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Passions Character Descriptions

Ivy Crane
Played by Kim Johnston Ulrich
Written by Jessica

Family: Her daughters, one of which is Fancy Crane, and her sons, Fox and Ethan (child with Sam Bennett). Her granddaughter is Jane (Ethanís daughter with Theresa).

General: Ivy, closer to the beginning of the series, had everybody believing that her son Ethan was actually Julian Craneís child, when really he was the child of Sam Bennett. That piece of information was sold to the tabloids by Rebecca and Gwen Hotchkiss, (mother and daughter), although people believed it to have been Theresa who leaked the information. Ivy, because she wasnít exactly the nicest of people, was known as Poison Ivy which, for awhile, suited her well.

Turning over a new leaf: Throughout much of the show, Ivy was Ďevilí, but after Grace left town with David and her Ďsoní John, Ivy "turned over a new leaf" and became nicer, largely because she had what she wanted and had no reason to be evil. True, she kept it a secret that Dave was really just some guy she hired to split up Sam and Grace but other than that she became a much nicer person.

Age: Probably early to mid 40s.

Marital Status: Ivy was planning to marry Sam Bennett but certain things didnít work out and she ended up marrying Julian Crane. However, the relationship didnít work and they got divorced. She later got back in with Sam but that didnít last long and Jessica (Samís youngest daughter) told Sam that Ivy had been letting her go to the nightclub.

Character traits: Her character traits depend on what time in the series weíre looking at. In the beginning she was pretty mean and nasty towards most people but eventually became nicer. Nice or not, Ivy, like most of the Cranes, is still known for scheming to get what she wants. They are all too sure of themselves and sure they can get whatever it is that they want. However, so far, few of the Craneís have actually stayed that way.

First love: Ivy was first involved with none other than Sam Bennett and conceived a child with him. He had no idea that she was pregnant when they split up and, as a result, believed like everyone else that Ethan was a Crane.

Second love: Ivyís second love was Julian Crane, who was the person that everyone in Harmony believed to be Ethanís father. Julian had some secrets of his own that Ivy didnít know of and became involved with Rebecca Hotchkiss, whom he later married after divorcing Ivy.

Latest big scheme: Ivy has devised a lot of schemes... true, probably not as many as Theresa did when trying to get Ethan back or to get her son back, but still a lot. Her latest BIG scheme was to get Sam back. There was one small problem, though: Grace was married to Sam. Ivy had to come up with a plan, and fast. She was stuck in a wheelchair but still managed to come up with a way to split them up. First, she had Grace and Sam helping her out since she had been kicked out of the mansion and become crippled. She made life miserable for Grace and constantly tried to win Sam back but it didnít work. Then, she remembered that Grace was suffering from amnesia when Sam met her, and that was the key to her scheme. David, the man she hired to pretend to be Graceís real husband from before she had amnesia, had a son who needed a mother to care for him. It came out later that David was indeed Graceís husband, and that her marriage to Sam wasnít legal because she was married to someone else. She left Sam to take care of David and her Ďsoní John, which left Sam with Kay and Jessica. Soon, his feelings for Ivy did return, and Ivy had what she wanted. For a while.

Friends: Ivy didnít seem to make a lot of friends over the years and with her attitude in the beginning itís no wonder. Nevertheless, she has gotten somewhat closer to Rebecca and, of course, her sonís wife, Gwen. The main reason that she gets along with Gwen and Rebecca so well now is because they all share the same feeling for a particular scheming girl who will stop at nothing to get what she wants... and who never learns her lesson.

Hates: Theresa! She hates how Theresa lied to her son Ethan and how she is always trying to break him and Gwen up. (Hmmm... sounds like what Ivy did to Sam and Grace). She hates Theresa especially for her latest schemes: stealing Gwenís embryo and then seducing Ethan, resulting in her getting pregnant with Ethanís child. The other person Ivy hates is Grace, who originally took away the one that Ivy loved most. Whenever Sam said that he should call Grace about Jessicaís condition, Ivy managed to change the subject.

Proofread by Laura on 7/19/11

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