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Guiding Light Top Ten List

Top 10 Guiding Light Schemers
By Ryan

10. Eden August - She is a real big witch, and I hear they have a murder story for her in the summer.

9. Olivia Spencer - She's typically nice, but don't double-cross her, or she will kidnap you and take you to Mystic Island (Cough Cough Island).

8. Dinah Marler - She's one of my old favorites.  She tried some ridiculous things to break up Cassie and Hart, and proved to be a wacko when she tried to shoot Cassie, but shot Hart instead.

7. Alan Spaulding - Man, this guy can sing.  What's best about him is he seems so delusional from all the drugs Alexandra has been giving him.

6. Edmund Winslow - Used to be a lot worse when he tried to kill Reva like every day, but now he is trying to be Mr. Nice guy to win Cassie's heart.

5. Alexandra Spaulding - She is an awesome character.  Watch out, she may drug you if your name is Alan (and she blackmails a lot, too.

4. Roger Thorpe - Boy, was he a great villain!  He pulled some pretty awful stunts, but he just doesn't rank up to Carmen or the two psychos, in my opinion.

3. Tory Granger - Good thing this deluded girl is in the mental ward.  I have a feeling she will break free and try to stalk someone else.

2. Carmen Santos - Mafia Mob Mama.  She is "dead" now, but I know a lot of people are upset she is gone.

1. Annie Dutton- I mean, who else would kidnap Reva and jump out of the plane in a parachute, leaving Reva to fly the plane on her own?  She's my favorite!

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