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2005 Passions Rumors & Predictions

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 12/31/05

For 2006

  • The never-ending G/E/T saga will continue on...........forever.
  • Simone and Rae start dating but TC will try to get in-between them.
  • Eve and Julian will finally marry in holy matrimony.
  • In finally, Thank God it'll be soon Luis returns home, where he belongs.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 12/24/05

  • Rae will admit that she wants a loving/long term relationship with Simone.
  • TC will do his usual ape-sh*t anger-management, yeah right, fits!!

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 12/18/05

  • TC will finally open his dumba** eyes and ears, realizing that Simone is no predator just because she's a lesbian.  Moron.
  • Eve and Julian finally marry.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 12/10/05

  • Simone will be getting a new girlfriend by Springtime.
  • Endora will succeed at making Christmas all the merrier for all the citizens of Harmony.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 11/26/05

  • A Kay/Simone/Jessica Triangle!!
  • Edna will get jealous of Norma's dead father's skull.
  • Rebecca will die of too much sexual satisfaction.
  • Sam and Ivy will hit a bump in the road of martial bliss, but it won't force them off it for long.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 11/19/05

  • Ethan will blast Gwen for being so quick to pull his plug.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 11/12/05

  • Jessica will turn up HIV positive.
  • Kay will become miraculously pregnant with Fox's baby.
  • Ivy and Sam will wed and live in martial bliss.
  • Simone will learn she can't depend on anyone else but herself to give her the love and respect that she deserves.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 11/5/05

  • Ethan wakes up from his coma, but is unable to move or communicate.  Gwen confesses all to him, thinking he is still in his coma.  When he can eventually move and talk, he'll be FURIOUS with Gwen and Rebecca.  Ethan will have them thrown out and start ANNULMENT proceedings, as he feels that his marriage to Gwen was NEVER valid.  He will invite Theresa in to see him and beg for her forgiveness.
  • Simone and Jessica become a couple.  They are at the Seascape for New Years Eve celebration, where Rae will be and see the duo together and become instantly jealous.  Renewed sparks will fly and at the stroke of midnight the lights go out briefly and Simone and Rae share a deep and passionate kiss.  To be seen by Jessica who witnesses the whole thing, except Simone thinks she's kissing Jessica and didn't know that Rae was there.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 10/29/05

  • TC will fail miserably to keep Simone from sleeping with women. LMAO!
  • Spike ends up dead, after demanding too much from Alistair, in the same fashion he's killed all the other 'Johns' in.................except, Simone is the one who does it--when he follows her and a companion back to a motel room............and the next morning the woman goes to work..........and Spike let's himself in............and tries to 'rape' Simone.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 10/22/05

  • After trading blows with Spike, Simone will finally kill him with a pipe to the right spot on his head and with enough force.
  • Poor Whitney returns and consumes herself in Theresa's schemes in order to avoid her horny incest-lovin' half brother and their bastard spawn.
  • Theresa finds out she's pregnant with Alistair's boy, one girl...........and Alistair insist they name them: "Apollo" and "Artemsis".
  • Eve and Julian become the Alice and Dr. Tom Horton of Harmony.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 10/15/05

  • Some (if, not MOST) of my earlier predictions will start to come true.
  • Liz starts to get her life back!  She starts therapy, forgives Eve for abandoning her, and she finally marries the love of her life............Antonio!! =}

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 10/8/05

  • Kay calls a family meeting and comes clean with everything she's ever done, but first she warns Ivy-telling Ivy that if she wants to help her cause then she needs to tell Sam (Kay's father) everything that she's (Ivy) done to split Sam/Grace up and why............Ivy will attempt to scare, conjule, and/or blackmail Kay into further silence, but Kay is sick of all the lies and secrets........she wants to be free of them and start a new life free of lies and secrets, so Kay is not in the least bit intimidated by Ivy's threats.
  • Simone gets herself into even more trouble with the ADA Grace Nancier, whose now bound and determined to OUT Simone.  She's now under oath at her own trial and she has no one that can come to her defense nor any distractions, she'll have to tell the truth.  But, this time she's not as nearly as afraid as she was during her mother's attempted murders trial.  
  • Jessica turns her life around after remembering what happened, just before she lost complete consciousness, she remembers Spike coming in and sticking the John with the knife and reaching up to try and stop the guy from bleeding to death, but being too weak her hand falls to her side and the man rolls off her and the bed.   Which triggers another memory of Spike killing her first john-which also sets a clear path for her.   To get the hell a way from Spike, get clean, attend AA/NA meetings daily, start going back to school, move back home with Kay, and start "growing up"!
  • Julian finds the means to divorce Rebecca, marry and move Eve into the mansion, whilst kicking Rebecca and Gwen out for good.  Leaving Ethan there as Crane Counsel and Jane's/Little Ethan's biological father, and also as Theresa's lover, but having to remain Alistairís wife-with the pre-nup/martial rights still intact.  Ethan accepts the facts that he is never going to be able to marry Theresa until Alistair is buried 6-ft under-being declared legally dead and all  because they have to protect Lil Ethan from complete corruption.   Alistair accepts that Ethan will be Theresa's lover on the side, because the entire Crane family has threaten him with complete exposure of all the Crane mis-deeds and how he's responsible for the most horrendous and duplicable of them crimes; however, he has his mistresses on the side, himself.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 10/2/05

  • All hell is about to break loose and I don't think Tabitha, her friends in the basement, and not even Alistair will have any thing to do with it.
  • Halloween is coming up, I think it's time for Norma to escape the psyche ward, yet again.
  • Alistair will fake his death, in order to see how Theresa wields the power she now has. She proves his theories correct. She is just as cold and calculating as he is.
  • Theresa will use that power to first get rid of Gwen and Rebecca FOR GOOD, she'll restore her families good name-allowing her folks and siblings to be able to get work again in Harmony, and she'll take over the CEO position of Crane Industries for herself.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 9/24/05

  • Even though Eve is supportive of Rae/Simone's relationship-stating that it couldn't be that bad, given that they are lesbians, there's no possible way for either of them to become pregnant with the other's baby........all because Eve can't bear to hurt her baby-girl again, wanting to support whatever makes Simone happy 100%.
  • However, after a blood test is performed on Rae and Pilar and's found that Rae is NOT Julian's but is Pilar's and Sam' it turns out that Sam had gotten wasted one night...........when Ivy had to stay home for the Founders' Day Celebration with Julian Crane as her date.............Pilar intercepted Sam at the door and got him upstairs to Ivy's room undetected. She went and got him a glass of water. When she returned to the darkened room. Sam cried on her shoulder while she rocked him, trying to console him. When he started to pull himself together, they locked eyes, and sparks flew..........and they slept together right there in Ivy's bed.
  • It turns out that Julian had slept with Pilar after Sam slipped out and Julian had went to a private room to lay down for awhile. It wasn't until after they slept together and Julian was getting dressed that he realized it wasn't Ivy he slept with...........and Pilar realized it was not Sam she had the second round with.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 9/17/05

A more detailed Storyline Twist:

After finding herself pregnant with her and TC's first child, Whitney, Eve was no longer interested in sex. She started to work more and more hours at the hospital well after she gave birth. TC adored his little girl, spending so much time lavishing her with attention and encouraging her athletic abilities to show themselves early and he began training Little Whitney when she showed an adoration for the little, fuzzy, little balls that she could grasp onto with both hands. Eve would work long hours that stretched into days, always seemingly being on-call. One night when Whitney was about 21 months old, Eve had just finished being on her feet and running around the ER for 30 hours straight when she went to lay down in the on-call room. It was about 20 minutes later when she was awoken by a clutter of surgical instruments falling to the floor. In the dimly litted room and fuzzy from the deep sleep she was in, yet she recognized a very drunk Julian Crane. It had been a very very long time since she has had any form of sexual contact with anyone besides herself. Not too mention, that she had been dreaming about being with Julian all those years ago. "Evie-Weevie," Julian mumbled as he fumbled towards her with arms outstretched as he feel into her waiting arms, bracing herself to take on this full body weight. When they both collapsed and passed out after an extremely hot and passionate session of their renewed love (even if it was just temporary for the night), TC walked in with Whitney in his arms asleep peacefully. What TC saw sent him reeling with fury, but it was the bundle of joy that squirmed in his arms that kept him in check, and as Whitney began to fuss TC existed the room, as not to cause a disturbance that would upset his precious little girl.

What TC had saw was a naked Eve wrapped in an equally naked man's arms, both were covered with sweat and glowing. There was not enough illumination nor was he in there long enough for his eyes to adjust properly so TC was unable to identify the man in which his so-called loving, loyal wife was in. But, he saw the smile of pure happiness itched on her face.

She did not have any sexual contact with her own husband for yet another 2 weeks later; as she was late for her period. She suffered through bouts of morning sickness and other symptoms that sent her rushing out to do a pregnancy test. Sure enough, she was pregnant again and with Julian and hers second child. She went to the Crane Mansion, but was headed off by Pilar, who informed her-after much desperation to see Julian-that there is no way that Julian could possibly remember such a night and Pilar warned her not to push the issue as Alistair would not be having a bastard child-especially, a bastard child that was black-trying to claim any Crane power, money, and most definitely non-of "his" (Alistair's) inheritance.

Eve had one extremely passionless night with TC, the husband that she "settled" for and convinced herself that she loved; thus, making every time they had sex together just that, "going through the motions" with no love, no heat, and actually left her barren with nothing but memories of Julian and their love making to keep her company on cold lonely nights that she spent with TC. However, 2 weeks later when TC noticed her symptoms and recognizing them as the same ones she had when she was first pregnant with Whitney. TC immediately took Eve in for a check-up and a pregnancy test. Sure enough, she was pregnant for the second time during their marriage. However, it was the pre-natal ultra-sound that made his suspensions concrete conclusive, but Eve had asked him to leave before the doctor could say anything to tip her hat one way or another. It was too late, however, TC recognized the development being further along then the passage of time would allow for this child to be his. He was angry and distraught, but the doctor reminded them how fragile pregnancy is and that they needed to avoid any and all stress if possible. As much as he was heart broken TC could not blame this helpless and defenseless child; after several more sonogram check-ups, in which he was privy to attend, TC decided that he'd love this child like his very own.

While Eve, who came to realize that Julian really did not remember that night they created their second child together, Eve began to have a even more seething hatred. For now, he abandoned her twice when she was pregnant with their children that were made out of pure love. But, the second child had to be a closely held secret for only her to know about.

The day when Simone was born and she was placed in TC's arms and she looked him straight in the eyes, he knew he loved her as much as he loved Whitney, even if she was not his. In that moment, he let go of all his pain and resentment, Simone became his little Sugar Bear and he could not be any more in-love with her then he was right then.

Eve hand-write the original and accurate birth-certificate as Julian being the biological father, herself late that night when TC had finally went home with Whitney asleep in his arms. She had a good friend of hers come in, a colleague, and sign the document and take it and put it in her desk in her office, in a lock drawer. Then, she wrote up the fake one with TC as the biological father and had the OB/GYN that delivered Simone sign it the next day.

Now that it is 23 years later. And it all comes out via a blood test, because of the fact that Chad is not Eve's child with Julian but Liz's child with Julian. And Eve is searching for some items that she's secretly stashed in her desk drawer about her past with Julian, looking for some kind of evidence to proof that Chad really is her child, as she's totally devastated about the revelations of it all. When she comes across the proof that Simone is indeed Julian's. Julian comes in and finds this birth certificate and confronts Eve with it, although calmly and with love. Julian let Eve and their first child, wherever he or she is now, slip through his fingers and too much time was wasted being Alistair Crane's "model" son. So, he demands a blood test for Simone.

Alistair does not dare interfere, as he's tired of trying to protect a family of unthankful degenerates. However, TC, let's his own secret go when he realizes they are performing a blood test, he comes in as the results are being read. TC hears them and all that pain and anger with the memories come rushing back and he can't help but lash out at them all..........saying how he's kept this secret all this time because he loved "his Sugar Bear" so much, that he couldn't bear to hurt her. However, since the secret is out and he spills how he saw Eve wrapped in some strange man's arms that TC did not even recognize.........but, now with the results of the DNA test..........he now knows it's Julian. TC goes on about how he's been played the fool one too many times in the entire time he's known Eve and says Liz was right about you.

And, Alistair in a fitful turn of events reveals that Julian also has another daughter, an older daughter, with Pilar. Another daughter conceived during a drunken black-out. Alistair goes on to be ramble on about how he can't stand blacks and his stomach really turns at the thought of gays in his town that he'll have to look at just about everyday. While saying this he looks right at Simone. 

"Don't you remember, Julian? When you were over at the Winthrops during Founders' Day Celebration? Of course, you don't you just got fall down drunk and passed out. But that was not before you put Lil Julian into Ivy's most trusted confidant, Pilar Lopez. She became pregnant and had a little girl during a c-section and my Head Maid at the time did me the favor of taking that headache out my hands. You remember Ms. Durkee don't you? She has a son about Simone, here's, age? What was his name......Ray.....Raymond........Reese, yeah that's it? But, what you don't realize is she raised little Rae as her own............"

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond  9/10/05

  • Eve and Liz find themselves in a situation that requires them to work together to save each others' lives, which leads them to understand each other better. They become more "friendly" towards each other, but have a long way to go to becoming close, as sisters, again.
  • Eve is pregnant with Julian's baby girl. Liz is pregnant with the son that TC so desperately wanted.
  • In incident in the Crane Mansion leads Kay to come into her full powers, which she uses to inadvertently save her sister Jessica from Alistair.
  • We find out that Rae's last name is Durkee and she's Reese's big sister, via adoption.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 9/3/05


Rae is Julian and Pilar's daughter. During a drunken night at a social event at the Winthrop's estate; Julian blindly drunk seduced a early 17 year old Pilar. She became pregnant with a baby girl, since Cranes are NOT allowed to have any illegitimate children and given Alistair's bigotry. The head maid of the Crane estate-who is also very loyal to Alistair [because she was in-love with him]-stopped Pilar before she could confront Julian [who does not even remember the coupling]. Pilar would NOT take "No!" for an answer so the maid, who was pregnant with Alistair's bastard child of her own [she is Al's favorite house servant after all], makes a deal with Pilar to take the girl when she's born and raise herself, as she can make sure the child will be raised with love, will be cherished, and will be well-provided for [the best schools, the best of everything]. However, 6-weeks before Rae is born the head maid and Alistair's favorite mistress miscarries her child and sits into motion to trick Pilar into signing over all rights to her child and claim Rae as her own. Katherine had found out about the whole situation and threatened to tell her sister; but Alistair arranged to have his mistress "disappear" while providing for her and "their" child the best he could without causing too much suspension. Thus, Rae grew up in the upper-tier of the middle class of Harmony. But, the woman who raised Rae, paid the doctors [they were under Alistair's control] to tell Pilar that her baby was still-born, as Pilar required a c-section.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 8/27/05

  • When Simone comes out to Kay, Kay will be okay with it, but she'll question rather or not if Simone is in-love with her and for how long.
  • Simone will join the Harmony Police Department or become a paramedic.
  • Whitney won't be in the convent for no more than a month at the most.
  • Simone and the fact that she's a lesbian will be the reason that the ratings will finally rise and above 2.0!

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 8/20/05

  • When faced with a choice between good and evil, in the end, Kay will choose the good side and destroy Tabitha but will keep and raise Endora as her own.  Miguel will return and find out everything Kay did BEFORE he left to go chasing after Charity, he'll be (understandably) upset, but he'll come around and start to "chase" after Kay-even though she'll be with Fox.
  • Gwen will ruin her friendship with Sheridan, as the two battle over "Chris" and "Mark".
  • Sam will be upset when all of Ivy's nasty secrets come out, but being so much in-love with her, he'll come to understand that being a Crane for over 20 years as warped her perspective on being in-love and how to obtain and care for that love, and he'll take her back.
  • (This is my own little thing but) Simae Shippage will be huge.  Simone + Rae = Simae.

by Randee 8/17/05

this is from: PCMB

  • Ethan/Theresa Rumor:
    Ethan will move in with Theresa and her family to be close to baby Jane. He will have no where to go. The Bennett's house is full with Noah being in town. Now I have been told that Theresa is not happy about Ethan living with her. She is every hurt and upset about him not believing her about being raped. Look for Ethan to be the one doing the chasing this time. Now as for Gwen I have been told she will get a other story line with Sheridan and Chris

  • Gwen Rumor:
    Gwen will be very hurt and upset look for her to find love in a other man's arms. Chris and Gwen will get close look for that to make Sheridan every up happy. Not only have I been told that she will get close to Chris but Gwen will bond with little Mark.

  • Eve/Julian Rumor:
    I just got a email from my friend on SOD. She just told me that she got a big new rumor for me. When Eve gave birth to Julian's baby it wasn't a boy it was a girl. Alistair paid the nurse to give Eve the wrong baby to hold. So Eve would think she had a boy all a long. It was Chad that Eve got to hold that day. Alistair paid a woman that was having a baby boy that same day to use her son. She gave up her son and Alistair gave her Eve daughter in return. Alistair set up everything to lead back to Chad being Eve and Julian. Eve and Julian daughter is living in town and working for Alistair. Can you guess who she is? That's right Valerie Davis.

by Randee 8/16/05

From: Passions PCMB (a passions message board)

  • Ethan tries to stop the feud between Chad and Fox but his plan backfires in a big way. Fox is then out for revenge against his whole family and teams up with Theresa ( also going up against Rebecca/Gwen) and Alistair offers Theresa a video of Rebecca with evidence, but only if he'll sleep with her and Theresa refuses. Then she tells Fox and they come up with a plan. Theresa distracts Alistair while Fox gets the tape. Fox finds other tapes with something that's labeled DNA evidence and as he is looking at the stuff, Alistair catches him. Surprisingly enough, Alistair is not that angry. He makes a deal with Fox that if he doesn't keep all the evidence then he will make him second runner up CEO, allowing him to have power to fire Chad. Fox agrees and tells Alistair he still wants to help Theresa out and Alistair tells them to organize a party where some of the secrets will be revealed (Including the tabloid finally).
  • Eve will actually be the one revealed to have shot Julian. When Eve actually confesses, Julian is in shock. It turns out that Liz is blackmailing Eve yet again. This time about the real Evain child. She lets Julian in on the secret as to why she confesses. So, before she gets sentenced, Julian sets out to find the child Liz is hiding and prove that Liz is blackmailing Eve into her confession in return for the whereabouts of there child! Just when Eve is about to get sentenced, Julian bursts forth with their child and the evidence of her innocence. Liz gets arrested for blackmail, faking a crime, and obstruction of justice. But, just when you think we are rid of Liz you are wrong, she escapes and kidnaps Eve. Julian blames TC for all of it. Also, Simone blames her Father for her mother not being a part of her life for the past few years.
  • Despite the recent casting of Ned and Fancy, the show is rumored to still be out to cast a dark-haired man in his early twenties and a blonde in her mid-to-late twenties. Assumption is that the second blonde will be Fox's older sister (speculation still has it that Fancy is one of his older sisters).
  • The casting call for 'Ric' is still out there, and fans are speculating that it will be a recast for Antonio. With Sheridan coming closer and closer to learning the truth about Marty, Antonio may stir the pot by showing up alive and well ... and looking to meet his son.
  • Rumors and speculation abound that Chad is going to turn out to be the son of Liz and Julian, and this is the secret that Liz has been hiding and Alistair knows about.
  • Speaking of Liz, rumors have it that Liz will not only be revealed to be the person who tried to poison Alistair, but she is the one who tried to kill Julian in the cannery!
  • Two Reese rumors . . .
    Reese will return to help Sam lure Jessica away from Spike.
    Reese will return as a love interest for Paloma
  • Kay will start to get visions, and these visions will shake her up big time. She will picture Jessica getting an abortion, Fox getting killed, Noah ending up in jail and herself burning inside a house, all of which she will try to prevent. In the process she ends up falling in love with Fox which causes her to question her feelings for Miguel. Is is clear that she is getting visions from the good side but she is unsure what to do because she is being pressured by her promise from the bad side and she doesn't want anyone to find out her part in her parents' split. Also, when Kay finds out from Tabitha that Miles is not Fox's child, she is not sure what to do with the information.
  • If this all wasn't enough, Kay will start to hear her Aunt Faith's voice whispering in her ear, telling her of the past and about some secrets that could potentially change things forever for her.
  • Kay will have to make a big choice soon about which side she will join once and for all. Kay wants to put a stop to Tabitha's plans but her loyalty to Tabitha is standing in the way and she is torn on what to do. A visit from her mother may seal Kay's decision once and for all when her mother finds out all that she has done.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 8/13/05

  • The October Wedding (Spoiler? Rumor? Prediction?) will be either Martin/Pilar or JERK Boy is going to really shake up the foundation of Daytime Dramas and since Harmony is in Massachusetts (remember, they all make day trips to Boston. Massachusetts and Maine are two states that legally recognize/perform same-sex marriage; and Connecticut performs/recognizes Civil Unions for same-sex couples) now. So, I am predicting (wildly, mine you) that Simone/Rae are the ones to get married.

  • Rae turns out to be the last of Julian/Ivy's children. Or one of Alistair's (or even Julian's) bastard kids.

by Randee 8/10/05

Rumors found at PSN:

October Wedding & Who shot Julian and Alistair, Gwen, Theresa Triangle

  • It is indeed a couple no one will want to wed. And the consequences of this marriage will devastate almost all of Harmony. It has been reported that the wedding will be between Theresa and Alistair. And if you remember correctly, Alistair said that the whole Crane household will be devastated soon enough. Part of this is also troubling. Alistair is expected to "die" extremely soon, causing Theresa to have all the power. She will control everyone, just as Alistair did, and she will use her power wisely, and not so wisely. The only thing is, Alistair will not be dead. He will see that Theresa was only using him for his power, and will punish the Lopez-Fitzgeralds worse than he has ever punished them before... Expect some people not to even make it alive to the wedding date, and devastating losses to occur by the control of Alistair. Including the loss of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, and Jane and Little Ethan, as well, as a whole lot more pain and suffering to come. And things could not have happened at a worse time when we find out that the earthquake/tsunami also unleashed Hecuba herself, to twist even worse the lives of the people of Harmony.. We have not even seen yet the suspense and pain and excitement that has been promoted and promised (and trust me, it will all be here by October) causing this end of they year, to be most memorable.
    I have a hard time believing this because I can't see why Alistair would be mad at Theresa for using him because isn't that what their deal was supposed to be? You know him using her for sex and her using him for his power? So I can't see him being pissed at her for supposedly just using him for his power because I know if they do get married it won't be for love and they both will know that going into the marriage.
    I also wonder about the line that says, "loose Jane and LE"? I wonder if it means that she will loose them to death or they will be taken away from her? Are or they talking about Gwen? Secondly Gwen and Ethan have temp. custody of Jane and Theresa has custody of LE so by the way this is talking, if it is Theresa then she must get custody of Jane back? I know I'm probably making more out of this then I should but I'm just a little confused about this.
  • Who Shot Julian:
    Eve will actually be the one revealed to have shot Julian. When Eve actually confesses, Julian is in shock. It turns out that Liz is blackmailing Eve yet again. This time about the real Evain child. She lets Julian in on the secret as to why she confesses. So, before she gets sentenced, Julian sets out to find the child Liz is hiding and prove that Liz is blackmailing Eve into her confession in return for the whereabouts of there child! Just when Eve is about to get sentenced, Julian bursts forth with their child and the evidence of her innocence. Liz gets arrested for blackmail, faking a crime, and obstruction of justice. But, just when you think we are rid of LIz you are wrong, she escapes and kidnaps Eve. Julian blames TC for all of it. Also, Simone blaims her Father for her mother not being a part of her life for the past few years. What will happen to Eve? Stay tuned to find out!
  • Alistair, Gwen, Theresa:
    Found this at Fate Board It originated by Ally at R&A
    It is looking like Gwen may fight back when she finds out Alistair and Theresa are teaming up. Gwen will approach Alistair to make a deal with him. Alistair tells her he is busy but to come back later in the evening. Unbeknownst to Gwen, Alistair invites Theresa to their meeting as well.
    Theresa and Gwen arrive in Alistair's study and a big fight starts but Alistair orders them to quit fighting and listen to what he has to say. He says that he has a proposition for them.
    Both women will be shocked to find out that Alistair plans on kicking Ethan out of Crane Industries, as well as getting the courts to deny him access to Jane and throwing him out of the mansion.
    Alistair will let Gwen keep her home in the mansion AND Jane IF she divorces Ethan. He also says he can have Rebecca lose her title of Mrs. Julian Crane at the snap of his fingers and he will do it if Gwen won't divorce Ethan. He also says that Gwen will be dirtpoor by the time he gets through with her. He also says he will make sure Gwen will never have to see Theresa again.
    Alistair makes a similar deal with Theresa--if she agrees to marry him and stay away from Ethan, he will give her a well-paying job at Crane Industries as well as a home in the mansion and also have Jane back. He tells Theresa he will give her anything she wants and provide her with lots of money and power. Theresa at first refuses, saying she will not do any such thing, that she would never give up Ethan, but Alistair says he will destroy Gwen and Rebecca if Theresa agrees but if she doesn't, he'll make sure Theresa and her family will suffer for many more years. Theresa has the chance to keep her family from suffering under Alistair's wrath.
    Alistair tells each woman he will wait for a reply from them but that they only have 48 hours to decide. The first woman to come to him and offer their body to him will be the one he will close the deal with.

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond 8/4/05

  • Rae will break up with Simone because she does not want a relationship. However, as soon as she sees Simone out with somebody else, she'll realize that Simone is the one for her.
  • Eve and Julian will mutually agree to break up for the sake of her daughters. She'll get back together with TC, but he'll be abusive towards her, controlling, and demanding, and keeping her in the old garage apartment. Eve will secretly see Julian at the hospital and anywhere else they can be "alone" together. She'll leave TC for good and marry Julian by Christmas, or Valentines' Day 2006 at the latest.
  • Kay and Fox will be a super couple. Kay's growing powers will become a force to reckon with, making her the prophesied Standish woman, to whom Tabitha has been fearing (not Charity).
  • Whitney and Chad realize they are only related because of Liz and Alistair's "mating" years ago. Chad will be revealed to be Liz's son and not Eve's, leaving Eve heart broken.. Since Liz is Eve's adopted sister, it will make Chad barely related to Whitney at all......almost as if he's a 2nd cousin twice removed. Thus, making their pairing acceptable.
  • Sheridan grows a backbone, takes over Crane Industries, and runs it with an iron fist, but with a gentle guiding touch.
  • Alistair continues to reign supreme as the root of all evil in Harmony.
  • Martin and Pilar have a re-commitment ceremony and Pilar will ask Katherine to be her bridesmaid.
  • Ethan will leave Gwen, marry Theresa, and live happily ever after, raising Little Ethan (his biological son) and Jane...and a new brood of Fitzgerald-Lopez-Winthrop clan.

by Randee 7/21/05

  • Hank and Gwen will become a couple which might mean Gwen will become Ethan's aunt!
  • Gwen will murder Theresa

by Johnny 7/15/05

  • Eve's murder case will be declared as a mistrial
  • Alistair drugs Theresa and makes her think he is Ethan. They have sex.
  • Theresa will get pregnant again
  • Marty will reunite w/ Sheridan
  • Alistair is hospitalized w. a heart attack but soon gets out.
  • Sheridan and Luis will rekindle their love.
  • Whitney will have sex with Chad.
  • Kay and Fox go out on more dates.
  • Jessica prostitutes and gets thousands of dollars. Spike kills her when he thinks he made enough profit from her.

by Randee 7/14/05

Rumors from Ruth & Angie's Passions Board!

  • It would seem that Alistair collects on his debt with Theresa by raping her!
  • Ethan comes to Theresa's rescue!
  • Simone gets involved but is it with a man or a woman!
  • Eve is trying to decide between TC and Julian and it looks like TC is winning!
  • Whitney joins a convent!
  • It looks like it's out that Chad is indeed Miles' father!
  • Sheridan grows suspicious of Chris.
  • Theresa refuses to press charges against Alistair and Ethan wants to know why.
  • Kay gets attacked after her date with Fox.
  • Rebecca and Gwen plot to make Ethan doubt Theresa yet again.
  • Noah and Fancy come close to making love.

by Letrice 7/13/05

  • Julian is going to ask Eve to marry him.
  • Sam and Ivy are going to get back together.
  • Chad and Whitney will make love.
  • Noah and Fancy are going to develop a romantic relationship
  • Theresa is going to move into the mansion
  • Theresa is going to go along with Alistair's plan. She will wind up getting hurt by Alistair.
  • TC is going to want to get back with Eve.
  • Eve and Julian will break-up but not for long.
  • Luis and Sheridan will also split up and they wont get Marty back.
  • The truth about the tabloid will be revealed and Ethan will leave Gwen and go back to Theresa.
  • Pilar will smarten up and leave Martin

By Michele and Cheryl 5/22/05

  • Jessica will end up pregnant.
  • Ned/Noah will argue with Sam.
  • Theresa will use the tabloid incident to win Ethan back.
  • Whitney will continue to be drawn to Miles.
  • Fox will learn the truth about Miles' paternity.
  • Eve's trial will start soon.
  • Julian and Ivy will work together to get through to Fancy.

By Jodi 4/28/05

  • Sheridan will have a flashback of being locked in the basement and end up beating Beth to a bloody pulp. Beth will have to go to the hospital and need a blood transfusion. Lo and behold, Alistair is a perfect match and that is how she finds out that Alistair is her father.

By Michele and Cheryl 4/16/05

  • Theresa will use Jane to get closer to Ethan.
  • Chad will notice that Whitney's baby looks more like him than Fox.
  • Liz will realize that she's pregnant.
  • Grace will come back to Harmony and catch Sam and Ivy together.
  • Whitney will have second thoughts about giving her baby up for adoption.

By Michele and Cheryl 2/19/05

  • Whitney will find out that Eve told her secret.
  • Chad will suspect that Whitney is carrying his baby.
  • Gwen will turn herself in.
  • Sheridan forgiving Katherine will push Luis to Beth.
  • Ethan will start to doubt his marriage to Gwen.
  • Martin and Pilar will grow closer.
  • Katherine will offer to step aside to let Martin and Pilar be together.

By Michele and Cheryl 1/1/05

  • Theresa will plot to be alone with Ethan and the baby.
  • Jessica and Paloma will fall for the same guy.
  • Alistair will confirm that Eve tried to kill him.
  • Julian will trick Rebecca into confessing to what she did to Eve.
  • Sheridan will continue to have nightmares about killing someone.
  • Gwen will keep trying to kill Theresa.
  • Liz will continue to make Eve look guilty.

By Michele and Cheryl 1/1/05

  • Liz will tell how Whitney is having Chad's baby.

  • It will come out that Eve was framed for Julian and Alistair's attempted murders.

  • Eve will be accused of murdering Liz.

  • Shuis will have problems once it's revealed that Mrs. Wheeler is Sheridan's mother.

  • Paloma will start to fall for Fox.

  • Valerie will use Chad in order to move up in Crane Industries.

  • Julian will ask Eve to marry him.

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