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One Life to Live Articles

Sarah´s Opinions
(I have many)
June 10, 2007

Comings, goings, gassing and exploding that would have been Llanview in the last month.

I had a major disappointment a very happy surprise and a few confused moments in the last month that I feel the need to share.

When she is with Todd she makes you laugh, when in a courtroom she commands respect, as a sister she can be overbearing, as a singer she leaves you amazed, as a lover she throws sparks; Evangeline Williamson was all the above and more. My biggest disappointment has been the loss of Evangeline; I pray that she and the woman who portrays her (Renee Goldsberry) will return. I was disappointed that she and Todd were not able to show some chemistry before her departure, but I enjoyed the fact that her and Cristian touched base again before the coma.

With the coma and Evangeline in mind, it is hard not to jump to Cristian and the emotional rollercoaster he must be on. If I were Cristian, I think I would be pretty close to a hysterical mess. Evangeline, his ex whom he still loves is in a coma for which he blames himself, his ex Jessica whom happens to be his soon to be ex sister-in-law was close to death only to be saved by his brother who now loathes the sight of him and is at this moment is quite close to deaths door. I have found that Cristian has done a wonderful job of portraying his feelings in spurts, but on a whole while watching him; it is hard to tell the hell he must be going through. Could Cristian's hell be any worse than Antonio’s?

I have to admit I was quite relieved when Jessica finally told Antonio of her love for Nash; it had become very boring for me to watch. Honestly, the whole threesome has caused me to want to hit fast forward recently. The explosion had finally added a little something that made it less boring, but a little irritating. Can someone please explain why Antonio was still open on the operating table while Jessica who had the transplant was finished?  I understand why they needed Antonio to be the one in the explosion, but felt there should have been an explanation for the prolonging of his surgery.  Even though I was irritated I did find Nash amusing while he was doing what was needed for Antonio.

My happy surprise, David is back! David just tickles me to death, no matter the story he can bring me such amusement.

My confusion comes in while watching a very intelligent Marty act like the village idiot. Marty, knows that evidence obtained illegally cannot be admissible in court, but she cows to Miles anyway.  I believe this story line is going to be used to bring John and Marty closer eventually, but the absurdity of the situation is nauseating and I find myself pushing fast forward.

Llanview has experience quite a bit of upheaval with the White Supremacist group, Todd missing, and the Hep C, but instead of being entertained, I found myself irritated more than usual.

Cole and Starr should be together! Where is the Starr who used to blackmail to get what she wanted? I love the mature Starr, but come on she is still a Manning/Cramer.

Please let Rex find a girl worthy of him! 

If Tate is the fire starter-attempted murderer, why is he going after Adrianna? If it is his dad, why isn’t he acting differently concerning Adrianna?

Miles turned out to be a true Laurence.

Anyway, no matter my irritation I will never stray from the families in Llanview who have blessed me with their chaos for years. Oh, yes and let us not forget Todd has risen from the not so dead yet again and will be blessing us with his ability to keep me glued to my seat yet again.

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