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Guiding Light Top Ten List

Top 10 Couples I'd like to see on Guiding Light By Elizabeth
(of those currently on the show)

  1. Josh & Cassie
    Iíve thought this pairing would be a good one for a while now. They usually side with one another when arguing with Reva, and heís one of the few men in town that might be able to have a somewhat normal relationship with her.
  2. Alan & Olivia
    Alan needs a woman who challenges him and Olivia was the first one to do that since Annie. Personally, Iíd like to see Annie come back and fall into Alanís arms, but I just donít think thatís going to happen. Maybe this time, Olivia and Alan would work out. Letís face it two of their biggest marital problems, Phillip and her not wanting to be a mother are already taken care of. This definitely has some long term potential, and who knows maybe she can eventually leave him for his other son in the future, Gus.
  3. Frank & Beth
    If theyíre going to continue to use the ĎSpaulding/Cooper our families hate each other, but weíre in loveí story line I think this couple has real potential. Sure, Beth isnít a TRUE Spaulding, but thatís what will make it great. Weíve heard time and time again from Alan that sheís like a daughter to him, this would truly test him and his words. It might also be interesting to see Marin & Lizzie have to pretend to get along with one another for the sake of their parents. Marina has always wanted her father to be happy. And regardless of anyone else in their lives or on the show, Frank and Beth both desperately need storylines.
  4. Marina & Sandy
    I honestly thought they were going to get together while Shayne was in town and was surprised when that didnít happen. I think that these two have chemistry with one another, or at least they used to.
  5. Dinah & Edmund
    These two could have an explosive relationship with one another. Iím anxious to see what the writers do with this pairing.
  6. Bill & Harley
    We can already see this one coming and I like it. If they put and end to Bill & Olivia it will most likely be because of a decision she has made for Spaulding Enterprises. It took him a long time to trust a woman after Eden left & lied to him and the same goes for Harley. Neither really trusts the opposite sex and both have been burned. Theyíre friends and this could potentially turn into something more that could be great. Iíve always liked Harley when sheís been with Lewis men.
  7. Jeffery & Reva
    Sparks flew when he first arrived in town and unknowingly hit on her and I longed to see them with one another. I think he respects her as she does him and they both know how to have some fun. A great romantic recipe for the soaps, if you ask me.
  8. Tammy & Coop
    These two could be super sweet with one another, almost too sweet. Itíd be a relationship that both families would approve of and I think would give us a chance to see Tammy & Coop grow into their own characters.
  9. Michelle & Jonathan
    No one understands her. No one understands him. Maybe they should be misunderstood together. Seriously, she obviously attracted to bad boys and heís definitely got that role taken care of. Can you imagine what Rick would be saying when his little sister comes home with Jonathan?
  10. Hawk & Lillian
    This is another character that needs to be given a storyline as soon as possible. The only time we see Lillian is when she treats Buzz at Cedars. When Hawk returned late last year, he was a welcome & refreshing treat. Having him come back to town, if only for a short time would be great. Pair him up with Lillian and it might help breathe some air into her character & life.

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