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Guiding Light Top Ten List

Top Ten Most Fertile Men in Springfield… By Elizabeth

1. Tom Reardon is in the number one spot with seven children. More amazingly, all children have the same mother (Bea Reardon). It was because of him (and her too) that we got to meet the following Reardon children – Maureen, Sean, Lana, Chelsea, Tony, Jim and Nola.)

2. Phillip Spaulding is a close second. Though he only has four children, he’s gotten various women pregnant 6 times. Lizzie, James, Emma and Jude are his children. There was also one miscarriage with Mindy Lewis, and his child with Meredith Reade was stillborn.

3. Buzz Cooper. This man has five children that are legally his. Four of them are his biologically (Frank, Harley, Lucy, and Henry). He also legally adopted Rocky as well.

There’s a 5 way tie for spots 4 – 8.

4. Alan Spaulding gets the number 4 spot. He has three living children, Alan-Michael, Gus, and Phillip. 2 of those are his biological sons. He also had a stillborn child with Elizabeth as well as a miscarriage with Jackie.

5. With four biological children, Ross Marler takes the number five spot. He has 3 kids with Blake (Kevin, Jason and Clarissa) and one daughter, Dinah with Vanessa.

6. Miguel Santos Sr. who was never in Springfield has four children despite his early death. Mick, Danny and Pilar all share Carmen as their mother, while his affair with Selena Davis produced another son, Miguel Santos Jr.

7. Brandon Spaulding produced four heirs to the mighty Spaulding fortune, Alexandra, Alan, Victoria, and Amanda.

8. H.B. Lewis I had only three living children, but also got women pregnant on four separate occasions. His living children include, Billy, Josh and Trish. While married to Reva Shayne they became pregnant. Sadly, she suffered a miscarriage.

9. & 10. These spots go to those men in Springfield with three biological children. (And three seems to be the popular number!) They are: Bill Bauer (Mike, Ed & Hillary)
Papa Bauer (Bill, Meta, & Trudy)
Billy Lewis (Dylan, Bill & Mindy)
Stanley Norris (Ken, Andy, & Holly)
Hernando Santos (Miguel Sr., Roberto, & Frederico)
Hawk Shayne (Reva, Rusty, & Roxie)
Gregory Spencer (Marissa, Olivia, & Sam)
Roger Thorpe (Sebastian, Blake & Hart)
George Winslow (Edmund, Richard, & Alonzo)

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