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 Sarahís Opinion

I cannot believe I forgot to mention the other person that I have enjoyed seeing on the screen again these last weeks: Lindsay Rappaport.  I am not happy that they split her and R.J. up (heís another one Iíd like to see more), but if they had to break up for her to get more air time so be it.

Lindsay was always a character you loved to hate and couldnít help but to enjoy watching.  I believe they did us all an injustice by cutting her air time after Jen died.  That was the time that the actress who portrays her (Catherine Hickland) really showed us what she was made of.  I have enjoyed almost every scene she has been in since she has been given more air time. You could really tell her heartbreak when she had to tell Cristian that his painting just wasnít what it used to be  The ones with Dorian are always a kick, and I am enjoying her slow progress toward Bo yet again.  Maybe they can have a real relationship now, at least one lacking lies and betrayal. 

I have two scenes that really stood out for me though.  Her absolute horror when realization hit that she inadvertently made up the disease that killed Vikiís daughter Megan was very well done, and when she gave Mathew and Nora the pictures my heart almost broke.  We have always been able to enjoy the constant fighting between Lindsay and Nora, but I felt the way they both pulled off that scene topped them all.

Well, I am sure I could find plenty more to say about the complex character of Lindsay Rappaport, but since this only pertains to the last weeks instead of all the years weíve enjoyed her I will stop now. 

I will see you in Llanview.

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