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Guiding Light Top Ten List

10 Things that Reva Shayne can be Thankful For
By Bethany

1. That she and Noah got out of the "box" in one piece and are still alive
to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

2. That her children have not forgotten who she is and haven't disowned her yet. 

3. That she and Cassie have mended fences and are back on speaking terms. Good thing to, because Cassie is going to need all the help she can get explaining to Richard how she is pregnant after he found out that he is "sterile." 

4. That she and Josh are still friends after all the crap that she has put him through over the years. 

5.  That Olivia is going to take Josh off the market and she can finally move
on with her life once and for all. 

6. That she has a brand new television show for everyone to watch her on and let her guest come on and mess up someone's life. Case in point, Blake Marler, need I say more? 

7. That she and Noah managed to get Woody out of the bar and back at the hotel without Josh and Olivia finding out that he was actually dead when they took him on his last night out. 

8. That Josh didn't carry her out when she did her best "Cassie" imitation at the bar by stripping to her slip. 

9. That she had a coat to hide the fact that she was not fully dressed. 

10. That Danny saved her and Noah when she got then in the latest mess with the immigrants that were being sold into slavery.

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