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Daytime Other Links Page

Other Daytime Links


Add Your Other Soap Link!                                     Links checked and added 3/26/12

British and other non-U.S. Soap Sites


North Carolina Eastenders Fan Club

Walford Web

Coronation Street:

Coronation Street

The #coro_street Homepage 


Official Site

Hollyoaks World


Home and Away:

Official Site


Channel 5


Official Site


Neighbours Worldwide Fanpages

The Perfect Blend

The Bill:

ITV Official Site
Police soap opera site

Great message board that covers all U.S. and UK soaps!

Web Series

Adirondack Affair


The Bay

Brooklyn Is In Love

The Cavanaughs

Dating Grace


Diary of a Single Mom

The Division

Drama Queenz


For Now and Forever

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros

Gotham The Series


In Between Men

Miss Behave


Old Dogs & New Tricks

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden

Our World

Out With Dad

The Passionate and The Privileged


The RAs

Ragged Isle

River Ridge

Seeking Simone


Throwing Stones

Trailer Made

The Variants

Venice: The Series

Venus Spa

Other Canceled U.S. soaps

Beverly Hills 90210

Small Fan Page

Beverly Hills 90210 Directory

Beverly Hills 90210 Heaven



The Capitol Megasite

Capitol: The Series


Ultimate Dallas Site (official)

Dallas Fans Forever


Minal's Dynasty

Ultimate Dynasty

Dynasty Fans Forever

Dynasty Fan Network

Edge of Night

The Edge of Night Homepage

Facebook Group



SoapWorld Classic Soaps



Yahoo Group


Generations at Wikipedia

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Generations

Melrose Place

Melrose Place TV

CBS - Watch episodes online

Josie Bissett Star of "Melrose Place" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".


Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope Forum
Really great RH forum for fans! Listing
Great site for cast info

Memory Book
A fanpage dedicated to Ryan's Hope. News, Updates and more. Not updated often, but is a great site!

Nostalgia Central
Small page with some info

Ryan's Hope--The Beginning
A look at RH during Kate Mulgrew's first run on the show as Mary Ryan Fenelli

Ryan's Hope Club
A Yahoo! club about the show

Ryan's Hope
This site gives in-depth analysis of the show's evolution that only a true fan can provide.

Ryan's Hope Index Page
Many articles and photos

Ryan's Hope Mailing List
Yahoo group/list

Ryan's Bar Online
Hundreds of pictures, scene transcripts, articles, interviews, and more about the multiple Emmy award-winning daytime drama, Ryan's Hope.

Shrine to the Soap Hunks of Ryan's Hope
Lots of great photos.

Soap Central Boards

Their page for RH.

The online encyclopedia's page for RH.


The Roscoe Born Homepage
About the second actor who played Joe Novak

Michael Corbett's Official Website
About the actor who played Michael Pavel

John Gabriel - Hollywood to Broadway...and Back
Official site for the actor who played Seneca and his one-man show.

Catherine Hicks
Official site for the actress who played Faith.

Scott Holmes Discussion Group
A place to discuss Scott Holmes, who played Dave Greenburg (and now plays Tom on ATWT).  For more Scott Holmes links, check out our ATWT Links Page.

Memory Alpha
Small page about Daniel Hugh Kelly (Frank).

The Official Ilene Kristen Website
About the original actress who played Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge.
Follow her on Twitter!

The Official Kelli Maroney Fan Club
For the actress who played Kimberley.

Malachy's Website
Official site for the actor who played bartender Kevin--interesting life he's had!

Totally Kate
Official Page for Kate Mulgrew

The Perlman Pages
Fan page for the actor who played Bernie.

The Official Louise Shaffer Website
Mostly about her books

Danny Tamberelli Groups on Yahoo
List of groups for the actor who played Sean.

Gordon Thomson Fan Page
For the actor who played Aristotle

Nanavision:  The Official Website for Nana Visitor
Site from the actor who played Nancy Feldman.

Stacey's Walt Willey Fan Page
About Walt Willey (Joe)


The Claire Choice
A petition to reinstate Ryan's Hope co-creator Claire Labine as head writer of General Hopsital

Daytime Soap Opera Theme Songs and Main Titles Page
Information on soap opera openings and theme songs, including Ryan's Hope's

The Incarnation Children's Center
A New York City residence for children with HIV/AIDS, at which the late Nancy Addison Altman (Jill) did a lot of volunteer work

Labine Appreciation Club
A Yahoo! club about Ryan's Hope co-creator Claire Labine and her children, Matt and Eleanor Labine, also soap writers

Paley Center For Media
Article about Claire Labine

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Blog
Great interviews, videos, commentary and more (in English and Italian)



Santa Barbara HomePage

Yahoo group about Santa Barbara

Rina's Santa Barbara soap homepage

The Santa Barbara Tribute Page

Carrington Garland & Christina Brascia

Santa Barbara Videos

Santa Barbara (Russia)


CaliforniaClan (German)

Cultsoaps Santa Barbara Page

The Site of Mason and Mary

SantaBarbara e-mail discussion list

Get_SB_on_TV e-mail discussion list

Laken's Santa Barbara Discussion Page

Marcy and A Admiration Society


Santa Barbara Videos
Watch Santa Barbara video clips online!

Search For Tomorrow

Search For Tomorrow Fans Online

SoapWorld Classic Soaps

MTV's Spyder Games

Spyder Games banner

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Page updated 8/7/12

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