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One Life to Live Rumors & Predictions

10/29/05 by Michelle

Jessica and Tess one in the same , but was caused the split. Jessica was molested as a child, but by who you say. It was Tommy one of her mothers personalities.

9/30/05 by Suzanne

Todd will be accused of Margaret's murder and be locked up.  Kevin and Kelly will work together to find the truth (to help Blair).  Spencer is the one who murdered Margaret.  Todd will have to save Dorian from Spencer. 

It's rumored that Cris will tell Evangeline that Carlo is really her father, turning her whole world upside down.

9/30/05 by Michelle

Adriana and Rex will become an item. Duke will be jealous, and he will use Ginger to try to make Adriana jealous, but it won't work. Antonio will find Jessica and she will tell him that she is pregnant. Antonio will promise to stay with her no matter who the father is.

8/29/05 by Michelle

When Evangeline finds out John's little secret, she will never look at him the same.  Oh, poor Jessica will be pregnant and she just may end up like her mother, twins with two different fathers.

8/18/05 by Michelle

John and Natalie will not get together.  Natalie will find out Cristian in still alive, and the feelings that she had for John will be gone.  Evangeline will even have a hard time forgiving him for keeping something so big from Natalie.

8/12/05 by Randee

This is from One Life To Live Scoops & Spoilers (they don't have a rumors section. Rumors are hidden in the article)

Rumor: Timothy D. Stickney (R.J.) demoted to recurring status?

8/12/05 by Randee

John will find Nat and they will hook up again and Vangie will be left out in though cold until Cris shows back up and then Nat is going to be torn between her husband and her lover and John will be the noble man that he is and let Nat go and go back to Vangie who will tell him where to stick it once and for all! We will see why John is the way
he is and begin to understand him even more. Margaret will have Todd's baby and then die during childbirth. Blair will not be able to accept this child because it is Margaret's and Todd will leave Blair once again. Jessica/Tess will finally have a battle of wills and
Tess will win out in the end and there will be no more Jessica because she was actually Tess's alter and her and Nash will live happily on the vineyard that they are planning to build together. Viki will learn about Tess and have another heart attack and will end up in a coma until Clint comes back to revive her. Kevin and Kelly will re-marry.

7-24-05 by Michelle

Rex and Adriana are going to get together. After John catches Hayes and his accomplice, he and Evangeline will get back together. Yes that's right he will tell her that he loves her. Jessica may miss a good thing because Antonio and Evangeline little sis will be hooking up.

7-24-05 by Randee

Rumors: About two weeks ago, Starr spoke of Travis and how he dumped her for another girl. Maybe this means Starr will fall in love with another boy, closer to home.

7-12-05 by Randee

These rumors were found at:

  • Paige and Spencer are Ginger's Parents
  • Nora will loose her eye sight again
  • Ginger is Margrets accomplice
  • Rex will find love again
  • Paige, Spencer and David's secret could undo them all
  • David has a Dark Side
  • Jessica's past is revealed

6-27-05 by Michelle

Predictions: Someone is helping Margaret. Oh, you know who it is, it's Ginger. John and Evangeline will get back together after he confesses his love for her after her near death experience.

Rumors: Jessica was molested as a child, and this caused her to create the split personality.

6-08-05 by Michelle

David and Spencer are brothers, and David has lied to Dorian about his family and where he is really from. Does David have money and just enjoyed the thrill of taking from others? Who is Paige really? I think she tied to the two of them in ways we can't even imagine. Evangeline and Spencer will become involved after her and John break up.

5-29-05 by Michelle

Todd will find out about Jessica D.I.D, and he will try to help her through her troubles. The end of Bo and Page is near, and it won't be because of Nora. Page has a secret and Dr. Spencer knows all about it. Page will go to extreme lengths to keep her secret a secret.

4-23-05 by Michelle

Natalie will start to fall for John's brother (Michael). Marcie will get jealous of the friendship that Natalie and Michael form.

4-16-05 by Suzanne

Ron, Marcie's brother, is the serial killer.  Natalie will get involved with him and John will have to save her.  Evangeline will dump John once and for all.  Bo will have to save Nora from Daniel's clutches after he finds out that Daniel is "Ted".  Rex will be too late to save Jen and he will join the police force.  Antonio and Evangeline will defend Daniel in court.  A new temporary DA will be brought in to prosecute him.  Antonio will work hard to get Tess out of trouble.  Viki will be the one to recognize the DID in Jessica/Tess.

4-16-05 by Michelle

Jen will be the next victim of these copy-cat killings  Daniel was already married before he married Nora.  What a bigamist he is!  Jessica will turn up pregnant.  Oh, I am sorry, I mean Tess.

3-28-05 by Michelle

The killing club has become a reality, but who’s behind these killings. It is no one but Marcie’s ex-Agent. He is trying to get her back. Rex will prove that Daniel was behind the killing of Paul, and he is framing Jen. Antonio will start to grow suspicious of Jessica.

3-10-05 by Michelle

-Michael and Marcie will get back together and find themselves in a world of trouble.
-Daniel killed Paul or did he?
-Daniel enlisted Paul's help to take Rex down because he was upset that Lindsay went to him when the two of them were suppose to be together.

3-9-05 By Suzanne

The new serial killer will kill off all of the unimportant people who were in the Love House, and perhaps some of the more important ones.  Paige will be a victim as well.  Daniel killed Paul.  Jessica's alter may be the killer, or she may just look like guilty.  The secret that Cristian asked John to keep will eat John up with guilt.  Evangeline will break up with John and make it her primary mission to make R.J.'s life miserable.  Natalie and John will be tempted to resume a romantic relationship but fight it with everything they have.  Antonio's new money will make him a player on the level of the Buchanans, which will change him profoundly.  It will come out that Jessica has an alter because MItch raped her back when he was holding her captive.  Viki will blame herself, of course, as will Antonio.

2-14-05 by Michelle

Who killed Paul? Riley and his father (Daniel) are looking more guilty by the minute. These notes keep finding Jessica. I am still convinced that Jessica is stalking herself, unless Tico is still alive, and we all know that is a far stretch.

2/2/05 by Michelle

Evangeline and John will soon be over because Natalie will decide she has unfinished business with John, and John will confused. Evangeline will let him clear his mind, but she won't be waiting for him. Evangeline will come between R.J. and Lindsay who is trying to figure out what is happening between the two of them. This could be rivalry between Lindsay and Evangeline.

1/20/05 by Michelle

Margaret realizes Blair has tricked her, and she will leave the hospital. Blair will follow her back to the cabin. Margaret will try to save Todd from the avalanche, but will only cause him more harm. Marcie and Michael will get back together. Antonio will conclude that Cristian cut the cable at the art gallery, and that he killed Tico. He will try to take the blame for Cristian. Evangeline and John will hit yet another brick wall in their relationship, but this time it may not be left standing.

1/5/05 by Michelle

There are cigarette butts and empty beer bottles found all over Llanfair. Who’s leaving them there? Jessica’s car is vandalized, but who did it? My prediction is that Jessica herself is doing all this things, but she doesn’t know it. The poor child is suffering from split personalities. I guess it is a genetic trait. Who is Cristian really? He seemed fine before he bumped his head on the trash can during the assassination attempt of Governor Brooks. I believe he was switched during his time in the hospital. This fake Cristian who seemed to have had plastic surgery killed Tico Santi, or is he really dead. Can it be that Kelly and Kevin will try to give love another try? It will not last long. Daniel and Nora are headed down the aisle. Daniel will not go through with it because he comes to the conclusion that Nora’s heart is still with Bo.

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