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Passions Character Descriptions

Fancy Crane
Played by Emily Harper
Written by Jessica

Family: Fancy’s mother and father are Ivy and Julian. Siblings include Ethan: half-brother, Chad: paternal half-uncle, Vincent: maternal half-brother, Fox: brother, Endora: paternal half-sister, and another sister, Pretty. She also has a paternal aunt, Sheridan. Katherine Barrett is her paternal grandmother, grandfather being none other than Alistair Crane.

Age: Early or mid twenties.

Marital Status: Single, although there appears to be a ‘love’ interest in Ned, the guy she met in Vegas.

Character Traits: Acts very spoiled, but will probably be more like Fox later on in the series. (At first she was really full of herself but she’s slowly coming down to earth... VERY slowly.)

Profession: No job or school obligations, just shopping with "daddy’s" credit card.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: While Fancy and Ned were fleeing from the security guards who had finally found out about the room service scam, they hid in a room in the hotel, where they found a briefcase containing a LOT of cash: hundreds of thousands of dollars, Fancy assumed. Fancy wanted to keep it and spend it but Ned told her that they couldn’t just take someone else's money; stealing room service was one thing, but taking someone else's ‘loot’ was wrong. Fancy, wanting to do SOMETHING with the money, said that if they couldn’t spend it they could at least enjoy it, and she tossed it in the air. Ned wondered who would keep that much money in their room and leave the door partly open. Fancy told him that some people, unlike him, win money. That's when he comes up and asks her "Do you think somebody won this too?", while holding up a gun. Uh oh... Fancy spots a dead body, and it just happens to be the guy who previously tried to rape her. They both try to do what they can to get the room to look normal again, but the door starts to open so they hide under the bed. A man walks in and lies down on the bed. Then, when he gets up and goes into another room, they run out. However, he sees them and knows that they saw the gun, the money (obviously, since Fancy decided to take it along) and, of course, the dead body.

Friends: Veronica, who doesn’t seem as though she’ll be a big character later in the series as she only plays a brief part in Fancy’s life in Vegas. Later on, Ned, although with some, ahem, PRIVILEGES.

Hates: Obviously the ‘icky’ guy who tried to rape her and, possibly, Ned’s ‘girlfriend’ Sandra. Other than them, she doesn’t seem to hate anybody.

Past: So far, nothing is known about Fancy’s past, except that her father had his secretary send her birthday gifts with messages saying, ‘Love Dad’ on them when, really, her father had no idea what the gift was or even when her birthday was. She also seems to dislike her mother, believing any call from her is just a mother’s obligatory call, and that she’s happier when Fancy doesn't answer the phone.

What’s going on now: Needing to leave Vegas for her own safety, Fancy got on a plane, assumed to be headed for Harmony. Nothing newer is known but we do see her dog, Preston. 

Proofread by Laura on 6/7/11

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