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One Life to Live Rumors & Predictions 2002 Archive

8/24 by Nick

*Luna will return as her twin.

*Roxy and Max will really fall in love.

*Todd, Tea, and Ross will finally get off the Island.

*Ben will go too rehab and Vicki will go with him for a while; then they'll return.

*Old fan favorites will return like Tina, Will and Melanie.

*Natalie and Jessica will turn out to be actual sisters.

By Suzanne

Ben will have to go away for a long while to recuperate from his fall, leaving Niki to continue her misdeeds (and leaving the actor free to do his new primetime show).

Someone else will figure out who Niki is, probably Natalie or Bo.

Max will eventually fall for Delia, I mean Roxy, and she will continue her self-improvement kick.  Eventually she will become more human and honestly try to build relationships with her children (not for a long while, though).  In other words, Max's love will redeem her.  All she was really missing was love (awwwww....).

Lindsay will get out of jail with Alison and then end up saving someone's life (just like Todd did), so she will get paroled.  Alison will die or go back to jail.

Hank will fall for Rae just like Bo is falling for Gabrielle.  They both want to reform the "bad girls".  Rae will get revenge on Asa (perhaps by telling the cops about all his crimes that he spilled in therapy, since the doctor-patient confidentiality rule will no longer apply?).

Troy's big secret is that he either had a big fight with his ex-girlfriend out of jealousy, or he cheated on her, and then she was killed in some tragic jungle accident, leaving him to feel really guilty.

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