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Guiding Light Top Ten List

Top Ten Men for Marina Cooper…By Elizabeth

10. Griggs. Remember in third grade? When a boy was mean, or teased you – it meant he had a crush on you.  Well… Griggs did kidnap her, so maybe that means he likes Marina?

9. The elusive Jack Summers. Now that we know he’s not a pedophile, perhaps Ashlee could introduce the two.

8. Matt Reardon. I’m sure he’d shower her with love since he’s clearly ready to begin dating again.

7.  Jeffery O’Neill. He’s made his way around town, but has yet to lock lips with a Cooper. And since Jeffery has a penchant for younger women (remember Marah?) Marina could be his first Cooper love.

6. Bring Shayne Lewis back. These two were sweet together. Granted they were kids at the time, but they showed some real dedication when it came to being together. Marina helped him learn how to walk again; so perhaps he could return to remind her what a decent man is.

5. Remy Boudreau, but if, and only if you want a reprisal of the sedative that was Harley/Rick.

4. AC Mallet. I’m not sure if viewers can get past the age factor, but some fans have wanted this for a while now. Bill/Olivia pulled off the age difference well because of the sparks they had on screen. Perhaps the two detectives can make it work as well.

3.  Bring back Sam Spencer! He could meet his new niece, Ava and fall in love while in town – with none other than Marina!

2. Bill Lewis will clearly need a new love interest upon returning to town. With few single girls in town, I think that Cosgrove and Bruno would really light up the screen together.

1.  None other than the notorious Cyrus Foley. Let’s face it – the two seem to have it bad for one another. And chemistry?! These two definitely have it! Some even think that they could be the next Jenna/Buzz.

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