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2006 Passions Rumors & Predictions

By Shaunna 10/17/06

Hi, its me again, Siren, fairest maiden of the sea.  I am still keeping a low profile because I am enjoying watching all this drama with JT unfold!  But here are my latest predictions:

  • Endora will help Kay and Miguel be a couple
  • Noah gives Spike a dose of his own medicine
  • Theresa catches Rebecca and JT together.
  • Paloma begins to have feelings for Noah

By Shaunna 10/9/06

Siren here, reporting for duty! I've been laying low, and its given me time to think about a lot of things, and some of the things I've thought up may be of interest to you. (btw, I know who dies, but I'm not telling, nah nah nanana!)

  • Ethan will find JT in his hotel room in Harmony!
  • Tess and Jared get steamy, but her mind strays to Ethan.
  • Chad tells Whit he has another woman in his life (but convinces her its not someone he is having an affair with!)
  • Endora grants Kay's wish she was never born and allows her to see Fox and Miguel's life without her.
  • Rebecca Gets it on with JT
  • Luis makes a porno with Nasty, uh I mean, Fancy.
  • Jessica and Spike disappear together

By Glynis 10/3/06

  • Initially, I thought that Chad was sleeping with Jared, but since I thought that, Jared has spoken to Chad and found out that he is cheating and he is very much against it.
  • There is also Valerie.  She seems like the logical choice but that is too easy.
  • The last time that we saw Chad in the motel room, he remembered telling his 'lover' that he needs to do this because Whitney isn't enough for him.
  • And when the lover came to see him, she walked to the little mickey of booze and drank.
  • It is because of these reasons that I think that Chad's love is ....REBECCA!

By Shaunna 10/3/06

Siren's predictions

  • Hi, its me the ever beautiful Siren, here to fill you in on what I see coming next:
  • Kay will give Miguel a second chance and leave Fox, and Fox, in return will try to kill him.
  • Chad is sleeping with a dude!
  • Valerie and Julian heat it up wayyyy more
  • Eve begs once again for TC's forgiveness
  • Whit catches Chad in the act
  • Theresa rejoices Ethan doesn't know he is really Lil E's father
  • Luis pretends that Fancy is Sheridan
  • Alistair eventually comes back!
  • Tabby finds love
  • Noah and Fancy reunite!
  • Someone close to Kay will die!

By Glynis 9/1/06

Jared  leaves Theresa in the room to go and look for candles since the electricity is out. He gets clobbered by someone while walking the halls in the dark. He is unconscious. I predict that Chad is the one who clobbered Jared in the head, and not Ethan like is seems. Chad is infatuated with Jared and hates that he is smitten with Theresa.  When he realized that they were not returning to the office, he found out where they were and couldn't believe his luck at finding Jared in the hall.  He knocks the man out delaying the lovemaking with Theresa.

By Glynis 8/29/06

Chad and Jared are homosexual lovers.
The bad in Chad is coming out much like it is coming out in Julian. We are going to see real Crane behavior in Chad soon.

While Whitney was a nun, Chad started seeing Jared. Jared has very negative ideas about women and really doesn't like them at all. Chad approaches him and comes up with this great idea to get control of Crane and all the money and power it holds.

Now that Alistair is dead, Chad figures that he can topple Theresa easily and take the money and power from her, making him in charge of the family. In order to do this, he has put his homosexual lover Jared in a position where he can make Theresa fall for him and then either marry her for control, or get her to sign it away.

Theresa has already said that she can walk away from the money and the power anytime that she wants, and in the last show, she told Whitney that if she isn't careful, Jared is going to take over...

Chad is also weirdly jealous of Jared. Whitney mentioned that he is really cute. Chad took offense to her saying that but not because he was jealous of her, it was because he is jealous of Jared and loves him more than he loves Whitney.

Also make note of the fact that Chad hasn't been on the phone all the time lately. That is because his lover is in town and he can pal around with him as if they were just friends and nothing more without arousing any real suspicion.

By Shaunna 8/20/06

  • Siren has more predictions for you mere mortals. I should say, I bet I am really good at this guessing thing,

  • This time I want to focus  more on Gwen and Ethan. I think that Gwen will see Ethan chasing after Theresa and be enraged, but for once at him.

  • I also see Ethan trying to seduce Theresa by pulling the age-old trick of slipping in bed with her. 

  • Pilar will change her mind about telling Ethan the truth. 

  • Fancy will have a brief fling with sexy Luis but i think it will be a while, and won’t last!

By Shaunna 8/15/06

Hey, it's me Siren.

  • I have more predictions for you silly mortals. (Hey playing Tabby is fun!)

  • I predict that Charity will return to Harmony in the near future, and then Tabby will have two dumb blondes to deal with. However, if Char-char and i team up who knows what could happen?

  • I foresee Jared Casey forgiving his beloved "Tess" just to have Arabella spring up from the dead~ Hopefully she will look better than death warmed over.

  • Pilar will be shot but will not die. Those Godly women are hard to kill!

  • Paloma and Fancy will actually make the police force much to Luis's dismay. (maybe he will then need comforting from me then!)

  • Ethan will upset Gwen by fighting her over moving away from Harmony.

  • Eventually, though maybe not soon, Little Ethan's paternity will be revealed.

By Shaunna 8/13/06

Siren's predictions

  • Tabby isn't the only one that can make predictions. 

  • I see in the future that Jared will forgive Theresa. (hmm, he is a hunk, maybe i should go for lucky number 3!)

  • I also predict that Kay's attempts at making love to Fox will prove fruitless. (who does she think she's dealing with? Paris Hilton?

  • Luis and Fancy will meet up in the shower. Soo Steamy! Hmmm...I've never had a cop before, that could be fun.

  • Ethan will continue to come between Theresa and Jared, but to little effect. (Even I don't want Ethan! Theresa should DEFINITELY move on!)

  • Gwen will beg Jared to forgive Theresa because she is insecure about Ethan.

  • Whitney will eventually discover what a cod Chad is, 

  • Julian reverts to his old ways. 

  • That's Siren's prediction for now. Gotta go

By Michele and Cheryl 6/17/06

  • Sheridan will catch Chris scheming with Alistair.
  • Sheridan will notice how Fancy is attracted to Luis.
  • Fox will catch Kay coming on to Miguel.
  • Siren will make a deal with Tabitha in order to get Miguel.
  • Siren will catch Miguel and Kay kissing.
  • Fox will find Charity in order to keep him from being with Kay.
  • Gwen will find out that she’s pregnant.

By Michele and Cheryl 4/22/06

  • Theresa and Ethan will get closer in Rome.
  • Whitney will betray her family and friends because of the monk
  • The monk will end up being someone familiar to the audience.
  • Fancy’s life will be in danger again.
  • Chris’s true colors will start to show.
  • Paloma and Simone will end up being in danger in Rome.

By Michele and Cheryl 3/25/06

  • Whitney will continue to whip herself.
  • Sheridan will become pregnant and not know who the father of her baby is.
  • Kay and Miguel will bond over Maria.
  • Fox will continue to be jealous of Miguel.
  • Grace will come back to stop Sam and Ivy’s wedding.

By Michele and Cheryl 1/22/06

  • Theresa will get pregnant
  • Chad's true paternity will be revealed
  • Sheridan will get pregnant by Chris
  • Miguel will come between Kay and Fox
  • Maya will break up Noah and Fancy

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