When that wasnít successful, Julian hired the faux Luis again to make it look as if he was cheating on Sheridan. This plan, again, appeared to work when Sheridan broke up with Luis. However, he didnít know that Sheridan and Luis were on to his plan and they set him up.

When that plan didn't work, Alistair wanted Julian to kill Sheridan. He found the ring that Luis gave Sheridan and he had it poisoned. This plan backfired when Gwen wore the ring too and was more seriously affected by the poison.

Alistair still wanted Sheridan dead, and this time he wanted Julian to shoot her, but because he had made a promise to his mother not to let anything happen to Sheridan, he couldn't do it. Instead, he hired two people to rig the boat that she would have been on. When Sheridan and Luis got on the boat, it exploded. Sheridan was declared dead.

When Luis was going to stop Sheridan from marrying Antonio, Alistair wanted Julian to stop Luis from stopping the wedding. He blocked the windows and the doors to keep Luis from entering the church but it didn't work. He didn't have to worry, though, because Luis was too late. She had already married Antonio before he got into the church.

Ethan's paternity: At Ethan and Theresa's engagement party, Ethan's true paternity was revealed. The tabloid reporter showed Julian the tabloid containing Ivy's letter stating that Sam was really Ethan's father. He didn't believe it at first and he wanted to confront Ivy about it. She finally confessed and he had no choice but to believe it. He was so angry that he wanted to divorce Ivy and disown Ethan. He didn't let it show, but he was deeply hurt that Ethan wasn't his son. 

Bermuda:  Julian went to Bermuda to get a divorce from Ivy. He planned on marrying Rebecca after the divorce.  He was celebrating his divorce from Ivy, with his friends, when he saw Theresa. Julian's friends made a bet with him that he couldn't get to sleep with Theresa. In order to win the bet, he wanted to get Theresa drunk first. As it turned out, he didn't have to force her to drink much at all as she wanted to drink. She told him that she wanted to talk to him about something and she wanted to talk about it in his room. When they got to his room, they had more drinks.

When they woke up, they were in bed together. They thought they had just slept together, but when they noticed the rings on their fingers, they knew they were married. Julian didn't want Theresa to tell that they were married because he didn't know how Luis, who was staying at the same hotel at the same time, would react. Julian bribed the Justice of the Peace to keep him from telling anyone that he was married to Theresa. Their marriage was later revealed.

The annulment:  Julian and Theresa decided to get an annulment.

Eloped: Since Julian thought his marriage to Theresa was annulled, he eloped with Rebecca. She blackmailed him into marriage because she knew that he had tried to kill Sheridan and was prepared to tell Sam if he didn't marry her.  She had divorced her husband so she could marry Julian.

They found out that their marriage was invalid because his annulment was invalid because Theresa was pregnant. When Luis and Ethan found out that she was carrying Julian's baby, they beat him up.

Shot: When Theresa threw a Christmas party at the Crane mansion, Julian was shot at the cannery and fell into a tuna vat where he was presumed dead. There were a number of people who wanted to shoot him.

Back from the dead:  As it turned out, Julian wasn't dead: he was working as a cook in a diner, hiding out from the person who tried to kill him. He ran into Timmy again. After the diner caught on fire, Julian and Timmy went on the run. Julian decided to help Timmy find the demon's claw that he needed to save Charity. During their search, they ended up in a weird town, where it appeared as if an old man had a crush on Julian. He took them into his home and fed them. He helped them look for the claw, but they got caught in a net.  When they found the claw, Zombie Charity stopped them from getting it by sending a monster after them. When they got away from the monster, they were ready to go home. Since Julian had read about Theresa's execution for his murder, he thought it was safe to go home. After meeting Timmy, Julian seemed to change for the better.

Back in Harmony:  When Julian came back to Harmony, he found out that Theresa was declared the true Mrs. Crane. Rebecca was still blackmailing him, so he wanted to get a divorce from Theresa. Theresa threatened to take all of his money if he divorced her.

Life in danger (All):  While he was in Crane Industries, he was stuck in an elevator with Whitney. While they were stuck, he listened to her problems and gave her advice about Chad. Julian opened up to her about his lost love. He tried to help her stay calm while they were stuck though they almost died when the elevator crashed.

When they were finally rescued, TC beat him up so badly that he fell unconscious. While Julian was in the hospital, he kissed Eve.

He was also in danger when he tried to save Eve. She fell out of the Crane jet when she was going to visit Whitney in California.  

TC beat Julian up again when he thought that Julian was trying to kidnap Eve. He wasn't. He wanted to take her away with him, but TC took it the wrong way.

Alistair shot Julian in the arm when he was going to take Alistair's CDs to Luis. He shot him to stop him from doing it.

Getting rid of Theresa:  When she got too carried away with being Mrs. Crane, he was ready to get rid of her. Rebecca hired someone to dig up information about their wedding night. The investigator found out that Julian and Theresa weren't really married. When he found out the truth, he threw Theresa out of the house. He also wanted to take little Ethan, but he couldn't do it. Theresa stayed with Sheridan so she was able to keep her son.

Comforting Eve:  Julian has been a sympathetic ear to Eve, as of late. Eve confided in him about her marriage, children and Liz. He has even fought TC because he was protecting Eve, and he tried to bribe Liz to leave Eve alone but it didn't work.

Past with Eve revealed:  Julian was there for Eve when her aunt Irma revealed her past to TC and her family. He fought with TC again. He offered Eve a place to stay. They ended up making love after Eve caught TC and Liz making love.

Chad's a Crane? Alistair finally told Julian that the son he had with Eve is Chad. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. 

Proofread by Laura on 7/5/11

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