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One Life to Live Rumors & Predictions 2004 Archive

12/17/04 by Suzanne

I think Cristian is really Paul (with plastic surgery like Todd had).  Governor Brooks killed Tico, or that flunky guy that was helping Tico (Gerhardt?).  Kevin killed Paul.  Paige will leave the show.  Bo and Nora will end up together (duh!).  Daniel will go back to drinking.  Maybe Daniel killed Paul.  Antonio will get back on the force.

6/19/04 by Christa

I changed my mind about OLTL: I think that either Shannon or Adriana may end up with Duke Buchanan! I'm truly not sure how Blair will take the news about the baby switch and what part Todd played in it, but you know Todd, he can lie his way out of a paper bag! We'll just have to watch and see, I guess!!

6/17/04 by Christa

Here's what I predict for OLTL: River and Adriana will end up splitting up. He's going to be with Shannon and she's going to find love from Rex, until she realizes he's using her for $30 million reasons, and he's going to go to Statesville Prison for arson alongside Roxy, until Nigel bales them out. Jennifer and Riley will finally start a relationship together. Blair and Todd get married (yet again), but Kelly and Kevin try to ruin it first! Kelly realizes she's in love with Todd and Kevin with Blair (and he divorces Kelly after finding out about Ace's true parentage). Kevin sends Todd to jail, but Blair gets him out and Todd gets revenge on Kevin by telling him and Blair the truth about Ace. Todd will tell Blair why he covered up the truth, and she'll forgive him. Natalie finally dumps Paul and winds back in John's arms-this time for good. He's gonna tell her he's in love with her, but this will all come out AFTER the Santi storyline is over! Kelly gets put in jail with her brother for stealing the baby! David and Dorian finally get married! Vicki finds love with Daniel. Nora and Bo get back together. Nigel and Roxy get married. Renee takes Asa to the doctor and discovers he has Alzheimer's disease. Jessica and Antonio work through their problems and get married. (that may just be wishful thinking now that this Tico is going to fall for her and this Sonia has her sight on Antonio)

6/10/04 by Suzanne

Rex will fall for Adriana, amazing himself, but their age difference will create problems.  David will learn that Adriana is not really Dorian's daughter and feel betrayed.  Someone will be killed or injured in the fire Rex and Roxy have set.  Matthew will find another girl that he likes better than Starr.  Marcie quits school to be a full-time writer after a publisher expresses interest in her book.  Michael and Marcie get married, but have a hard time getting time together because of their busy schedules.  Kevin will stand by Kelly when he finds out what she did for him, but he will plot to bring down Todd.  Paul will save John's life, but Katherine will be killed by the Santis.  Kelly and David grow closer.  There will be a big adventure to find the Santi treasure, involving Paul, Natalie, Katherine, John, David, Dorian, Carlota, and others.  A man who looks just like Ben will come to town, causing Viki's heart to skip (but in a good way).  Rex and Adriana sleep together, causing River to turn to Shannon.  John and Natalie grow closer but find a new obstacle.  Jessica finds out about Antonio's stripping and does an expose for the banner about the club.  Margaret stalks Todd.

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