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One Life to Live Trivia Quiz


Quiz #1

1) How many actresses have played Tina on ONE LIFE TO LIVE? Can you name them?

2) Why did Bo Buchanan change his last name to Ralston for a short period of time?

3) What was Luna's real name?

4) How were Viki and Larry once related?

5) Which mobster's daughter forced Jake into a loveless marriage? ANSWERS

Quiz #2

1) In what city did Tina and Cord first meet?

2) What name was Bo calling himself when he first met Didi O'Neill?

3) Who assisted a presumed dead Sarah to husband Bo's wedding to Cassie?

4) What BAYWATCH beauty once played ONE LIFE's Lee Ann?

5) What were the names of Viki's ancestors that Clint ran into on his journey to Buchanan City? ANSWERS

Quiz #3

1) Why did Karen Wolek confess to being a prostitute on the witness stand?

2) Who did Francesca James portray in 1970-71?

3) What former love interest of Cord's moved to Melrose Place?

4) Who was Viki's first born and where is she now?

5) Who is Al's biological mother? ANSWERS

Quiz #4

1) Who put Larry Wolek through medical school?

2) Who is Kevin and Joey Buchanan's natural father?

3) What state is Llanview in?

4) Who is the other actor to portray Max Holden besides James DePaiva?

5) Who killed Michael Grande? ANSWERS

Quiz #5

1) When did the show premiere?

2) Many fans couldn't imagine anyone other than Erika Slezak as Viki, but two actresses preceded her; who were they?

3) Who is Drew's mother?

4) Why did Blair dump Max for Asa?

5) What was Renee's former profession? ANSWERS

Quiz Answers #1

1) Five -- Andrea Evans, Kelli Maroney, Marsha Clark, Karen Witter and Krista Tesreau

2) He erroneously thought that Yancy Ralston was his father, but Bo's real dad turned out to be Asa Buchanan

3) Darlene

4) They were brother and sister-in-law (Larry married Viki's sister, Meredith)

  1. Charlotte Hesser, the daughter of Carlo

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Quiz Answers #2

1) Tina & Cord met in El Paso, Texas.

2) Bill Brady.

3) Alex Olanov (now Buchanan) escorted the presumed dead Sarah to her husband's nuptials.

4) Yasmine Bleeth portrayed Lee Ann.

  1. Clint met Viki's great-grandparents, Miss Ginny and Randolph Lord.

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Quiz Answers #3

1) She testified to clear Viki of Marco Dane's murder

2) Marcy Wade

3) Marcia Cross portrayed Kate Roberts

4) Megan Gordon and she died

  1. Gabrielle Medina

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Quiz Answers #4

1) Vince Wolek, Larry's brother, owned the B&W Trucking Co. and was able to pay for Larry's education.

2) Joe Riley

3) Pennsylvania

4) Nicholas Walker

  1. Roger Gordon killed him in self-defense.

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Quiz Answers #5

1) July 15, 1968

2) Gillian Spencer and Joanne Dorian played Victoria Lord.

3) Becky Lee Abbott

4) Blair needed the money to support her mother, Addie.

5) Renee had been a madam in Nevada.

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