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Guiding Light Top Ten List

Top 10 Characters That Should Return to Springfield By Elizabeth

1. Lucy Cooper Spaulding. She could come back as Coop did, to show support for her father or her half-sister, Harley during the murder trial. Plus, if she came back Alan Michael might as well.

2. Marah and Shayne Lewis. They could either side with their mother about their brother, Jonathan or try and convince her he's a whack job like the rest of the family is trying to do.

3. Lillian Raines. Now, I know she's still technically on the show, but please, give the woman a storyline. Perhaps she could find a love interest in Ross (she always like married men) or Buzz. They could even go for the 'real life' aspect of a recurrence of breast cancer. It would also help add a dynamic to her relationship with her daughter that has been severely missing.

4. Fletcher Reade. Perhaps he can come to town and shake some sense into Holly. He could bring Meg with him and maybe Holly would get the chance to be the mother she's dreamt about.

5. Pilar Santos. Let's bring back Pilar as she reminded me of Carmen the most. She could help her cousin, Tony with the family business and perhaps give Olivia a run for her money when it comes to Bill.

6. Darci Matthews. She made Frank Cooper shine and gave us a reason to like him again. We need her to return, if only for the sake of seeing Frank as more than the hard nosed cop who arrests his sister.

7. Annie Dutton. Always one of my favorite characters, you loved to hate this woman. She was so wonderfully evil and I long for her to return.

8. Susan Lemay. At 13, Susan had already proved to being a manipulative little brat. I wonder what time has done for her. They could match her up with Jonathan and watch the sparks fly!

9. A.C. Mallet. Maybe he could solve Phillip's murder and in the process help free his ex-wife. It might also add another dynamic to the Gus/Harley relationship.

10. Samantha Marler. Phillip's sister coming to town could help add to the tension already in the air. She could blame Harley or be shocked if/when she finds out that someone closer to her brother committed the murder.

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