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Passions 2004 Rumors and Predictions

By Michele and Cheryl 11/13/04

  • Ethan will continue to wonder if Theresa aborted her baby or Gwen's baby.
  • Gwen will go after Theresa when she finds out that Theresa slept with Ethan.
  • Luis will push Sheridan away when she continues to side with Katherine.
  • Paloma will make a deal with Tabitha to get revenge on her family.
  • Whitney will find out that she's pregnant with Fox's baby and not Chad's.
  • When TC has a change of heart about divorcing Eve, Liz will talk him into going through with it.
  • Gwen will divorce Ethan when she finds out the truth about the baby.
  • Gwen will have a nervous breakdown and Theresa will use that as a way to get Ethan.

By Michele and Cheryl 10/16/04

  • Whitney's baby will actually be Fox's.
  • Ivy will find out she's pregnant.
  • Ivy will almost catch Whitney talking about the baby.
  • Julian will attempt to divorce Rebecca. Rebecca will continue to blackmail him.
  • Martin will confess to Pilar that he's her husband.
  • Alistair will tell Beth a way to get Luis back.  Most likely it will be through Katherine.
  • Liz will propose to TC, but he will turn her down.

by Michele and Cheryl 8/29/04

  • Eve and Julian will make love again. This will cause her to get pregnant.
  • Liz will lie and say she's pregnant to trap TC.
  • Whitney will get revenge on Eve because of Chad being her brother.
  • Theresa will find out that Gwen is the mother of one of her twins.
  • Fox will tell Whitney the truth about Chad's paternity.
  • Whitney will reveal her feelings for Fox when Chad's paternity is revealed.
  • Chad will claim his right as a Crane.
  • Chad, Eve, and Julian will vow to get revenge on Alistair.

By Michele and Cheryl 7/18/04

  • Whitney will call out Fox's name while she and Chad are in bed.
  • TC will throw Liz out of the house once the truth comes out about Eve.
  • Sam will propose to Ivy when Grace comes back to Harmony.
  • Luis will resent Martin when Martin comes back to Harmony.
  • Theresa will have second thoughts about giving up her baby.
  • Theresa's baby will turn out to be Fox's baby.
  • Paloma will seek revenge against her family.
  • Alistair will blackmail Julian to stay away from Eve.

By Michele and Cheryl 5/30/04

  • Sheridan will start thinking about her mother.
  • Sheridan and Luis will keep missing Katherine and Martin in Mexico.
  • Charity will want to visit Grace in Europe.
  • Paloma will lash out at her family when she goes to Harmony.
  • Whitney's feelings for Fox will return.
  • Ethan will forgive Theresa for tricking him into sleeping with her.
  • Julian and Eve will be seen kissing by someone else.

By Shirley 5/30/04

  • There will be a major revelation concerning the parentage of two of Harmony's major players.  Back around 30 years ago, Edna Wallace and Katherine Crane entered Harmony Hospital within a few hours, maybe a couple of days, of each other, and each gave birth to a baby daughter. Edna, being the gadabout she was, had no idea who the father of her daughter was, and Katherine, who had been married to Alistair Crane for many years, was in the same boat.  She had been carrying on an affair with their handyman, Martin Fitzgerald for a while, and the baby could be the result of that dalliance.  Alistair was aware of this, and the thought of raising his wife's love child conceived with the help of his hired help turned his stomach.  He devised a plan. Knowing Edna would do anything for money, he approached her and offered her a substantial sum of money for her daughter, a beautiful blonde angel.  Edna, who, upon seeing her child for the first time was struck by guilt about raising her beautiful child in the lifestyle she had been living, agreed to exchange her for Katherine's, thinking the baby's life would be much better if she were raised by the Cranes.  This explains why Sheridan is as good as she is, even after having been raised by Alistair, and why Beth is such an evil witch.  It also explains how Alistair could do the things he has done to Sheridan, since his excuse that she killed his wife has been shown to be totally untrue.

By Michele and Cheryl 5/1/04

  • Theresa will have complications with the baby.
  • Fox and Whitney will be drawn to each other.
  • Paloma will come between Theresa and Fox.
  • Sheridan and Luis will have an affair.
  • TC will get closer and closer to catching Eve and Julian together.
  • Luis and Antonio will call a truce because of Pilar's illness.
  • They mystery man that's coming to Harmony will be Martin. He will have amnesia, and he will be drawn to Pilar.
  • Eve will bail Julian out of jail once the Crane secrets are revealed.

By Michele and Cheryl 2/8/04

  • Ethan will try to break up Theresa and Fox.
  • Gwen will find out that Ethan is little Ethan's father and she will keep it from Ethan.
  • Simone's new boyfriend will be interested in Whitney too.
  • Paloma will go after Fox.
  • Grace will stop Ivy and Sam from making love.
  • Charity will be tempted to break her promise to Death again.
  • Miguel will grow closer to Kay while waiting for Charity to come back to him.

By Michele and Cheryl 1/4/04

  • Ethan will help Theresa hide little Ethan.
  • When Chad comes back to Harmony, Fox and Whitney will be a couple.
  • Simone will have feelings for John.
  • Charity will grow closer to Reese. This will cause Miguel to have a jealous rage.
  • Eve and Julian will have an affair.
  • Grace will become jealous of Sam and Ivy's relationship.
  • Sam will be drawn back to Grace, which will anger Ivy.
  • When David sees Sam and Grace reuniting, he will decide to tell her the truth.
  • Liz will throw herself at TC again. Only this time he will give in to her.

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