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One Life to Live Articles

By Jysika
Week ending 4/6/07

Love was in the air in Llanview this week as Starr and Cole want to run away to be together. I havenít seen two more star crossed lovers since Romeo and Juliet. Of course I donít have to tell you that ended badly. I felt so sorry for Starr and Cole when Starr had to do the right thing and swear to never speak or see Cole again just so that everyone else will be happy and safe. Personally I think that stinks because I think that Starr and Cole were so cute together. I think that Marty and Todd both need to grow up and realize that their children are not ďmini-meísĒ and let them live their own lives.

Speaking of Todd, his relationship with Evangeline definitely seems to be growing, and I couldnít be happier. Personally I think that Todd and Evangeline balance each other out. Without Todd, Evangeline is much too boring and goody two shoes to be of any interest to me. Todd is a man of action, and being the man of action that he is, he really doesnít think about what the outcome of his actions will be, Evangeline helps him think things through. Evangeline brings a softer side to Todd that I love and adore, and Todd brings a little bit of adventure to Evangeline's life that I also love.

As much as I love the relationship of Todd and Evangeline, I hated the relationship between Natalie and John. These two use to have the kind of fire that would keep me glued to my seat while they were on. Now, they only make me want to change the channel. Needless to say that Iím glad that couple is finished. These two were in too much of a rut for me to enjoy them. Natalie was always having to jump through hoops and try her best to please a man who wasnít happy no matter what she did. John seems to be the type of guy who is always looking for bigger and better things, and already he has set his sights on Marty. Thatís okay though, I donít expect Natalie to be mourning her dead relationship for long, in fact, I see Vincent rushing to comfort her in her time of need. How do I feel about that coupling? Well its just what Natalie needs to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. As far as John and perhaps his future relationship with Marty goes, sheís exactly what he needs too, perhaps while they are dating she can be his shrink for free.

Of course we canít forget about Jessica and her current love triangle. This lady is trapped between the father of her daughter and her husband, now thatís a tough spot if Iíve ever seen one. But really I hate this triangle because it makes me feel sorry for a character that I donít even like. What character you may ask? Antonio of course. Because really, heís the victim in this whole storyline. His wife who he loves very much and a guy who he welcomed into his family and made his friend are going behind his back and declaring their love for each other. No one deserves friends and loved ones like that, not even Mr. Macho himself.

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Updated 4/7/07



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