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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to "Passions" or NBC.


Passions Cast List

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Norma Bates* Marianne Muellerleile
Noah Bennett Dylan Fergus
Jessica Bennett* Danica Stewart
Sam Bennett James Hyde
Christopher Boothe* Adrian Wilson
James Boothe* Seth Stern
Sheridan Crane Boothe McKenzie Westmore
Vincent Clarkson* /
Valerie Davis*
Phillip Jeanmarie /
Daphnée Duplaix Samuel
Alistair Crane* John Reilly
Ethan Crane (Little Ethan)* Colton Shires*
Fancy Crane Emily Harper
Julian Crane Ben Masters
Kay Bennett Crane Heidi Mueller
Pretty Crane Melinda Sward
Gwen Hotchkiss Liza Huber
Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane* Andrea Evans
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Lindsay Hartley
Endora Lenox* Nicole Cox
Tabitha Lenox Juliet Mills
Herbert (Spike) Lester* Christopher Maleki
Father Lonigan* Bruce French*
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald Galen Gering
Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald* Abby and Emma McCoy
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald* Daniel Chalfa
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald Blair Redford
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Hannia Guillen
Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald Eva Tamargo
Roberto* Jean Paul San Pedro
Eve Russell Tracey Ross
Simone Russell* To Be Announced*
T.C. Russell* Rodney Van Johnson
Esmé Vanderheusen Erin Cardillo
Viki Vanderheusen* Amy Castle
Edna Wallace* Kathleen Noone*
Ethan Winthrop Eric Martsolf
Ivy Winthrop Kim Johnston Ulrich
Jane Winthrop* Camille and Kate Schwary
Jonathan Winthrop* Jack Ecker and Nathan Ecker

*recurring  **guest

Danny Woodburn returned as the Demon Elf to battle Tabitha beginning on Monday, July 28.

Amy Castle and Phillip Jeanmarie exited the canvas on July 14 when Viki and Vincent were arrested.

Christopher Douglas returned as presumed-dead Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald on July 22.

Marianne Mullerleile and Kathleen Noone return as Norma and Edna for the show's finale on Monday, August 11.

Jack Ecker and Nathan Ecker (Jonathan) joined the show as Gwen and Ethan’s son.

Alice Ghostley (ex-Matilda) passed away on September 21 after dealing with cancer and strokes.

If you know of any cast members who are not here, please let us know!

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