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Passions Character Descriptions

Chad Harris
Played by Charles Divins
(Originally played by Donn Swaby)

Character Traits:  Hard working, determined to succeed, and tries to be honest

Age: 20s

Marital Status: Single, but dating Whitney

Relatives:  None that he knows of but possibly the Cranes (Father: Julian) and the Russells (Mother: Eve)

Profession: Music producer; local dj; worked at the Book Cafe; worked as TC's assistant at the high school

Friends in Harmony:  Theresa, Ethan, Simone, and Miguel

Reason for coming to Harmony:  He wanted to find his parents. He had information that showed his parents could be from Harmony. He left Los Angeles to go search for his parents.

Meeting Simone and Whitney: When he met Simone, he became friends with her. She immediately took a liking to him but he didn't share the same feelings for her: he thought of her as a friend. She wanted to help him find his parents.  

When he met Whitney, they didn't get along. He thought that she was a snob and she thought that he was a street punk. Eventually, his feelings for her turned into love. Whitney also tried to help Chad find his parents.

First impression:  When Chad met TC and Eve, they didn't approve of him.  They thought that he was just a street punk. Eve, however, had another reason to disapprove of him. Orville warned her to keep Chad away from her daughters but he wouldn't tell her why. Since then, she hasn’t wanted him to have anything to do with her daughters. Eventually TC came to like him. He wanted to give him a job, so he took him on as his assistant. Eve still didn't want him to be around their daughters.  

TC eventually let Chad date Simone. He didn't know that Chad was interested in Whitney.

Searching for his parents:  He met Orville, who seemed to know about his past. He said that he had information about his past. He never got the chance to find out what that information was because Orville was hurt. He went to Orville’s apartment to look for anything that he could find about his parents. He found a birth certificate with his name crossed out and then written on the certificate. His parents’ names weren't on it.

He also met a woman named Crystal Harris. He met her at a jazz club where she was a singer. She told him that she was friends with his mother. She also told him about his father being a racist and abandoning his mother. This made him angry. He didn't want to hear the rest but she wanted to tell him anyway.  Crystal said that his mother named her baby Chad after her father, and Harris was her last name. She couldn't tell him the rest of the story because she had to sing again. He was supposed to meet her after the show, but she was killed later that night, so he never got the chance to talk to her again. Her killer has never been found.

Heroic acts:  He has proved that he can be heroic. The first time he saved Whitney's life was during the prom. The prom was on a boat, and he was asked to be the dj. The prom boat sank, and he saved her from drowning. The second time was when he saved Whitney from getting hit by bricks. The debris was falling, but she wasn't paying attention. She was thinking about her feelings for Chad when she was almost hit. Chad pushed her out of the way just in time, but he was hit instead. The third time was when he took a bullet for Eve.  When the drug cartel held her captive, they were about to kill her. He found out and tried to save her by jumping in the way so she wouldn't get shot. He was shot instead. This made her change her mind about her feelings for him.  

Moving in: When Chad needed a place to stay because his building was burned down, TC invited him to stay with them because he had saved Whitney and Eve's lives. Eve disapproved of this at first, but she changed her mind. While Chad was living with the Russells, Chad and Whitney's feelings grew stronger.  

Misunderstandings:  When Chad was shot, Eve wanted him to stay in Whitney's room. He couldn't afford to go to the hospital, so she wanted him to stay in her room temporarily. Needless to say, Whitney was not pleased. Chad and Whitney had feelings for each other but they didn't let the other know. Ethan talked Chad into telling Whitney about his feelings for her. Theresa talked Whitney into telling Chad about her feelings for him. They were finally persuaded to reveal how they felt but that's when the misunderstanding happened: he was delirious from being shot and he thought he was telling Whitney that he loved her. Instead, he was telling Simone. Of course, he didn't say, “I love you Whitney,” so Simone thought he was saying it to her. Little did Chad know, Whitney overheard him saying this to Simone and so she thought the same thing, that he loved Simone. When Chad told Ethan that he was really in love with Whitney, Kay overheard it.  She wanted to come up with a plan to keep Chad from Whitney. 

Another misunderstanding occurred when Kay lied about Simone having bulimia. He wanted to tell Simone the truth but Kay said that she couldn't handle it because of the bulimia. When this plan didn't work, she started a rumor about him. She said that he got a girl pregnant and abandoned her. Of course, Whitney believed this rumor. Kay finally confessed that she lied about the girl. Whitney apologized for not believing Chad but it was too late.

Another misunderstanding was when Whitney was drugged at a New Year's Eve party and TC thought that Chad was the one who had drugged her. He never found out whether it was Chad but he was so mad about it that he threw Chad out of the house. Since then, he has been living at the recording studio where he is now working.

Fighting:  Chad has had several fights in Harmony. He has fought TC several times. One time was when TC thought that he drugged Whitney. The others were when TC found out that Chad and Whitney were a couple.  

Could Chad be a Crane? Chad had a suspicion that Julian could be his father.  When Chad met Julian, he thought that he was a racist. He remembered that his father was white and a racist and that made him think that he could have possibly been a Crane. The feeling didn't last long.

Obstacles:  Chad and Whitney had obstacles keeping them apart. Simone was under the impression that he was her boyfriend. Whitney didn't want to hurt Simone, so she kept her distance from Chad. Another obstacle was TC: he didn't want her to have a boyfriend because he thought she wouldn't be able to concentrate on her tennis.

Finally getting together: After a while, Chad and Whitney finally got together. They decided that they were going to tell Simone that they were in love. They were also going to tell her father that she could have a boyfriend and still be a tennis champ.  

Problems after getting together:  When Chad was ready to tell the truth, Whitney never was. She kept insisting that she couldn't hurt her sister. By the time they were ready to tell the truth, Simone already knew about it. She had seen them together. Simone kept finding ways to keep them apart. Whitney kept lying to her whenever Simone caught them together. She always had an excuse ready for her.  

Simone finally caught them making love at Chad's studio. Needless to say, she was very upset. She told her parents, and TC forbade her from seeing Chad.  She didn't let that stop her.

Chad was offered a position as a producer in California. He accepted it, but he wanted Whitney to go with him. She wasn't sure if she would go. Before he left for LA, Whitney wanted to find his parents. That way, if her parents met them, they might approve of her relationship with Chad.

They almost had another problem when they overheard Eve talking about a son that she had a long time ago. They thought that they might have been brother and sister.  For now, this problem is resolved because Eve said that she miscarried.  

Eve and Julian's son?  It's still not known whether or not Chad is really their son. It has been foreshadowed that he could be their son.

Trapped: Chad, Whitney, Fox, and Theresa all decided to go to the Blue Note to celebrate going to California. Chad wanted to take Whitney out because she wanted to go to L.A. with him. They were all having fun and before they knew it, the club was on fire. It took a lot to get rescued, but they finally got out of the club.

Los Angeles:  Chad, Whitney, and Fox all moved to California. Fox offered to let Chad and Whitney stay with him in the Crane apartment. Chad started working at the record company while Fox has been getting closer to Whitney.  Chad finally met the new singer at the company. She was immediately impressed with him, and she has already kissed him, twice.  Whitney saw Syd kiss Chad on one occasion. Syd said that it was something that people do in California. When Chad and Syd were working on a song, she kissed him again.  He told Syd that he will only love Whitney. She accepted that, for now. 

Recently, he believed Fox was in love with Whitney because Syd convinced him that the two were too close. (They were only hugging.) 

Secrets: It has been hinted at that Chad has a secret past in L.A. Only time will tell whether it will be revealed. 

Proofread by Laura on 6/14/11

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