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Passions Character Descriptions

Mrs. Edna Wallace
Played by Kathleen Noone
Written by Jessica

Family:  It seems that the only family Mrs. Wallace has is her evil daughter Beth. Beth used to seem, overall, like a nice girl until it was revealed that it was she who caused Mrs. Wallace, her mother, to use a walker.

Age: If someone were to actually ask Mrs. Wallace her age, she would probably remark that that was a rather personal question. She’s probably in her mid 60s, possibly 70s; however this is only a guess.

Marital status:  Single. When she was younger, she used to know all the guys in Harmony, so to speak. Maybe as a young adult she was afraid of commitment, who knows? But now, there aren’t many men her age that are bachelors and the one’s who are probably wouldn’t marry her anyway.

Character traits: Comical, both to watch and to listen to. Mrs. Wallace tends to pray a lot and whilst there is nothing wrong with saying a little prayer, Mrs. Wallace always does it in a way that makes you either laugh or think ‘here she goes AGAIN!’ because she goes all out in her prayers.

Love interests: As mentioned above, Mrs. Wallace knew everybody, even Alistair, who is, in fact, Beth’s real father... so perhaps Mrs. Wallace didn’t love anyone other than Beth’s stepfather (she did have one, right guys?).

Past: In Edna Wallace’s past she was a young, beautiful woman who never really committed to more than the promise of a night’s fun. Now, of course, she’s not like that but then she’s no longer young and she does have to wear diapers.

Friends: Well, she may think she’s friends with a lot of people in Harmony but they all comment that she smells or something of that sort. Her real friend is Precious, the orangutan. At first Mrs. Wallace wasn’t happy about having an orangutan for a nurse. She thought that was careless. She eventually became attached to the orangutan and was very sad when Precious had to leave.

Hates: Alistair, Beth... basically, all the people she knows to be evil. She doesn’t necessarily hate Beth; perhaps it’s more a dislike of her. Why? Because Beth tries to do so many bad things to such a nice girl (Sheridan) and Mrs. Wallace is shocked that she could have such an evil daughter As for Alistair, well, let’s face it, everybody hates Alistair. He knows all their secrets and threatens to expose them.

What’s new with Edna: Right now Edna is hiding with Beth and Marty in a closet from Sheridan and Luis, with duct tape over her mouth. Beth was previously trying to kill her mother so that she could never blab to Luis about Marty being Sheridan’s, but now that they both have the real test results, they know that Marty isn’t Beth’s child.

Proofread by Laura on 8/9/11

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Updated 8/12/11



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