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Passions Character Descriptions

Grace Bennett
Played by Dana Sparks

Character traits:  Naive, a good friend. 

Age:  40s

Marital status:  Married to Sam; thinks she was married to David.

Relatives:  Sam (husband), Noah (son), Kay and Jessica (daughters), Charity (niece), and Maria (granddaughter).

Profession: Ran the bed and breakfast and the antique store.

Friends in Harmony:  The Russells and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Amnesia:  When she was introduced on the show, she had amnesia. She was in a fire and Sam rescued her, but she couldn't remember her past. As far as we know, she still doesn't have her memory back. 

Her powers: Grace had premonitions because she is a Standish: Standish women have powers.

Befriended Ivy:  She thought that Ivy was her friend and didn't know that Ivy was really only using her to get closer to Sam. Ivy used to be in a relationship with Sam but Grace didn't know that, either. She thought that Ivy genuinely wanted to be her friend. 

Miscarriage:  Sam and Grace found out that they were going to have a baby. While they were at a party at the Crane mansion, she found out that Sam and Ivy had had a relationship and that they had a child together. His name was Ethan. When she found out about Sam and Ivy, she fell down the stairs and ended up miscarrying the baby. Her life was also in danger until Sam gave her his breath and then she was okay. However, Grace was still distraught and put a curse on Ivy.  

Problems with Kay:  Grace and Kay were having some problems because Kay was jealous of her relationship with Charity: Grace seemed to favor Charity. Kay couldn't stand it anymore and she turned against her.

Rocky marriage:  Once the truth about Sam and Ivy came out, Grace’s marriage wasn't the same. When they finally got back on track, they were rocked by another secret: Grace's first husband had returned to Harmony. Sam wasn't convinced that he was her husband, but David had proof. He arranged for the priest who married them to come to Harmony. He also knew things about Grace and Grace was finally convinced that he was her husband. David also brought a son to Harmony. His name was John. Eve gave John a DNA test, and she lied and said that John was Grace's son. Ivy was blackmailing Eve so that she could help her break up Grace and Sam. 

Grace kissed David a few times before she decided which husband she wanted to stay with. She was caught in an uncompromising position when Sam saw her giving David body heat. He got the wrong idea and assumed that they had had sex together. 

As Ivy was staying at the Bennett house, this also complicated their marriage.  Grace didn't want her there but Sam thought that she should stay since Theresa threw her out of the mansion leaving her with nowhere to go.  

Left Town:  She chose to be with David when Kay couldn't prove that David was really working with Ivy. That caused problems between her and Jessica, too. Jessica wanted her to be with Sam, but she felt that it was her place to be with her first husband.  She hasn't been back to Harmony since she left town with David. 

Proofread by Laura on 8/16/11

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