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One Life to Live Cast List

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Character Actor
Kimberly Andrews, nee Aubrey Wentworth Amanda Setton*
Gigi Morasco Balsom Farah Fath
Rex Balsom John-Paul Lavoisier
Roxanne "Roxy" Louise Balsom Ilene Kristen*
Victoria "Viki" Lord Banks Erika Slezak
Bree Brennan Stephanie Schmal*
Jessica Buchanan Brennan / Tess / Wes Bree Williamson
Aubrey Wentworth Buchanan Terri Conn
Bo Buchanan Robert S. Woods
Clint Buchanan Jerry verDorn
Kevin Buchanan Dan Gauthier
Matthew Buchanan Eddie Alderson 
Natalie Buchanan Melissa Archer
Nora Hanen Buchanan Hillary B. Smith
Renée Divine Buchanan Patricia Elliott*
Dr. Campbell Andre` Blake*
Elijah Clarke Matthew Walton*
Rufus Collins Jules*
Addie Cramer Pamela Payton-Wright*
Blair Cramer Kassie DePaiva
Tomás Delgado Ted King
Madame Delphina Lea DeLaria*
Echo DiSavoy Kim Zimmer*
Destiny Loretta Evans Shenell Edmonds
Shaun Evans Sean Ringgold
Mayor Kathleen Finn Wendy Moniz*
Robert Ford David A. Gregory
Ryder Ford Matthew and Nicholas Urbanowicz*
Dr. Jay Gangemi Paul Rolfes*
Brad Konzinski Frank Dolce*
Mr. Konzinski David Aaron Baker*
Dr. Edward Levin Sean J. Cullen*
Brody Lovett Mark Lawson
Danielle Manning Kelley Missal*
Irene Manning Barbara Rhodes*
Jack Cramer Manning Andrew Trischitta
Sam Manning Patrick Gibbons, Jr.*
Starr Manning Kristen Alderson
Téa Delgado Manning Florencia Lozano
Todd Manning Roger Howarth
John McBain Michael Easton
Blanca Morales Carolina Bermudez*
Shane Morasco Austin Williams*
Rama Varahabhotla Patel Shenaz Treasury
Neela Patel Teresa Patel
Vimal Patel Nick Choksi*
Rick Powers Austin Peck*
Darren Price J. J. Singleton*
Theo Price Maximillian Tapper*
Inez Salinger Jessica Leccia*
Nate Salinger Lenny Platt
Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe Peter Bartlett*
Hope Manning-Thornhart Madeline, Molly, and Tess Sullivan*
Carlotta Vega Saundra Santiago*
Cristian Vega David Fumero
Cutter Wentworth Josh Kelly
Dr. Vivian Wright Kearran Giovanni*

*recurring  **guest star

Writer Ron Carlivati and Producer Frank Valentini will make surprise appearances during Roxy’s last attempt to save "Fraternity Row."

Roscoe Born (Mitch Laurence), Barbara Garrick (Allison Perkins), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport), Van Hughes (Cole Thornhart) and Ty Treadway (Troy MacIver) return this week!

Lea DeLaria appears as Delbert Fina, Jr., the son of the famous time travel researcher who helped Rex and Gigi reunite in 1968.

Carolina Bermudez appears as Bianca Morales, the host of "Access Llanview."

Patricia Elliott will be returning as Renee Buchanan before the show’s network finale on January 13.

John Wesley Shipp is set to return as the late Eddie Ford before the show’s network finale.

Jason Tam returned for one last day of work as Markko on the show's last day of taping for ABC on Friday, November 17. Appearing with him is Brittany Underwood as Langston.

Ty Treadway (ex-Colin/Troy) and Meghann Fahy who played Hannah, the crazy teenager who forced Starr to bury James alive have taped scenes, will appear. Both Troy and Hannah are locked up behind bars... as are Catherine Hickland's Lindsay and Van Hughes' Cole.

OLTL's creator Agnes Nixon will guest as Agnes Dixon, creator of Llanview's own soap "Fraternity Row." She taped her episode on November 17 to air the week of January 9, in which she's interviewed by Blanca Morales on "Access Llanview."Van Hughes

According to Daytime Confidential, Brandon Buddy will not return to the role of Cole Thornhart. Though he shot a day's worth of scenes, they will not appear on-screen, since he was not able to continue in the role. Instead, Broadway star Van Hughes (pictured on right), who has appeared previously in bit parts on OLTL (as Ulrich Simon last September) and ATWT, will air as Starr's ex.

Roscoe Born (Mitch), Susan Batten (ex-Luna), and Jessica Tuck (ex-Megan) have taped scenes which are set to air before the show's network finale in January.

Fiona Hutchison will return as Gabrielle. She plays an angel, since Gabrielle was murdered by Dr. Stephen Haver (played by Matthew Ashford) in January 2004.

If you know of any present cast members who are not here, please let us know!

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