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One Life to Live Rumors & Predictions 2003 Archive

10/30 by Viki

This is from one of the boards that I go to. The poster that posted it is one of the more reliable ones. He's not always 100% right, but he's usually pretty close. These are for the first 2004 sweeps...the poster called it a 'sweep-o-rama' because it involves all the shows, and looks like it starts out on OLTL. Oh, and he got Adam's wife's name wrong...her name was Althea...Skye is Antoinette.

There?s going to be a big charity show at the gallery and it will set the stage for shocking twists and turns for each show individually. Stuart Chandler's artwork is featured in Lindsay Rappaport's gallery along with several of Cristian and Elizabeth Webber's pieces. During the "big show" Tracy Quartermaine will arrive (for what reason I do not know) and will immediately be recognized by Stuart and John McBain. Stuart will recall meeting Tracy many years ago when he walked in on an argument Tracy was having with Antoinette Chandler. You got it, folks, Skye's paternity is coming front and center once again. This shocking recollection of Stuart's will send Skye and Rae straight to the Chandler mansion for a confrontation with Adam. Skye will end up going through Antoinette's personal effects where she will find stunning revelations about the Chandler, Quartermaine and the Alcazar families.

JR, of course, is still pissed at Daddy and doing everything he can to exact his revenge for the entire harm Adam has done. JR gets himself mixed up in some shady dealings along the way and is shot. Don't worry, he lives, but we'll see a take off on "Who shot J.R.?"

McBain will recognize Tracy from a situation that occurred in Atlantic City involving the mob. This will set the stage for a crazy turn of events in Port Charles that will suck in Mac, Georgie, Dillon, Tracy, Lorenzo, Lorenzo's father and a whole host of other characters.

As Cristian's widow, Natalie will be at the gallery. She will sense that McBain is in danger and get involved in trying to help him bring down Walker Lawrence's remaining organization once and for all. Natalie's on a mission and won't quit. Along the way Nattie falls in love with McBain which will open up another can of worms.

In the meantime, rumor has it that Marcie's dad is finally coming to town and will end up being attracted to Dorian. How will Dorian fight her attraction for a blue-collar kind of guy? Will Dorian be attracted to Marcie's brother as well? Will Marcie approve of her dad flirting with Dorian? Dorian is also torn because she always wants what she perceives that Viki has (i.e. Harrison) but her lust for Mr. Walsh may prove to be too strong to overcome.

Kelly will start turning to the bottle and possibly pills when she realizes that a baby isn't enough to keep her crumbling marriage together. This will lead to a pivotal car accident that will be an embarrassment to the Lt. Governor. Kelly will become a "political liability" and while Kevin tries to act supportive in public so as not to tarnish his image. Behind the scenes he is just as dead inside as his wife. Look for Rex to be an integral "connection" for Kelly while Kevin seeks comfort in Blair's bed.

Look for Lindsay and David to do some crazy things in the next few months. Think of them as Scarecrow & Mrs. King meets Wally and Felicia from AW. Jess will find a new man in her life after a traumatic breakup with Antonio. Of course we all know that Tonio ends up with Evangeline, much to Carlotta and RJ's chagrin. It looks like the Vegas and Gannons will be phased out in favor of the Cramer, Lord/Burke, Colson and Walsh families. (Walsh, Wolek, what's the difference?)

9/23 by Niki

R.J. will do his best to get Jamie, but Carlotta will end up with her. The people that threw Marcie in the dumpster realize what they did and will try to apologize to her, but it's too late. Gabrielle has a total breakdown. Marcie will keep Al's memory alive. Antonio will be released from jai,l but he will still be a suspect. It is revealed that Keri was trying to do something else to make it look like Antonio beat her up again, and then she accidentally fell. Kelly has an affair with David. Blair will accept Walker's marriage proposal and will wonder why Starr wants her with him so bad.

9/15 by Niki

Everyone will keep asking questions about Walker. Flynn will try to hurt Blair, but Walker will stop him, which results in everyone finding out that he is really Todd. Blair will be mad and not forgive him for deceiving her, but she will also be glad he is not dead. Antonio looks guilty after Keri's death and with him acting the way he is, his own brother will wonder if he did it. Antonio will be cleared and he will get custody of Jaime. R.J. will try to stop that and do something to Antonio because he will be convinced that Antonio killed Keri.

8/13 by Suzanne

Rumors heard today: Brian Frons is fired (probably not true, unfortunately). Bo and Nora will be getting back together.  Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle) has been fired.  Hilary B. Smith (Nora) may not renew her contract.  Several more cast members will be fired. Gina Tognoni (ex-Kelly) may return as Kelly.  Ben will die.

7/24 by Niki

Jessica takes the fall for Mitch's murder but doesn't implicate Walker, then Antonio will try to take the fall for it to save Jessica. Troy will get locked up in a mental hospital. Blair will be torn between Walker and Kevin. Starr will find out what Walker is really up to.

7/16 by Bella

Rumors. Please note that these rumors may NOT be true!

*Troy is Colin.

*Adrianna and River are soon going to be Llanview's hottest couple. On their first date, they find a body on the docks.

*Walker is really Todd; he had plastic surgery.

*Troy will murder someone.


I think that Troy will start to become more Colin like, I'm not sure if he *is* Colin, but he sure does act like it. I also think that he will be killed by Lindsay. He will try to kill her but she kills him out of self-defense.

I do think that Walker is Todd, the way he acts is SO Todd-like!!!

7/12 by Niki

Natalie and Christian will get married and he will go to art school. Antonio goes back to Keri because of the baby and he will secretly see Jessica. Nora and Bo will get back together. Flash will start going out with Riley. Rex will get all of Jen's money so she can get a divorce and her and Joey will live happily ever after. The police will find out that Antonio killed Mitch and he will lose his badge.

2/7 by Glynis

Nora’s boyfriend has been found out!

He has no where to hide now that the has been caught in bed with Lindsay. Nora will undoubtedly want to have nothing to do with him now.

The man is going to get dirty now and because Nora wants to leave him, he will try to kill her. He already seems to be responsible for the murder of his first wife as she wanted to leave him too.

This character is going to be acting more and more like his dead twin brother Colin. Watch and see.

1/24 by blackness482

The rumor floating around is that Suzanne isn't dead. It was all part of a plan by Todd to bring him and Blair closer and once Blair finds out, she leaves Todd again. Other murmurs are that Todd and Blair won't actually get back together for real until October.

1/20 by Suzanne

*It's rumored that Barbara Niven (Liz) and Laurence Lau (Sam) are being written out.  Also don't believe rumors that Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) is leaving.

*Clint Richie (Clint) is returning for a brief stint and Jessica will now be played by actress Bree Williamson.  Joey is going to be recast with Bruce Michael Hall (ex-Reese, Passions)

1/19 by Suzanne

*Liz will leave town in shame after Keri finds out about the one night stand and loses the baby.

*Lindsay and Jen will also leave.  Lindsay will not end up with Troy.

1/14 by Suzanne

*Nora will dump Troy for lying to her and sleeping with Lindsay.  Gabi's jealousy will destroy her relationship with Bo.  Nora and Bo will work closely together on the Mitch case and eventually be reunited.

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