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One Life to Live Articles

Sarahís Opinions 4/08/07

Hallelujah, itís happened at last John and Natalie has gone their separate ways. We all know I love John and Natalie irritates me less when she is away from John, so I am looking forward to some scenes that I do not feel the need to fast forward or fall asleep in. I have been hoping for a Vince and Natalie union for awhile and I hope the writers can let them live up to their potential, I have to say I enjoyed it when Nat stood up to Talia on Vince's behalf. I believe I like this hate crime story, I think if done right we will continue to see more aspects of Vince and Shawn. I was quite impressed with the Shawn, Nash, and Vincent steam room scene, they were funny. 

When it comes to Johnís love life I see him gravitating toward Marty and honestly I could go with that their scenes do not cause me to have the fast forward reflex, but I do not know where Marty and Miles are going, if anywhere. They have not come out and given us anything romantic with John and Marty, but the impressive move toward helping Cole helps us to envision it.

Ok, Cole and Starr; I still relish watching them together and was impressed with their decision to wait, the way Cole made Starr know that waiting was ok was perfect. Of course kids being kids they changed their minds and I was relieved when the interruption caused them to stop. I believe this is one of my favorite teen romances in a long time and I hope itís not screwed up, by premature sex. Starr is amazing, while she was growing up she was a selfish, blackmailing, terror and she has turned into a beautiful, intelligent, caring young lady with the strength seen in few, when she broke up with Cole to save him she proved herself yet again.  

David, I spoke of him last time, because I was so excited about his return, but I see his return for now was short lived, oh did I enjoy his scenes while he was here though. Speaking of David brings me to Dorian, in a nutshell here it is; I enjoy Clint and Dorian, but David and Dorian they are not.

I was quite surprised with Clintís choice of Dorian over Vicki, but in soaps itís nice when they can still surprise me every once in awhile.

Rex, Tate, Adrianna, they bored me as two and nauseate me as three.

I was excited to see the actor whom portrays Tate on One Life, but he is an egotistical ass. Rex and Adrianna bore me and adding Tate to the mix just makes me want to hit fast forward as quickly as possible.

I am happy to see the scenes with Bo and Rex continue they are still some of my favorite.

Nash, Jess, Antonio, get it over with already I am ready to fall asleep.

Jessica needs to finally do what sheís going to do down the road and that is dumping Antonio for Nash. I guess it could be done a different way Antonio gets tired of second guessing Jessica and finally dumps her, then finds his way toward the waiting Talia.

Cristian, Blair, Evangeline, Todd, we all know my thoughts on this Evangeline and Todd should be together.

Todd has been absolutely wonderful; there has been more humor and smiles from him than at any time in the history of Todd. Did anybody love the scene where he runs in demanding Viki help him with the dinner he needs to make for Vange as much as I did? Evangeline and Todd make me smile, laugh and wish for dreams to come true, it has been so long since a couple or non couple has done that for me. Evangelineís fear and misunderstanding of her feelings have been so dead on, but that hasnít kept her from enjoying Todd. I believe that Blair finally realized Evangeline and Todd are something special; it was obvious in their interaction after he gave the news of his son.

Blair has continued to be Blair, and even though Iíve enjoyed the friendship her and Cristian share, I see a pairing between the two unrealistic.

Has anybody else noticed that almost every time Todd talks to Evangeline up close he touches her hair or arm as if just to prove sheís real?

I do not really have any favorite scenes, but I will say that every scene between Evangeline and Todd has been nothing short of magical.

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Updated 4/9/07



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