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One Life to Live Article

Sarahīs Opinions
(I have many)
January 3, 2007

Happy New Year, everybody! I think we definitely need to wish Llanview a Happy New Year (also, they need one). If you look at the time I am writing this, youíll see I havenít a life. I figured since we are going to ring in the New Year in 34 minutes, Iíd do a whole review of the year as I remember it. I am sure much will be forgotten, but I promise the highlights will be here.

Jess, Tess, Antonio, Nash- We found out that Jess has another personality, pretty much like her mother. This split was brought on by the molestation and video-taping of Jessica when she was a very small girl.

Viki brought Niki out to find out what happened... it seems that Niki would take Jess to the bar with her, and letís say, the rest is history.  So here is Tess, the cynical, pessimistic party girl. I have to say I was bored with Jessica until Tess came along; she just had more everything, including sadness. Tess the party girl found a wonderful guy, fell in love, and got pregnant. Of course they had the whole "whose baby is it" thing. Tess and Jess integrated, the baby (Brennan) is Nash's, and Jess married Antonio. As of right now, Tess shines through Jess, and in my opinion, adds something special to her.   She loves Antonio, but it is very clear she has strong feelings for Nash.

Blair, Spencer, Todd, Cristian, Evangeline- Todd gets accused and convicted of the murder of Margaret and his unborn baby. Spencer fell in love with Blair, so he found a perfect opportunity to frame Todd and get him out of the way. Blair believed Todd until she couldnít anymore, then she turned to Spencer. Todd was executed, only to be brought back by Spencer because proof was found at the last minute of his innocence. Todd couldnít forgive Blair. Blair found out the truth and helped to get evidence against Spencer so heíd be sent to jail. Todd turned to Evangeline as she turned to Cristian.  It could have been a great triangle, but they didnít take it that far. Anyway, at this moment, Evangeline and Cristian are happy.  On the way to Blair and Toddís happiness, Spencer and the accidental death of Todd and Blairís unborn child got in the way. Oh yes, let me add this to this section- Starr has fallen for Marty Saybrookeís son, Cole. He got hooked on steroids and almost hurt Starr, so of course Todd hates him, and Starr has forgiven him.

John, David, Spencer, Page, Hugh Ė David finds out after all these years that he had not killed Detective McBain, his brother Spencer had. David left town after testifying against his brother.
Spencer finds out he has a child Paige never told him about. Paige had just recently found out it was Hugh. It wasnít a happy-ever-after, since Hugh died in a very serious accident -- the same one John had gotten severely burned in.

Spencer, David, Kelly, Duke, Asa, Kevin- Ok, Spencer came to town originally to avenge his mother. She made him believe he was Asaís child and that Asa abandoned him, which apparently is not true ( it seems that David might be Asaís son). Spencer made Asa sick, and he spent forever in the hospital. Spencer operated on Kelly, so she could carry a baby to term, then shot up Kevin with a virus so that he couldnít get Kelly pregnant. Spencer pushed Kelly toward Duke, which wasnít too hard because Kevinís anger over being sterile was pretty bad. Kevin treated Kelly terribly in the middle of a storm, then lovestruck Duke came upon her, and one thing led to another. Of course,  before they could dress, the hurricane hit, and Kevin later found them naked under the debris. Duke died of his injuries, and Kelly later found out she was carrying his child. A lot of junk happened, then Kevin and she bonded over baby Zane, so now the three of them live in London.

Adriana, Rex, Dorian- Dorian hired someone to stalk Adriana, then try to make it look as if it were Rex. Anyway, the stalker went wacko, so Rex and Adriana went through hell. Adriana is finally trying to forgive Dorian after months of payback.

Clint and Dorian- Yes, thatís right-- Clint and Dorian!  They last about a minute-- ok, minute and a half-- and they did sleep together.

John and Natalie- YAWN, sorry, yeah, they are together.

Vincent- He is a new guy that came on the scene, and of course with him came trouble. Do not get me wrong, I love John, but not him and Nat together, so what I am saying is I would love to see Vincent with Natalie.

Well, it is officially 2007, and I am off to bed... oh yes, letís not forget, unbeknownst to anybody but Rex and Adrianna, Marcy and Michael have adopted Toddís son.

The views expressed here are solely that of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of The TV MegaSite or any of the other volunteers.

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