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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to "Passions" or NBC.


Passions 2003 Predictions

By Michele and Cheryl 11/16/03

  • It will be revealed that Fox and Puff Dog are working together to keep Chadney apart. It won't be revealed to Whitney, but it will be revealed to the audience.
  • LaToya will tell Chad that she has a baby.
  • Antonio will plot with Beth to save his marriage.
  • Beth will threaten to leave town with the baby if Luis doesn't marry her.
  • Sheridan will be drawn to Beth's baby.
  • Gwen will use emotional blackmail (thanks to Rebecca) to keep Ethan.

By Michele and Cheryl 9/15/03

  • Whitney will develop feelings for Fox while she's helping him be with Theresa.
  • Ethan and Theresa will have an affair and Fox will be jealous.
  • Fox will be torn by his feelings for Theresa and Whitney.
  • Chad's past will come back to haunt him.
  • Charlie will try to kill Beth when she figures out Beth's plan.
  • Liz will use her club to get closer to TC.
  • TC will drive Eve into Julian's arms.
  • Kay will continue to use her baby to get Miguel.
  • Sheridan will have amnesia when she's finally rescued.
  • Sheridan's baby will be sick and need blood from her parents.

By Michele and Cheryl 8/2/03

  • Someone will approach Whitney and Fox and tell them they make a great couple.
  • Antonio will be the one to rescue Sheridan.
  • Theresa and Fox will work together to get Ethan and Whitney.
  • Luis will start to feel a connection to Sheridan.
  • Sheridan will go into labor in the pit.
  • Gwen's baby will be a boy.
  • Whitney will grow more insecure about Syd.
    Whitney will see Chad and Syd in a compromising position.
  • Theresa and Ethan will kiss and she will think that she has a chance with him.

By Shirley 6/29/03

  • TC's secret will finally be revealed: his father salvaged the car that caused the tennis-ending injuries to TC, and when he died, TC stored it in his shed. He goes in there when he feels upset because he feels closer to his father there.
  • Luis will search high and low for Sheridan - but not low enough. He won't search Beth's basement. Sheridan will manage to get out of the pit, and Precious will help her find her way out of the house.
  • Antonio will finally find out about Luis and Sheridan's love.....and he will reveal that he's known about it all along!!!
  • Charity will keep having premonitions of the death of someone close to the Bennett family. Will it be Kay's child by Miguel?
  • Rebecca confronts Theresa again about staying away from Ethan. Pilar overhears and gives Becs a piece of her mind - and a hefty right cross!
  • Fox becomes the hero in the Liz/Eve brouhaha by coming up with the information that will shut her up for good. Julian softens toward him when he sees what he has done.
  • The truth about Fox and Julian's less-than-loving relationship comes to light. Ivy was involved with one of the estate guards, and Fox was the result. Alistair made sure Julian knew all about it.
  • There is also a hidden truth about the relationship between Elizabeth Crane, Edna Wallace, Beth, and Sheridan that will come to light. It involves baby-switching, and explains where Beth got her name, and why.
  • Hank becomes a full-fledged cop, and his first case is one that will mark him as one of Harmony's hottest hunks, as he goes undercover in a male strip club to rout out a drug ring.

By Shirley 6/23/03

  • It will be revealed that Alistair hired Charlie to help Beth get rid of Sheridan. She is acting like a lunatic so she can get out of jail on a technicality if she is caught.
  • Grace will remember a talk she had with Faith years ago, before her accident, and she remembers saying she hoped someday she would find the man of her dreams and get married and have a happy life.  She is positive this was right before the fire.  It makes her start questioning David's authenticity.
  • Sheridan will finally reconnect the link between her and Luis, and he will "hear" her calling him. He will follow it to Beth's house. Will he save her, or end up down in the pit with her?
  • Rebecca finally learns that Eve is the woman Julian loves.  She will set a plan in motion to get rid of her, and set someone else up for murder, much as she did with Theresa.
  • The trip to L.A. will bring Chad in contact with a member of his foster family, who will recognize Whitney's name and alert Chad to the fact she is his real sister.
  • Hank will have to step between the brothers Lopez-Fitzgerald when the truth about Luis and Sheridan is finally revealed.  Not because it is a big surprise to Antonio, but because he will be determined to keep Luis away from her at any cost.  The news that Antonio has known all along will come as a shock to all.
  • TC's decision to allow Liz to stay in the garage apartment after he promised to get rid of her will be the last straw for Eve.  She will order them both out, start divorce proceedings, and get a court order barring TC from being anywhere near the house....or his shed!!  But Liz has the info that will work in TC's favor, and she will be only too happy to use it!

By Andre 6/17/03

  • A miracle happens for Ivy, when she is able to walk again.
  • Ivy and Sam begin to grow close again, for a while - with Sam thinking Grace has moved on, with David.
  • Grace receives a vision about Ivy and David working together to tear apart her and Sam's marriage. Grace confides in Sam about the situation, he doesn't want to believe it's true - but then David, feeling guilty to see Grace in pain and the continued lies - he opens up to Sam and Grace, explaining the whole truth about Ivy's blackmail and her evil plots. In a heated situation, Grace attacks Ivy for all the problems she's caused - and her "powers", jump into full force, during the fallout - and she realizes she is a witch (afterall).
  • Grace also discovers John is not her son - but decides to continue, to be a "mother" to him. While David makes Ivy suffer (for all the hell, she's put him threw), not to mentioned the rest of the Bennett clan. Ivy finally gets the feeling, on what it's like to really be "alone", when also being disowned by Ethan - who discovers how twisted his mother really is.
  • Grace and Sam reunite, and plan to remarry before Christmas.
  • Beth and Charlie's plans of holding Sheridan captive blows up in their faces - thanks to Precious. Sheridan nearly suffocates from not enough air - after being in the "pit", for about two months. Luis, Antonio, Hank and everyone else - believes that she did leave town - thanks to Beth's manipulations on having Charlie write a letter, pretending to be Sheridan - to her friends and family, stating she left for everyone to be at ease. With her life and the life of her baby at risk - Precious is able to sneak out the house, and tracks down Luis and Antonio by signaling to go to the Wallace's house. After a confrontation with Charlie, Luis is able to rescue Sheridan (once again), and get her out of the "pit". She goes immediately into labor. Luis pours his heart out to Sheridan who's hanging on the balance between life and death, and Antonio finally discovers the truth about the two's love. Eve helps deliver Sheridan's baby, who becomes prematurely. Charlie is hauled away to a psych ward, after no one believes her that Beth had something to do with the plan of holding Sheridan captive. Beth weasels her way out of town - to Canada, also forcing Mrs. Wallace to go with her, to keep her from spilling the beans about what she had done. She comes back months later with child - and uses guilt and the child (which she stole) to keep Luis on her side against Charlie and the situation, leaving Mrs. Wallace over in Canada somewhere. Sheridan is alright, and explains the situation to Antonio - how she fell in love with Luis, but Antonio fights his brother for her affections, and determined to remain married, to the woman he loves. The baby turns out to be Luis' not Antonio's, but Beth switches the DNA to make it seem like Antonio is, to create new havoc. Precious goes on a rescue mission to bring back Mrs. Wallace to Harmony, without Beth knowing. Charlie escapes the institution and goes after Beth to make her pay!
  • Gwen gives birth to her and Ethan's baby, with a little of complications. Theresa in the meantime gets a little friendly with Ethan, and does her best to make him remember the good times they once shared. Out of a coincidence, while in Los Angeles - Theresa gets a hold of the Publishing division, responsible for Ethan finding out he wasn't a Crane - and receives proof that Gwen and Rebecca are actually the ones - responsible for the whole mess. Theresa goes into rage, and decides to finally get even with her two nemesis - by exposing Gwen to Ethan about what she had done. Upset by the outcome, Ethan asks Gwen for a separation - which angles Theresa to comfort him. Ethan goes to Theresa, as a "friend" for support and asks for forgiveness - for giving her a hard time back then, but she has something better in mind - to give their love a another chance.  Back to her old tricks, Rebecca is determined to keep Theresa from Ethan (again), she hires someone to kidnap Theresa to get her out of the way so Ethan and Gwen can get their marriage back on track. It backfires on her, and Rebecca is the one that is kidnapped - but by already blackmailing Julian, she has him pay off the kidnapper to get her back home (safely). Theresa and Ethan grow romantically close, but Gwen fights for her man and marriage (yet again) - except when her and Hank become friends, they realize they have more in common - then they realized (hint, hint) - in which, it will be more like "Ethan who?".
  • Julian and Eve discover that Chad is their son, but don't want the truth to come out - cause it will wreck many lives. Rebecca later on discovers their "big secret", and in order to keep even, with her "pookie", (for lying to her and keeping her in the dark) when knowing how close Eve and Julian are getting --- she does Liz a favor - and lets all of Harmony know about who Chad's parents are, during a another Crane party. The fallout, will be big - TC disgusted by Eve's past, and in-rage Julian made love to his wife, years ago - TC lashes out at Julian, and pushes him out a window, during a tussle - in which later Sam arrests him for it. TC threats Eve with a divorce, Liz relishes every moment by kicking back with a
    martini in her hand (that Eve's life is crumbling in shambles, without even lifting a finger, to cause it) - and also to be there for TC and the girls. Whitney gets in a emotional distraught, gets comforted by Fox - who gladly honors to do so, knowing Chad is out the picture. Simone gets excited that she didn't, try to make love to, Chad and that Whitney and Chad cannot be together. New resident Sydney is able to get Chad for herself. While in the hospital Julian expresses his love for Eve, but she questions herself whether if she should return those feelings or fight to remain in TC's heart. Simone discovers also what TC is hiding in the shed. She gets so distraught about it, she doesn't know whether to tell her family about it or not -after everything had happened.  TC and Liz start up a budding romance, when TC
    realizes Liz is a better woman for him then Eve. Rebecca might not care if Julian and Eve rekindle what they once had, when Jonathan comes back into her life. Whitney goes into some serious counseling, from finding out Chad is her brother, and that they were once lovers. TC in a way is happy that Chad and Whitney cannot be together (also) and tries to persuade her to focus back on a career in Tennis, to forget about what happened.
  • Kay almost loses her baby, during "birth" - which changes her ways (entirely). Miguel grows up and takes responsibility like a man should - and he and Kay grow close, as parents to their newborn child. Charity thinks that Miguel should be with Kay fulltime - but Kay (turns around) and pushes Charity and Miguel together - when realizing how precious life is, cause of her baby, she shares with Miguel. Kay and Grace make up, for their fallouts. But the deal she made with Tabitha to join the dark side comes out, when Charity discovers what Kay did. Charity discovers Tabitha is a witch, but decides to keep it a secret between the two of them - in order for Charity (who finds out she is one as well), to become a good one. But Tabitha has no plans to - she has her monstrous baby, and decides to name it Timmy. As the two begin to wreak havoc unto Harmony, and Julian's life. Kay pays (dearly) for her sins. Miguel and Charity decide to get re-engaged, but John begins to get smitten with Charity - when noticing they are not cousins, that will become the next wedge for Charity and Miguel.
  • Pilar gets a new love interest, finally - and this new man - is somewhat tied to the infamous Martin Fitzgerald and his disappearance.
  • We see more of Jessica and Reese, and their relationship.
  • Noah Bennett returns home, with a secret and Paloma also shows up, as a hellion teen.

By Shirley 6/15/03

  • Rebecca will discover Julian's connection to Tabby's suddenly expanding waistline....and Julian will have to act fast to save himself!!
  • It will be revealed that there was a baby switch at the hospital 30 some years ago, and the baby Elizabeth Crane brought home was actually the baby born to.......Edna Wallace, and vice versa !!!!!  Edna made the switch, because she wanted a better life for her child than she could give her.
  • Charlie will almost carry off her revenge against "The Blonds" by killing Sheridan, but she will be stopped by a very unlikely character.....Precious!!  The term "stupid monkey" will be shown to be totally incorrect.
  • Hank will become involved in saving the life of a young woman whose car malfunctions and flies off the pier.  Sparks will fly, and Hank will at long last find his true love.  Hint:  her last name will be Crane!
  • David will at last reinstate his morals and courage, and go to Sam to confess all.  Sam will be outraged by what Ivy has done to his family, and will arrest her for blackmail.
  • Grace will be devastated to learn John is not really her son.  She and Sam will adopt him.
  • Beth and Charlie will be in adjoining cells, and the guards will have their hands full keeping them from attacking each other.  Luis will insist they stay together as part of their punishment.

By Michele and Cheryl 6/15/03

  • Theresa will try to get closer to Ethan while they are in LA.

  • A girl from Chad's past will come between Chad and Whitney. It will most likely happen in LA.
  • Puff Dog will hold Theresa and Whitney hostage. This will cause Ethan to worry about Theresa.
  • Chad will find a clue that will tell him who his parents are. Is it possible that Fox will leave the clue for him to find?
  • Grace will catch Sam and Ivy kissing.  This will drive her to David.
  • Kay will have complications with her baby.  She will use that as a way to get Miguel.
  • Charity will dump Miguel again so he can be with Kay and her baby.

By Shirley 6/08/03

  • Although Sam is angry now, he will calm down after a while and listen to Grace's explanation of why he found her nude, in bed with David.
  • Ivy will be certain she has Sam where she wants him, but will find out love is not that easy to defeat.
  • Simone will follow Chad and Whitney to L.A., and she will cause Whitney to be stuck between life and death for a few days, although no one will realize she is the one to blame.
  • Kay will have her baby, and seeing her will trigger a real desire to be good, so she will finally tell what she knows to her parents.  They, however, won't believe a word of it.
  • Reese will sneak into Tabby's house while she is at her Lamaze class, and he will make his way into the cellar, never to be seen again.
  • Mom Wallace will send an anonymous message to Luis telling him where he can find his true love, Sheridan, but it will be intercepted by Antonio, who will read it and go after Luis, trying to kill him.
  • Liz will reveal she knew Eve's baby was alive the whole time, because she had seen the man taking him from the hospital.  She won't know who ended up with him, though, or that it is Chad.
  • Theresa will be happy living at home with Little Ethan, and will come to see Julian in a new light, realizing he really loves his son and would never deliberately do anything to harm him.  They will come to terms on visitation rights, only to find out Little Ethan is really Ethan's son, not Julian's.

By Shirley 5/25/03

  • Charlie will go to Sheridan's cottage to deal with Beth for lying to her, but she won't get a chance to before being chased by Luis and Antonio.  She will escape, and return to Beth's house to wait for her.  Beth will be able to talk her way out of it again, however.  But for how much longer?
  • Sheridan and Luis will embrace as the realization she is safe nowhere overcomes her.  Antonio will walk into the room and see them, watching for a couple of minutes before making his presence known to them.
  • Julian will convince Theresa he is really a different man, although she will remain on guard against any trick he may pull.
  • David will resort to the drugs Ivy wanted him to use on Grace when he sees his ploy isn't working.  He will stop short of "violating" her in that condition, however.
  • Ivy is not so worried about doing the right thing where Sam is concerned.  She will sneak into his room and climb in bed with him after he drinks the spiked nightcap she gives him.  Grace will come home in the morning and catch them together.
  • Kay will try to follow Miguel and Charity on a romantic walk in the moonlight, fall, and end up going into premature labor.  There will be a real fight to save her baby, during which Miguel will not leave her side,  causing Charity to think she should step out of the picture for good.
  • Precious will manage to pull Beth's blouse up to show the "sugar baby" pouch while Luis is with her.   Will he see it?  Will he realize what it is if he does?
  • Wonderful news comes to Eve and Julian: their son is alive and well!  However, it will not be good news for everyone.

By Michele and Cheryl 5/13/03

  • Theresa will leave Harmony with little Ethan so Julian won't take him.
  • Chad will start to think that he's Julian's son.
  • Fox will find out about Julian and Eve's past and blackmail Julian with it.
  • Antonio will start to get suspicious of Sheridan and Luis.
  • Sam will start to realize that he has feelings for Ivy.
  • Possible Spoiler: Grace will find out about her past when she leaves Harmony with David.
  • Julian will find out who his son is with Eve.

By Ryan 5/10/03

  • Beth will kidnap Sheridan's baby and pass it off as her own.
  • Beth will lash out at Gwen for her being so nosey about Beth's pregnancy.
  • Mrs. Wallace and Precious will team up against Beth.
  • Chad will propose to Whitney, and Fox will try to interrupt it, will he succeed?
  • Liz will continue to ruin Eve's life, and Julian's as well.
  • Liz will inform Rebecca about Julian and Eve!

By Shirley 5/4/03

  • Beth's plan to kill Sheridan and raise Shuis' baby as hers and Luis' will be thwarted by Precious, who will give Luis a tape she made of Beth and Charlie planning it out.
  • Julian will find out Chad is his and Eve's son, and will make an effort to connect with him.  Chad, however, will want nothing to do with him, and will be heartbroken over the prospect that Whitney is his sister.
  • Rebecca will leak some of Julian's secrets to the gossip rags,  causing pain for Eve, Pilar, and even Fox.  She will also unwittingly  do damage to herself, however.
  • Gwen and Hank will bond over her baby, when he finds her in labor and helps deliver it on the dock after a fight with Ethan about Theresa.  As time goes on, they will become closer, and fall in love.
  • David will be revealed as the person who took Martin Fitzgerald from Harmony all those years ago and disposed of him.  However, instead of killing him, as he was paid to do, he actually took him to South America and left him with an isolated tribe of Indians there.  Martin lived as one of them all these years until a fall from a cliff cured his amnesia.
  • Pilar will engage Ivy in a knock down, drag out fight in the mansion when she finds out Ivy knew all along what had happened to Martin but had never told her.

By Shirley 4/20/03

  • Beth is not going to be pregnant. She will somehow steal Sheridan's baby and pass it off as hers. She will have DNA testing done, showing Luis to be the father, and he will then marry her. No one will make the connection between Sheridan's missing baby and Beth's miracle birth alone somewhere.
  • Julian and Eve will end up together at last. Alistair will disown him and he will go in business with Chad, turning Eve into a star, as their dream showed.
  • Fox will make a play for Whitney after Chad moves to L.A., hoping to make hay while he's gone. She will be flattered and start having feelings for him, but will still stay in love with Chad. However, once it's revealed Chad is her brother, she will fall back on Fox.
  • The more time Ethan spends with Theresa as they are trying to keep Julian from taking Little Ethan, the more he will realize he really loves her and can't live without her.
  • Charlie will discover Beth's love for Luis, and will turn on her. Beth, the master manipulator, will cause everyone to believe Charlie is psychotic and dangerous (not much convincing will be needed, of course) and she will be put away with Norma.

By Michele and Cheryl 4/19/03

  • Gwen will give Ethan another ultimatum to stay away from Theresa.
  • Ethan will start to develop feelings for Theresa while working on her case.
  • Whitney will give up tennis for singing.
  • Fox will tell Chad about his feelings for Whitney.
  • Sheridan will continue having the dream about clowns.
  • Hank will work with Luis on his first case.

By Shirley 4/13/03

  • Eve will take a good, hard look at TC and kick him to the curb. Then she will turn to Julian.
  • Charlie has a major crush on Beth, and is willing to help her kill Sheridan because of it. She will change her mind when she sees Beth's reaction to Luis.
  • Pilar will meet a man who will become her first love interest since Martin disappeared.
  • Fox will be there when Whitney learns the truth about Chad's parentage, and his feelings for her will soothe her pain.
  • Reese and Jessica will continue to try to play Cupid for Charity and Miguel, with mixed results. Trying to overcome Charity's pain at watching Miguel fussing over Kay and his child will prove to be too difficult.
  • Gwen and Theresa will have a huge yelling match, during which Gwen will let it slip that she and Rebecca were behind the release of Ethan's info to the tabloid. Ethan will overhear, and be devastated.
  • Rebecca's discovery of Tabitha's pregnancy and Julian's tie to it will cause her to try to do away with her, with some very painful results.....for Rebecca.
  • Chad will be devastated by the news of who his parents are, and the resulting turmoil involving the loss of Whitney, and will turn to an unexpected source of comfort.....Theresa!!! She will be the one person who can help him through the pain, but his growing feelings for her will cause friction with best friend Ethan.
  • After Mrs. Wallace finally manages to get everyone to realize Beth is the one who wants to hurt Sheridan, she will be rewarded by receiving medical treatment and rehabilitation by the foremost geriatrics Doctor in the world, courtesy of Sheridan and Luis. She will overcome her incontinence and the effects of the stroke, as well as receiving a trip to a spa for a complete makeover. Even Julian will be smitten with the new Mrs. W.

By Shirley 4/5/03

  • Luis will finally figure out who is stalking Sheridan, but will he believe it?
  • Antonio will wonder at his son's striking resemblance to his little brother Luis. Sheridan will just smile, and look sick.
  • Rebecca will walk in on Julian and Eve in a loving embrace.
  • Chad will finally find out who his parents are, and the shock will send him into temporary amnesia. He will fall in love with Simone, who finds him wandering around the docks and hides him away in a secret cave.
  • Hank will find himself falling in love with Charity, even though she is younger than he. They will marry and be very happy.
  • John will turn out to be Rebecca's love child by Alistair. They will both be repulsed by the knowledge.
  • Grace and Charity will join Jessica to pray for the Russell's ill-fated marriage, and will realize as they hold hands and pray that there is a magic current running through them that is stronger than any evil force. They will lure Kay into the circle made by their entwined hands and get rid of the evil that has been using her.
  • Theresa and Fox will fall in love and plan to marry, but just before the wedding Little Ethan gets sick and need a transfusion which causes them to learn he is actually Ethan's child. This will seriously impact and challenge Fox and Theresa's love.
  • Tabitha's son will be born, and she will name him Juleb. He will be inhabited by Timmy's spirit whenever Tabitha is going to do anything evil, to steer her to the good side. She will be torn between her love for her son and Timmy and her fear of the boys in the basement.

By Michele and Cheryl 3/24/03

  • Precious will turn on Beth.
  • Eve will turn to Julian for comfort.
  • Somehow Simone will wind up pregnant.
  • Liz will find out what's in the shed.
  • Sheridan still won't tell Antonio the truth.
  • Gwen will give Ethan an ultimatum once again.

By Shirley 3/22/03

  • Well, if the show is back on, we may find out the information that makes Julian believe he and Theresa aren't married. From what I can gather, it's because the wedding was a joke played by Bruce and isn't real. I predict that in the end, the joke will be on Bruce and Julian when they find out Bruce might have meant it to be a joke, but it was a valid license and a valid minister, so it is a valid marriage!!
  • TC and Chad will tangle when TC discovers him in Whitney's room, and he will beat Chad so badly he will be in a coma, and TC will end up in jail for attempted murder. Sam will be the #1 witness, since TC told him he intended to kill Chad if he came around his daughters again.
  • Alistair will allow Theresa to be tossed out of the mansion, but he will bend the rules to allow her to stay on at Crane industries in her current position. Julian will be beside himself, especially when Theresa talks Alistair into cutting Julian's salary since he does nothing.
  • Sheridan will allow Antonio to believe her child is his, leaving Luis alone for Beth to finally snag. They will marry, ending the saga of Shuis. I predict that will be the end of the show, too.
  • Kay will start feeling her child move, and it will become more than just something to use to get Miguel. Of course, that won't stop her from chasing him just as hard.
  • I am going out on a limb here. I predict Miguel will grow closer to Kay as her pregnancy goes on, and will eventually fall in love with her, no magic needed, and they will marry.

By Shirley 3/15/03

  • While the marriage to Julian may turn out to be a fake, Theresa will still manage to land on her feet and maintain her position at Crane Industries, thanks to Alistair, who sees real promise in her.
  • Whitney's discovery of her pregnancy will send TC on an out-of- control rampage against Chad that will land him in jail. He may even be charged with spousal abuse after he takes out his anger on Eve, whom he blames for it all.
  • Liz will cement her relationship with TC by bailing him out of jail, and putting up her resort to do it.
  • Precious will have a shaky start as Mrs. Wallace's caregiver, but will endear herself to her by defending her from Beth's attacks. Watch for Precious to be Bethy's downfall.
  • Julian and Rebecca's glee at besting Theresa will be short-lived, and the consequences will be devastating.
  • Gwen will become desperate when she sees Ethan's concern for Theresa.
  • She will pay dearly.
  • Fox will get closer to Theresa and become her most trusted confidante, much to Ethan's dismay.
  • Reese and Jessica will be the parents of the sixth baby, and bring about the reconciliation of Sam and Grace.

By Shirley 3/8/03

  • The fourth baby will be Chad and Whitney's, the one Tabitha saw many months ago that would occur before they found out they are really brother and sister.
  • The fifth baby will be Sheridan and Luis' baby. It is the only way it could ruin Tabby's plans for sorrow for Harmony residents. It would be a blessing to them, and a way to get the truth to Antonio.
  • Beth will be sent to an insane asylum to be treated for her dementia, and while she's gone, and orangutan will care for Mrs. Wallace.
  • The information Tom Joyner gave to Rebecca will be something that will not hurt Theresa, but Rebecca and Julian themselves.
  • Fox and Theresa are going to fall in love and Ethan will pine away after "his lost love".
  • Gwen will miscarry after she confronts Beth about her schemes against Shuis and Beth assaults her physically.
  • Kay will become very dear to Tabitha and will have a big part in turning her from the dark side to the good side.
  • Antonio will turn to Liz when he finds out the truth about Shuis, and they will fall in love again, causing her to forget her schemes against Eve and TC.
  • Pilar will meet and fall in love with a man who will turn out to have pertinent information about the whereabouts of Martin Fitzgerald. He will spend months trying to keep her from finding out.
  • Sam and Grace will finally see what Ivy and David have been doing, and they will reunite, adopting John along the way.

By Eva 3/8/03

  • Rebecca and Julian will reveal that Little Ethan isn't really a Crane but in fact Ethan is his father
  • Beth will not succeed in killing Sheridan but will be caught and locked up in a mental institution. Sheridan will take pity on Mrs. Wallace after learning Mrs. Wallace was abused by Beth and set up someone to take care of her.
  • Antonio will finally learn that Luis and Sheridan love each other and will give her a divorce or annulment although it will break his heart. Liz will finally have a chance to be with Antonio. Gwen will miscarry her baby which will cause the break up of her marriage. Ethan will marry Theresa. Hank will be a friend to Gwen and later it will turn to love. Sam and Grace will put their marriage back together after David tells the truth. John and Kay will get romantic after Kay finds out he has had secret feelings for her and since they are no longer brother and sister there is nothing standing in there way.

By Michele and Cheryl 3/1/03

  • Ivy will make a deal with the friends in the basement.
  • Liz will start blackmailing Julian.
  • Charity and Miguel will grow closer.
  • TC will start having feelings for Liz.
  • TC will fight Chad when he finds out about him and Whitney
  • Mildred will catch Beth trying to kill Mrs. Wallace..
  • Eve will start blackmailing Ivy.
  • The stress of keeping her secret will cause Eve to use drugs again.

By Shirley 3/1/03

  • Antonio will admit he heard every word Luis and Sheridan said to him in his coma, and he is determined to keep her for himself. He will die before he will let Luis have her.
  • Liz will keep talking about her molestation by her dad, but someone will come along who knows better, and she will be revealed as a liar. Eve will then confess all to TC, who will take off, beating holes in every wall he passes. Julian consoles Eve, and they fall in love again.
  • Beth will join with Antonio, and they will work together to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. Mrs. Wallace will continue to try to stop them, but of course, won't be able to.
  • Theresa will give away half the Crane fortune before she is stopped by Alistair, who says a little was ok, but she is now going way to far. Ethan will stand up for her, and get a restraining order barring Alistair from stopping Theresa's charitable actions. Fox will be Theresa's assistant, and they will begin to fall in love, much to Ethan's dismay.
  • Kay will try to cast a spell on Charity to make her fall out of love with Miguel and move away, but it will be a little off, and cause Miguel to move away.

By Shirley 2/23/03

  • Based on the spoilers I've read for the next few weeks, I think Antonio will wake up from his coma having heard everything that has been said to him throughout. He will know Luis loves Sheridan, and vice versa, and that they were engaged and wanted to marry but couldn't because he got sick and they were told not to tell him. He will know about the pressure Pilar put on both Sheridan and Luis, and will have heard some of the threats she used against them to get her way. Needless to say, he will not be a happy camper. He will wake up with Luis and Pilar at his side, and he will tell them he knows everything. He will give Luis and Sheridan his blessing, and tell them to go and live their lives the way they had always intended. Luis will be overjoyed, and he will run to find Sheridan as quickly as possible. She will arrive in Antonio's room a few minutes after Luis leaves, having missed him in the elevator. Antonio will tell her what he told Luis, and she will thank him profusely, then run off to find Luis. They will both make their way to the cottage, and they will have a joyous reunion, making love all afternoon. Beth, of course, will follow Sheridan and listen as Antonio tells her the news. Beth will be beside herself, following Sheridan out to her car, hoping to run her off the road, or whatever she can do to stop her from getting to Luis. Traffic will be so heavy she can't keep up with her, though, and she gets to the cottage in time to see the lovers embrace and kiss passionately in the front yard, then disappear into the cottage. She, of course, goes around to the open window and watches as they make love, becoming more and more unraveled as she watches. She starts pacing around, talking to herself, threatening both of them, swearing they will never be together, and as she passes by the garage area, she sees the gas can sitting in there. She checks and finds it full, then reaches in her pocket and pulls out a lighter, deciding to burn them up in their love cottage. She starts the fire, makes sure it is going well, and then leaves, laughing her maniacal laughter all the way home. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Antonio tells Pilar how angry he is at her for treating him like an imbecile, causing so much pain for everyone, and denying him the ability to live like a man by holding him up as some pitiful soul who had to be lied to and placated, led to believe he was loved by the woman of his dreams when it was all a lie. And he lets her know he didn't appreciate how she ignored his wishes and forced Sheridan to give him the medicine he had said he didn't want. Pilar is hurt and shocked by the ferocity of his words, and can only beg him to forgive her. Which, of course, he will. He will then reunite with Liz.

By Michele and Cheryl 2/17/03

  • Ethan will blame Theresa for Ivy's accident.
  • After Ivy's accident, Sam will spend more time with her than at home.
  • Sheridan will reconsider giving up Luis.
  • Luis will take an assignment that will take him out of town so he can get away from Sheridan.
  • Antonio will pretend that he is worse than he is to keep Sheridan from leaving him.
  • Julian and Eve will grow closer.
  • Eve will tell Sam that he is the only one that can keep Ivy alive.

By Rebecca 2/13/03

  • The dirt Rebecca has on Theresa is little Ethan's paternity, or should I say...Ethan Jr.?

By Michele and Cheryl 2/1/03

  • Kay will be revealed as Tabitha's helper.
  • Fox will see Chad and Whitney together.
  • Eve catching TC in a compromising position will drive a wedge between them.
  • Grace will catch Sam and Ivy kissing.
  • Beth will find a way to keep Antonio a vegetable so Sheridan can't go to Luis.
  • Antonio will be able to hear Sheridan talking about her love for Luis.

By Michele and Cheryl 1/22/03

  • Kay will guilt Miguel into being with her.
  • Luis will turn against the family when Antonio is cured.
  • Grace will blame herself when Kay is in the hospital.
  • Liz will "sleepwalk" again to get TC to kiss her.
  • Liz will tell Eve about her and TC.
  • Simone will tell Chad that she's ready to have sex.
  • Simone will lie about having sex with Chad.
  • Charity will tell Luis and Sheridan to be honest with Antonio.

By Michele and Cheryl 1/9/03

  • Kay will keep trying to come in between Charity and Miguel.
  • Grace will willingly kiss David.
  • Antonio will have feelings for Liz again.
  • Liz will try to keep stealing TC from Eve.
  • TC will start to dream about Liz.
  • TC will call Eve "Liz".
  • Antonio and Beth will plot to keep Sheridan and Luis apart.

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