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Passions Character Descriptions

Beth Wallace
Played by Kelli McCarty

Character traits:  Obsessive, liar, and schemer.

Age:  20s

Marital Status:  Single but engaged to Luis.

Relatives:  Edna Wallace (mother).

Profession:  Runs the Book Café.

Friends:  Luis, Antonio, and Hank.

Hates:  Sheridan and Edna.

Past relationship:  Beth used to date Luis in high school. He broke up with her because he had to take care of his family.

The old Beth:  When Beth was introduced, she was a nice girl. It wasn’t obvious that she didn't get along with her mother and no-one knew how she really felt about her. She also didn't show any sign of being interested in Luis.  It's amazing how things changed.

Problems with her mother:  Beth’s mother is always putting her down. She has never told Beth who her father is. It's been hinted that one of Edna's dates may have molested Beth. It's also been suggested that Beth may be the cause of Edna’s use of a walker.

Reuniting with Luis: When Sheridan was presumed dead, she thought that she could get Luis back. She was supportive of Luis when he was grieving for Sheridan, and when he was ready to move on, he decided to move on with her. They eventually got engaged, so she thought that she had Luis back.

Losing Luis again: When Sheridan came back from the dead, Luis wanted to get back together with her and broke up with Beth. She let him think that she was okay but, really, she was devastated. However, she was convinced that she would get Luis back again.

Sheridan had been putting off telling Antonio the truth. When Luis had finally had enough of this, Beth got her wish. She asked him to marry her and he agreed. They decided to join Sheridan and Antonio in a double wedding, but Luis dumped her again on the day of their wedding.  

Plots to keep Luis and Sheridan apart (all): Beth called Luis over to fix her sink. She drugged Luis' beer so she could make love to him, and luck proved to be on her side when Sheridan came to her house and saw them together. (It's not clear whether she slept with Luis or not). This kept Sheridan from telling Antonio the truth.

On the night before the double wedding, Beth overheard Luis and Sheridan planning to elope. Beth drugged Luis again to prevent this from happening. The plan was successful because Luis and Sheridan missed meeting each other and the elopement didn’t take place. On the day of their double wedding, Beth lied to Luis and Sheridan about what happened the night before. She told Sheridan that she spent the night with Luis, and she told Luis that Sheridan spent the night with Antonio. This also worked and the double wedding went ahead, but there was a problem: when Beth was about to marry Luis, her mother had a heart attack.

Beth tried once again to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Luis took Beth to the place they were going for their honeymoon. This is when he dumped her. By now she was determined to make sure that Sheridan didn't get Luis. When Antonio fell into a coma during Sheridan and Antonio's honeymoon, Beth blamed Sheridan for what happened. She told her that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds would blame her if Antonio died, and she talked Sheridan into breaking up with Luis. She thought that this plan would keep Sheridan and Luis apart forever because Sheridan would feel guilty if Antonio died. It appeared to work at first but Luis didn't give up on Sheridan. He still wanted to tell Antonio the truth. Beth's only hope was Antonio dying but he recovered. When she couldn't have Luis, she didn't want anyone to have him.

Attempted murders: Beth came up with a plan to kill Sheridan. She decided to inject her using her mother's needle, and she was going to do it in the house, so when Sheridan came over, it was made easier. Her plan was ruined when Mrs. Wallace warned Sheridan that Beth was trying to kill her and steal Luis. Sheridan believed it at first and she slapped Beth. Beth managed to lie her way out of it by blaming Mrs. Wallace's illness for why she was saying such things. Mrs. Wallace was on medication after suffering two heart attacks and a stroke. Beth imagined what it would have been like to kill Sheridan. 

When Antonio came out of his coma, Luis and Sheridan were celebrating at her cottage. Beth saw them together and set the cottage on fire. They almost died but both were rescued in time. Since she was on the Crane estate, she was almost caught when Theresa and Gwen questioned her about why she was there and why she smelled of gasoline. She panicked but was able to lie her way out of it. Sheridan had to go to the hospital because of smoke inhalation, and Luis asked Beth to go with them.

Beth wanted to continue with her plan to kill Sheridan, and she dressed up as a nurse so she could kill her without being recognized. She had a white nurses' uniform and a wig from a high school play she had been in. When she went back to the hospital to kill Sheridan, she kept missing her. Beth came close to killing her in the hospital chapel but a couple came in and interrupted her. She was almost caught when Sheridan recognized the sound of Beth's shoes: every time Beth chased Sheridan, her shoes squeaked. When Sheridan told Luis and Antonio about the nurse that was chasing her, she mentioned the shoes. Beth had to get the shoes off and was almost caught by a nurse when she was running away from Luis and Antonio, so she put the shoes on again and continued to run away. When Sheridan recognized her, Luis went after her but, luckily for Beth, he approached the wrong nurse. While they were looking for her, she hid in a patient's room. She was almost caught when Luis decided to search the rooms, but she managed to leave the room wearing the patient's clothes. When everyone saw her, she said that she was picking up her mother's prescription.

Threatening Mrs. Wallace: Beth's mother kept telling Luis and Sheridan that Beth was not who she seemed. Beth needed to find a way to keep her quiet and threatened several times to kill her. She has also threatened to send her to a nursing home.

Hiring Precious: When Mrs. Wallace had a heart attack and a stroke, Beth had to hire a home nurse. Mrs. Wallace kept telling the nurse what Beth was doing so Beth had to get rid of her. Beth had to hire a new nurse who wouldn't repeat what Mrs. Wallace was saying and so she hired an orangutan named Precious.  The orangutan certainly would not be able to repeat anything that Mrs. Wallace said about her.

Meeting Charlie: When Beth found out that Sheridan was pregnant and that the baby could be Luis', she knew she had to get rid of her once and for all.  She went to the hospital to get some drugs, but she needed to know which drugs to get. She managed to get hold of a pharmacopoeia without being noticed and went to the chapel to read the book but was attacked by an angel statue. When she went to the medical supply room, she didn't know that she was being watched by Charlie who then followed her home. Charlie barged into the house and threatened to expose Beth. Beth tried to stop Charlie from calling the police, but when Charlie got through to them, Beth knew her plans were over. When Mrs. Wallace thought that Beth was done for, she kept insulting Beth. Charlie had had enough and decided to help Beth kill Sheridan. 

Fake pregnancy: Beth decided not to kill Sheridan when Mrs. Wallace told her that Luis would make sure that she was arrested, so she decided to pretend she was pregnant. She thought that if Luis believed she was pregnant, he would marry her. When she told him, she lied and said that she was going to get an abortion because she couldn't afford to have the baby. When Luis objected to her having an abortion, she suggested that they get married. He didn't want to marry her because he loved Sheridan.

Beth used sugar to make herself look pregnant. Her mother told her that she didn't look pregnant and Luis would want to know why she wasn't showing. Her new plan was to put sugar in a pouch until her due date. She also planned on kidnapping Sheridan and passing off Sheridan’s baby as her own.

Beth has been talking about her plan too much. Charlie has overheard her twice. She was ready to call the police because she realized that Beth was only using her to get what she wanted, but Beth has convinced her that she wasn't using her and that they were going to go through with the plan.  

Gwen's suspicions: Gwen is suspicious about Beth's pregnancy and has questioned her about it. Beth didn't answer the way she should have. When Gwen asked her about her doctor appointments, she lied and said she couldn't afford to go to the doctor. When Gwen suggested that she may not be pregnant after all, she had to think of something quick. She told Luis and Gwen that she would make a doctor's appointment. Luis offered to go with her and though she didn't want him to go, he insisted. She called Charlie ahead of time so she could pretend to be the doctor. She had Charlie tell Luis that she was pregnant.

Beth's mission: Beth thinks that her plan to take Sheridan's baby will work.  She will get Luis back for good and will get rid of Sheridan and Charlie at the same time.

Kidnapper:  Beth and Charlie kidnapped Sheridan. Since Sheridan was having nightmares about clowns, this made it very easy for them to disguise themselves as clowns so she wouldn't recognize them. Beth had Charlie build a pit in her basement and that's where Sheridan was to stay for "weeks".  While Sheridan was in the pit, Beth was almost busted, several times. Of course, she has managed to escape being caught. After Sheridan gave birth, Beth wanted her dead so she could pass off the baby as hers. Beth and Charlie took Sheridan to the docks and threw her in the water. Having got rid of Sheridan, she wanted to kill Charlie, but her plan backfired when Luis saved her. This is when she found out that Charlie was really Alistair. She made a deal with him so he could help her get Luis.

Martin:  She has taken Martin for herself, though it hasn't been easy to keep Sheridan's baby. He was sick a few times and needed Sheridan's milk to keep him alive. She thought that her goose was cooked when Sheridan had to feed him but she has convinced everyone that he is hers.

Attempted murder: She has tried to kill Gwen a couple of times because she was on to her again. First she tried to run Gwen over with a stolen car but it didn't work, then she set up a shelf in the Crane’s garage so that paint cans would fall on her head. That didn't work either and Gwen survived both times.

New ally: In addition to Alistair, Antonio is also Beth's partner in crime. She has persuaded him to keep fighting for Sheridan, despite Sheridan’s love for Luis. Of course, Antonio doesn't know that Beth only helped him because she wants Luis for herself.

Proofread by Laura on 8/2/11

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