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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to "Passions" or NBC.


Passions Appearances

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Erin Cardillo (ex-Esme) guest-stars on a re-run of "Hawaii Five-0" 8/13 on CBS.
Jesse Metcalf (ex-Miguel) appears as Christopher Ewing in the new TNT "Dallas" series, which has been renewed for a second season.
Richard Steinmetz (ex-Martin) is joining GH as the son of a former character that is connected to Sonny (Maurice Benard).
Justin Hartley (ex-Fox) stars in the new CW show "First Cut".
Ryan McPartlin (ex-Hank) co-stars in "Chuck" on NBC. He also plays Josh Avery on "CSI: Miami."
ABC Family's "The Lying Game," starring Alexandra Chando (ex-Maddie, ATWT) and featuring Blair Redford (ex-Miguel, Passions; ex-Scott, Y&R) and Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GH), has been picked up for a second season. Filming will begin this summer for a winter premiere.
Jade Harlow (ex-Jessica, Passions) and Brian Gaskill (ex-Dylan, GL; ex-BJ, ATWT; ex-Oscar, B&B; ex-Rafe, PC; ex-Bobby, AMC) appear in the summer special "The Bay: Darkside of the Bay." Current and past webisodes of "The Bay" can be viewed at
John Reilly (ex-Sean, GH & GH: Night Shift; ex-Alistair, Passions; ex-Del, Sunset Beach) has been cast in the recurring role of Mortimer, the Garrett butler, on the Web soap "The Bay." Season 2 began with all new webisodes on April 26. For more details, visit:
Colton Shires (ex-Little Ethan) stars in the new ABC show GCB.
Brandi Burkhardt (ex-Siren) has a recurring role on "Hart of Dixie" Mondays on the CW.
Justin Hartley (ex-Fox) landed a role on the CW show "Hart Of Dixie".  He will play Jesse who is a charming Southerner who is a war hero.  He will be a potential love interest for Rachel Bilson's (ex-Summer, OC) character Zoe.  Justin Hartley will be on the show in the spring.
Travis Schuldt (Ethan) can be seen in the new video game "L.A. Noire." More info at
Blair Redford (ex-Miguel) stars in the ABC Family show "The Lying Game," which returned in January, 2012.
Natalie Zea (ex-Gwen) will have a 2 episode guest stint on Showtime's "Californication".  She will play the love interest of Hank.  She will be in the premiere episode of Season 5.
Adrian Bellani (ex-Miguel) stars in RPM Miami on MUN2 More info at: 
McKenzie Westmore (ex-Sheridan) is the host of a new reality show called "FACE OFF," a competition series set in the magical world of world-class special effects and make-up artistry. It features twelve aspiring special effects make-up artists competing for their shot at make-up-effects stardom and the chance to breakout in the competitive field. It premiered in January 2011 on the Syfy channel.
Donn Swaby (Chad) is one of the stars of the new show "Gigantic" on TeenNick on Fridays at 10, starting 10/8.
The independent telenovella Hacienda Heights is being repackaged as a primetime show.  The show stars Julio Iglesias, Jr. and Vida Guerra. Eva Tamargo (ex-Pilar) is also on the soap. According to a press release, the highly-anticipated sudser, which was initially tested as a possible 30-minute daytime soap, is now filming 13 new episodes in English and Spanish and is expected to appear on a network sometime in 2011. 
Natalie Zea (Gwen) stars on "Justified" on FX.
There's going to be a mini Passions reunion on the Internet.  Jade Harlow (ex-Jessica), Tracey Ross (ex-Eve), Tonja Walker (ex-Grace Nancier), John Reilly (ex-Alistair), and Dana Sparks (ex-Grace) have all been cast on the Indie soap opera REALITY BYTES. Tracey Ross plays Alex Armstrong.  Dana Sparks plays Karen Walton.  John Reilly plays Dalton Whitley.
Crystal Chappell (Carly, Days; ex-Olivia, GL; ex-Maggie, OLTL) produces a web series named "Venice". Jessica Leccia (ex-Natalia, GL), Jordan Clarke (ex-Billy, GL), Hilary B. Smith (Nora, OLTL), Gina Tognoni (ex-Dinah, GL; ex-Kelly, OLTL), Galen Gering (ex-Louis, Passions), Tina Sloan (ex-Lillian, GL), Michael Sabatino (ex-Lawrence, Days; ex-Anthony, B&B; ex-Jonathan, AMC; ex-J.T., Passions) and Daniel Cosgrove (ex-Bill, GL; ex-Scott, AMC) have all joined the cast. Go to for more information.
Brandi Burkhardt (Siren) plays Sophie Sheridan in Broadway's "Mamma Mia" at the Winter Garden Theatre in NYC. For more info. and to purchase tickets, click here!
Chrystee Pharris (ex-Simone) will be in three new movies. "My Girlfriend's Back". She plays a character named Trisha. In "Sideline Confessions", she will play Candy.  She plays Jennifer in "Steppin: The Movie".  There is no word on when the movies will be released.
Amelia Marshall (ex-Liz) can be seen in a flu shot commercial for CVS Pharmacy.
Phillip Jeanmarie (Vincent Clarkson) plays Adam in WORKSHOP, a comedic web series that takes an inside look at the struggles of the LA actor. Season 1 debuts Monday, August 10, 2009 There will be new episodes every Monday for 13 weeks.
Former Passions star Daphnee Duplaix has signed on to host Playboy TV's new game show Show Us Your Wits according to Market Watch.  Here's what the show is about:

When unsuspecting guys at a gentlemen's club slip into the back room for a lap dance, they are surprised by the show's beautiful host -- Playboy Playmate Daphnee Duplaix, from NBC's popular daytime drama Passions, who announces that they have been chosen as contestants on Playboy TV's newest game show.

But with Show Us Your Wits, the surprises don't stop there. The contestants soon find themselves struggling to answer embarrassingly simple trivia questions when faced with the distracting activities of some of the world's sexiest dancers. In the bonus round, contestants get the chance to double their winnings, but only if they're able to ignore the double distraction of two girls at once.

Jill Remez (ex-Juanita) is filming a movie called Personality Plus.  She is a voice in the movie.  She plays a Newsreader. She also completed a movie called Anatomy of Hope in which she plays a wig saleswoman.
Brandi Burkhardt (ex-Siren) completed a movie called Confessions Of A Shopaholic in which she plays a sample sale worker.
Melinda Sward (ex-Pretty) has completed a movie called Table For Three.  She plays Nina.
Marianne Muellerleile (ex-Norma) completed a movie called Uncross The Stars in which she plays Candace.
Adrian Bellani (ex-Miguel) and Silvana Arias (ex-Paloma) completed a movie called Las Angeles.  He plays Freddy while she plays Marta.
Erin Cardillo (ex-Esme) completed two other movies.  One of the movies is called The Mate.  She plays a receptionist.  The other movie is called The Truth Is Always Complicated.  She plays Dana Davenport.
Dylan Fergus (ex-Noah) and Erin Cardillo (ex-Esme) completed a movie called Superglue.  He plays Paul.  She stars and produces the movie.
James Hyde (ex-Sam) has completed a film called Beautysleep Symphony.  He plays a character named Bryce.
Galen Gering (ex-Luis) plays an FBI agent involved with Sami, and Eric Martsolf (ex-Ethan) plays John's son, Brady Black, on Days of Our Lives.
Christopher Maleki (ex-Spike) has completed three movies.  In the movie "September 12th ", he plays a captive.  We're not sure when this will be opening.  He also completed two uncredited roles in "Food Fight" (an animation movie) and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was released in October, 2008.
Erin Cardillo (ex Esme) is currently filming a comedy called "Son of Mourning".  She will be playing a character named Jennifer.  There is no word about when it will be opening in theaters or if it's a Direct-to-DVD movie.
Roark Critchlow (ex-Ackland; ex-Mike, Days) produced and stars in an Internet soap called "Deception" distributed by Warner Brothers.  "Deception" blends a sardonic slant with the traditional soap opera format. A subtle satire that only a veteran of the genre can bring. Interlacing self-effacing humor with an intriguing storyline of lust, greed, and murder, Deception breaks new ground in the world of soap operas. 
Justin Hartley (ex-Fox) continues his role on as the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen on the CW's "Smallville." this fall.  He is also in the Web video Gemini Division.



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Appearances from SOW, SOD, various web pages and emails gathered by Gisele and Suzanne

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