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Passions Character Descriptions

Charity Standish
Played by Molly Stanton

Character traits:  Naive, a good friend. 

Age:  20s

Marital Status:  Single.

Relatives:  Sam (uncle), Grace (aunt), Noah, Kay, Jessica, Maria (cousins).

Profession:  Student.

Friends in Harmony:  Miguel, Reese, John, and Simone.

Love Life:  When she was at the Harmony carnival, she saw Miguel and she was instantly attracted to him. He was the first boy that she liked. She kept missing him during the carnival but finally saw him again when she was about to leave town. They eventually got together.

Amnesia:  When Charity was going to leave Harmony with her mother, Tabitha burned down the house they were staying at. Her mother died but she escaped, though with amnesia. She had forgotten her love for Miguel, with Kay's help, of course. Charity ended up staying with the Bennetts because she didn't know anyone else in Harmony. It also turned out that Grace was her mother's twin sister. Needless to say, Kay was upset by all of this. Eventually her memory returned and she and Miguel got back together.

Premonitions:  She always had premonitions about bad things. She was practically the bearer of bad news for the citizens of Harmony. When Charity was having premonitions about Eve, Eve decided to send her to a mental institution, though she was telling the truth about her past.  

While she was in the institution, Kay tried to turn her against Miguel. She used subliminal messages to keep her away from him.

Split personality:  Thanks to Kay's schemes, Charity had a split personality. Kay wanted to humiliate Charity at the prom by making sure that fish guts fell on her. The plan worked, but Charity became possessed; she became evil Charity. She wanted to destroy Harmony, again, thanks to Kay. Luckily that didn't last long. True love won in the end. Miguel saved the day again.

Zombie Charity:  While Charity was frozen in ice because of Kay, zombie Charity surfaced. Kay conjured up zombie Charity so that she could replace Charity. The plan didn't work because zombie Charity turned on Kay and she wanted to kill Miguel.  

When Charity was found, she needed a heart transplant. Timmy wanted to save her life so he sacrificed his heart to save her. Timmy was Tabitha's helper, but he had always had a soft spot for Charity and that is why he sacrificed his life for her.

The wedding:  Charity and Miguel were going to get married, but Kay disrupted their wedding by announcing that she was pregnant. Charity called the wedding off and broke up with Miguel.

Bad Charity:  When Kay and Tabitha persuaded Charity to stay away from Miguel because she was ruining his life, she decided she wanted to be a bad girl, so she started partying and staying out late. She even ended up making out with Jessica's boyfriend, Reese. She did that a couple of times. Jessica was a major supporter of Charityís relationship with Miguel and she turned on her.

Left town:  When Charity wanted to put a stop to all the pain she was causing everyone in Harmony, she decided to leave town. She wasn't sure where she was going to go, but she knew she had to leave. She hasn't been back since, and it's not known where she ended up because she hasnít been in contact with anyone. 

Proofread by Laura on 8/16/11

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