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Passions Character Descriptions

Hank Bennett
Played by Ryan McPartlin

Character traits:  Good friend, dependable, and reliable.

Age: 20s

Marital Status:  Single.

Relatives:  Margaret Joyce (mother), Benjamin (father), Sam (brother), Grace (sister-in-law), Ethan (nephew), Gwen (niece), Noah (nephew), Kay (niece), Jessica (niece), Charity (step-niece), Maria (grand niece).

Profession:  Cop.

Friends:  Luis, Beth, Sheridan, and Antonio. 

Shady past:  When the character was introduced, his past was unknown. When he mysteriously left town for a few days, he came back to Harmony with a lot of money.  He was also receiving a lot of phone calls from someone. It was later revealed that he was hired by the drug cartel to kill Sheridan.

Dating Sheridan:  When Hank first met Sheridan, he wanted to date her because she was rich. What he didn't know was that Luis was in love with her.  So while he was determined to get her for her money, he was fighting a losing battle because she fell in love with Luis.

Set up:  The drug cartel hired Hank to kill Sheridan, and they kept threatening him by saying they would kill his family if he didn't do it. He finally decided to shoot her because he didn't want to risk his family getting hurt. Hank didn't know that the drug cartel was following him to make sure that he killed her. It was later revealed that Hank was working with the FBI to set up the drug cartel. He pretended to shoot Sheridan to make it look as if she was dead, but the plan went awry when she was buried alive because no one else knew that she was alive. Hank later revealed that Sheridan was still alive, and everybody rushed to save her. Sam and Luis were upset when they found out that Hank was involved with the drug cartel. He eventually made up with them.

Matchmaker: When Sheridan was presumed dead for the last time, Hank tried to persuade Luis to move on with his life and to get together with Beth.  When Luis didn't want to move on, Hank tried to set him up with Beth. He threw a baseball through a window at the Book Cafe so Luis would go there and see Beth. When that didn't work, he arranged for Luis to take a trip to Bermuda: he originally won the trip, but he gave the prize to Luis, figuring that Luis would take Beth with him. After that, Hank was finally able to persuade Luis to move on with Beth.

When Sheridan returned to Harmony, Hank talked Luis into making it work with Sheridan. He even got Luis to go after Sheridan when she was about to marry Antonio.

Helping hand: Hank is always there to listen to Luis' problems, and Luis knows that he can always turn to him for help.

Hank has been able to help people when they were in trouble. He's helped out Sheridan, Miguel, Charity, and others when their lives were in danger.

He also helped in the search party for Sheridan.

His time has been spent being a cop.

Proofread by Laura on 8/16/11

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