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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


January 3, 06 – Tammy Winslow decides to move in with her aunt, Reva Shayne.

January 4, 06 – Harley Cooper and the rest of the town realize that both Alan Spaulding and Gus Aitoro are missing.

January 6, 06 – Jonathan Randall looses his temper and threatens to kill Sandy Foster when he manhandles Tammy Winslow.

January 16, 06 – Ava Peralta witnesses an intimate moment between Lizzie Spaulding and Quinn.

January 19, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill offers Doris Wolfe his job in exchange for Tammy’s freedom.

January 20, 06 – Jonathan Randall is found innocent of the charges against him.

January 20, 06 – A jailed Edmund Winslow tells Cassie Winslow that she should be more worried about when Jeffery O’Neill impersonated Prince Richard than she is.

January 25, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill calls a contact of his and demands that all of his records at the RBI be destroyed.


February 1, 06 – Believing that Gus Aitoro is dead; Harley Cooper and AC Mallet have sex with one another.

February 2, 06 – Viewers find out that Gus Aitoro and Alan Spaulding are alive and being held hostage in a cabin. They also find out that the jailer of the men is none other than Beth Raines.

February 9, 06 – A drugged Jeffery O’Neill confesses to his doctor that he slept with Cassie Winslow while he was impersonating Prince Richard.

February 10, 06 – The Spaulding Family holds a memorial service for Alan Spaulding.

February 10, 06 – Harley Cooper holds a memorial dinner for Gus Aitoro.

February 13, 06 – The Spaulding Valentine’s Day Party is held.

February 13, 06 – Coop Bradshaw punches Lizzie’s friend, Quinn.

February 14, 06 – The entire Cooper Clan along with Josh Lewis, Olivia Spencer, Ava Peralta, and Alan-Michael Spaulding spend the night together at an inn that is closing.

February 16, 06 – Alan-Michael falsifies documents at Spaulding Enterprises to make Harley Cooper look incompetent.

February 17, 06 – Harley Cooper decides that she wants to work for the Springfield Police Department again.

February 20, 06 – Tammy Winslow and Jonathan Randall decide to move into Outskirts together.

February 21, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill confesses to Cassie Winslow that he slept with her with impersonating Prince Richard.

February 22, 06 – Reva Shayne travels to Oklahoma to talk to her high school about being a ‘female leader.’

February 22, 06 – Reva Shayne and Billy Lewis get into a car accident.

February 28, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding hires “Brian,” a male escort, to hit on and date Ava Peralta.


March 1, 06 – Alan Spaulding’s will is read.

March 1, 06 – Harley Cooper names Dinah Marler as the interim head of Spaulding.

March 8, 06 – Beth Raines finds out that she is pregnant.

March 13, 06 – AC Mallet and Harley Cooper discover that Alan Spaulding is really alive.

March 14, 06 – Sandy Foster dies.

March 15, 06 – Tammy Winslow is locked in the morgue with Sandy Foster’s dead body.

March 22, 06 – Frank Cooper is shot.

March 24, 06 – Joey Lupo returns to town for a brief visit.

March 27, 06 – Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro are reunited at an insane asylum.


April 3, 06 – Alan-Michael is fired from Spaulding Enterprises.  

April 5, 06 – Springfield finds out that Ross Marler was in a plane crash and is presumed dead.

April 5, 06 – Both Jeffery O’Neill and Blake Marler decide to run for mayor in the November election.

April 7, 06 – Jonathan Randall and Coop Bradshaw get into a fist fight.

April 7, 06 – Jonathan Randall and Lizzie Spaulding have sex.

April 10, 06 – Dinah Marler reports to Harley Cooper that she’s spotted Gus Aitoro popping pills.

April 12, 06 – In one day, Reva Shayne and Josh Lewis divorce and then later reaffirm their love for one another.

April 13, 06 – The Springfield Policeman’s Ball is held at Towers.

April 14, 06 – Tammy Winslow announces that she and Jonathan Randall are back together.

April 19, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding finds out that she is pregnant.

April 19, 06 – Ava Peralta is locked in an elevator.

April 20, 06 – Cassie Winslow is given a job at Lewis Oil.

April 20, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding tells Coop Bradshaw that she is pregnant and he is the father.

April 21, 06 – Gus Aitoro steals a prescription pad to get more painkillers.

April 25, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding pays Ashlee Wolfe to help fake some information on her medical records.

April 26, 06 – Gus Aitoro detoxes at the Spaulding Lake House with Harley by his side.

April 27, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill learns that Ross did not have an affair with his assistant, and that he was probably murdered.

April 27, 06 – Reva Shayne returns to Springfield and passes out at the airport.

April 28, 06 – Josh Lewis asks Billy Lewis to help him build their father’s dream, a state of the art hospital for veterans.


May 1, 06 – Coop Bradshaw fights with Jonathan Randall.

May 1, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding learns her conception date, and thus that Jonathan Randall is the biological father of the baby.

May 1, 06 – Dinah Marler learns that her father may have been murdered.

May 3, 06 – Reva Shayne goes for a mammogram and later a biopsy. Later in the day, Reva learns that she has a malignant tumor.

May 4, 06 – Jonathan Randall breaks into the OBGYN clinic in order to read Lizzie Spaulding’s medical records.

May 5, 06 – Jonathan Randall takes Ashlee Wolfe to her senior prom.

May 8, 06 – Rick Bauer rents out the apartment above the Bauer garage to Colin McCabe.

May 10, 06 – Jenna Bradshaw, Sarah Shayne, and Nadine Cooper reappear as ghosts in a special Mother’s Day episode.

May 12, 06 – Alan Spaulding asks Beth Raines to remarry him in the islands.

May 12, 06 – Dinah Marler pulls a gun on Alan-Michael Spaulding.

May 15, 06 – Alan Spaulding admits that Phillip Spaulding is alive to Beth Raines, Gus Aitoro, Harley Cooper, and  AC Mallet.

May 16, 06 – Rick Bauer admits that he helped Phillip Spaulding pay a mechanic to tamper with Ross Marler’s plane.

May 17, 06 – Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper renew their vows.

May 17, 06 – Gus Aitoro steals pills from Rick Bauer’s medical bag.

May 18, 06 – Leah Bauer returns to Springfield as a teenager.

May 18, 06 – Mel Bauer kicks Rick Bauer out of the house.

May 18, 06 – Beth Raines suffers from a miscarriage.

May 19, 06 – Josh Lewis holds a fundraiser for the veteran’s hospital.  

May 19, 06 – Jonathan Randall is arrested for serving alcohol to a minor.

May 19, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding learns that her father is alive.

May 22, 06 – Gus Aitoro learns that Harley Cooper and AC Mallet slept together while he was presumed dead.

May 22, 06 – Gus Aitoro punches AC Mallet.

May 23, 06 – Rick Bauer is fired from Cedars Hospital.

May 24, 06 – Alan Spaulding has a panic attack and is hospitalized.

May 25, 06 – Gus Aitoro moves out of his house.

May 26, 06 – Reva Shayne learns that Jonathan is the father of Lizzie Spaulding’s baby.

May 26, 06 – Gus Aitoro and Dinah Marler kiss one another.

May 29, 06 – AC Mallet finds a strange postcard addressed to Dinah Marler.

May 29, 06 – Reva Shayne tells Jonathan Randall that he’s the father of Lizzie’s baby.

May 30, 06 – Josh Lewis accidentally kisses Cassie Winslow thinking that she is Reva.


June 1, 06 – AC Mallet receives another threatening note.

June 1, 06 – Josh Lewis surprises Reva Shayne with a moved, and redecorated Cross Creek.

June 2, 06 – Gus Aitoro lets a drug dealer go free in exchange for drugs.

June 7, 06 – AC Mallet asks Dinah Marler to marry him.

June 8, 06 – Beth Raines attempts to bribe Jonathan Randall to leave town.

June 9, 06 – Reva Lewis is hit with a car driven by a stoned Gus Aitoro.

June 9, 06 – Jonathan Randall and Lizzie Spaulding learn that their baby is a girl.

June 9, 06 – Colin McCabe tells Reva Shayne that her cancer is spreading.

June 9, 06 – Coop Bradshaw asks Lizzie Spaulding to marry him.

June 12, 06 – Jonathan Randall learns that Reva Shayne has cancer.

June 12, 06 – AC Mallet’s former partner, Regina, admits that she too has been receiving threatening notes.

June 13, 06 – Jonathan shaves his mother’s head.

June 15, 06 - Ava Peralta is shut into a meat locker.

June 15, 06 – Reva Shayne is brought to the hospital with a deadly flu.

June 16, 06 - Lizzie Spaulding and Coop Bradshaw have a wedding, though they don’t go through with it.

June 16, 06 – Jonathan Randall announces to the town that he is the father of Lizzie Spaulding’s baby.

June 19, 06 – A ‘Code Blue’ is called on Reva.

June 22, 06 – Gus Aitoro tells Buzz Cooper that he’s been clean for five days, but begs him not to tell Harley Aitoro.

June 23, 06 – Reva Shayne agrees to go to Minnesota for experimental treatment on her ever growing cancer.

June 26, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding is rushed to the hospital with cramping.

June 28, 06 – Reva Shayne meets Travis Kvapil and drives his car around the Hickory Motor Speedway.

June 29, 06 – Colin McCabe operates on Reva Shayne.

June 30, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding attempts to fake suicide.


July 4, 06 – Leah Bauer fakes being sick in an attempt to bring her parents together.

July 4, 06 – Frank Cooper and Olivia Spencer break up.

July 4, 06 – Olivia Spencer and Buzz Cooper hook up.

July 5, 06 – Gus Aitoro vows to finish construction on his house and gets some friends to help.

July 5, 06 – Gus and Harley Aitoro agree to move back in with one another.

July 6, 06 – Tammy Winslow and Jonathan Randall suffer financial trouble at the hands of Alan Spaulding.

July 7, 06 – Colin McCabe kisses Reva Shayne.

July 10, 06 – Alan Spaulding hires Dr. Baker to scare Lizzie Spaulding.

July 12, 06 – Tammy Winslow, Jonathan Randall and Lizzie Spaulding move in with one another.

July 14, 06 – Josh Lewis and Cassie Winslow admit that they have romantic feelings for one another.

July 18, 06 – Colin McCabe informs Billy Lewis that Reva Shayne will need a bone marrow transplant.

July 19, 06 – AC Mallet sees a photo of Dinah Marler kissing Gus Aitoro on “Springfield Burns.”

July 20, 06 – Reva Shayne receives a bone marrow transplant from a donor who wants to be anonymous (Billy Lewis).

July 21, 06 – Tammy Winslow is held hostage at Company.

July 21, 06 – Harley Aitoro resigns as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises.

July 24, 06 – Alan-Michael Spaulding is named as head of Spaulding Enterprises.

July 24, 06 – Harley Aitoro decides to return to the Springfield Police Department.

July 25, 06 – Dinah Marler and AC Mallet have their engagement party.

July 25, 06 – Blake Marler and Jeffery O’Neill hook up.

July 25, 06 – “Springfield Burns” strikes again. This time surprising Dinah Marler by publishing documents that reveal AC Mallet has been filing weekly reports on her for over a year.

July 26, 06 - Lizzie Spaulding finds out that Reva Shayne is sick with cancer.

July 26, 06 – Jonathan Randall donates bone marrow to his mother.

July 28, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding ditches Alan & Beth Spaulding at the airport.

July 28, 06 – There is a blackout at the farmhouse which results in a kiss between Josh Lewis and Cassie Winslow.

July 28, 06 – Reva Shayne returns to town.


August 1, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill and Blake Marler have a mayoral debate.

August 1, 06 – The “Springfield Burns” blogger reveals a sex tape involving Jeffery O’Neill and Blake Marler.

August 2, 06 – Dinah Marler torches her bridal things at the Beacon and inadvertently catches the Beacon on fire.

August 3, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill finds out that Dinah Marler is responsible for starting the Beacon fire.

August 3, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill pressures Dinah Marler to get him a political endorsement from Spaulding Enterprises.

August 4, 06 – Colin McCabe tells Reva Shayne that there is nothing more they can do for her medically.

August 7, 06 – Reva Shayne realizes that Cassie Winslow and Josh Lewis are involved romantically.

August 9, 06 – Ditkins, a man from Jeffery’s past, warns him to drop out of the mayoral race.

August 10, 06 – Ava Peralta begins working for Alan-Michael Spaulding at Spaulding Enterprises.

August 11, 06 – Josh Lewis announces that he is choosing to be with Cassie Winslow.

August 14, 06 – “Springfield Burns” suggests the Jeffery O’Neill and Dinah Marler are having an affair.

August 14, 06 – Reva Shayne meets with Hawk Shayne, Dylan, Marah and Shane Lewis in New York City.

August 15, 06 – Dinah Marler is arrested.

August 16, 06 – Buzz Cooper appears in a TV cook off with a celebrity chef.

August 17, 06 – Dinah Marler is released from jail.

August 17, 06 – Alan-Michael Spaulding gives Lizzie Spaulding a gun.

August 17, 06 – Jonathan Randall proposes to Tammy Winslow.

August 18, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding shoots Alan Spaulding.

August 21, 06 – Alan Spaulding fakes a heart attack.

August 21, 06 – “Springfield Burns” taunts Olivia Spencer about her mother’s death.

August 22, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding is arrested.

August 22, 06 – AC Mallet finds out that Dinah Marler started the Beacon fire and they split up.

August 23, 06 – Rick Bauer is reinstated at the hospital.

August 23, 06 – Viewers find out that Rick Bauer and Beth Raines have been having an affair.

August 23, 06 – Mel Bauer decides that she wants to put her marriage back together.

August 25, 06 – Alan Spaulding decides to drop the charges against Lizzie Spaulding.

August 25, 06 – Alan Spaulding serves Lizzie Spaulding with court papers declaring her to be an unfit mother.

August 25, 06 – Ava Peralta baby-sits Emma Spaulding. Emma drinks some of Ava’s perfume and is found unconscious.

August 25, 06 – Jonathan Randall and Tammy Winslow announce their engagement.

August 30, 06 – Josh Lewis and Cassie Winslow attend a ceremony aboard the USS Intrepid.

August 31, 06 -  Jonathan Randall catches Beth Raines and Rick Bauer together, manages to get a photo and blackmails Beth.


September 1, 06 – Alan Spaulding locks Beth Raines in a bathroom.

September 5, 06 – Jonathan Randall tells a courtroom full of people that he wants to marry Lizzie Spaulding.

September 6, 06 – Jonathan Randall and Lizzie Spaulding get married.

September 7, 06 – Guiding Light airs an ‘opposite episode’ where the Cooper family is rich, the Spaulding Family owns Company and Reva owns Shayne Cosmetics.

September 12, 06 – Photos of Jeffery O’Neill and Dinah Marler pop up on

September 13, 06 – Dinah Marler and AC Mallet agree to get married, but it is called off when Jeffery O’Neill has a job for Dinah to do.

September 15, 06 – Josh Lewis hands Reva Shayne divorce papers.

September 18, 06 – Olivia Spencer and Ava Peralta get into a fight.

September 19, 06 – Reva Shayne and Josh Lewis sign their divorce papers.

September 19, 06 – Ava Peralta is nearly hit by a speeding car (driven by Olivia Spencer).

September 20, 06 – Olivia Spencer hires a professional to have Ava Peralta killed.

September 20, 06 – Viewers find out that Olivia Spencer gave up a child for adoption as a teenager and that child is Ava Peralta.

September 22, 06 – Frank Cooper arrests Olivia Spencer.

September 22, 06 – Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne are trapped at a construction site together.

September 25, 06 – Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne find themselves alone in a parking garage and kiss.

September 26, 06 – Remy Boudreau kisses Tammy Winslow.

September 26, 06 – Reva Shayne kisses Billy Lewis and tells him that she wants a future with him.

September 29, 06 – Reva Shayne and Billy Lewis announce they are engaged.


October 2, 06 – Alan Spaulding catches Tammy Winslow and Jonathan Randall sharing an intimate moment.

October 3, 06 – Reva Shayne and Billy Lewis call off their wedding moments before they are supposed to wed in Las Vegas.

October 4, 06 – Mel Bauer finds a key to a room at the Beacon in Rick Bauer’s coat.

October 4, 06 – Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper find an abandoned baby and bring her home.

October 4, 06 – Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper decide to try and have children.

October 5, 06 – Josh Lewis makes Cassie a full partner at Lewis Construction.

October 5, 06 – Rick Bauer tells Beth Raines that their affair is over.

October 9, 06 – Jonathan Randall announces to the public that Rick Bauer and Beth Raines are having an affair.

October 9, 06 – Marina Cooper and AC Mallet are linked romantically on

October 10, 06 – Rick Bauer moves in with Gus and Harley Aitoro.

October 10, 06 – Coop Bradshaw breaks into Olivia Spencer’s room.

October 11, 06 – Marina Cooper becomes Springfield’s youngest detective ever as she is sworn in.

October 13, 06 – Olivia Spencer admits to Ava Peralta that she is her biological mother.

October 13, 06 – Olivia Spencer is arrested for attempted murder.

October 16, 06 – Tammy Winslow decides to move into an apartment with Remy Boudreau and Marina Cooper.

October 18, 06 – Lizzie Spaulding Randall is rushed to the hospital.

October 19, 06 – Viewers find out that Ava Peralta is a child of rape.

October 23, 06 – The judge drops the attempted murder charge against Olivia Spencer.

October 25, 06 – Reva Shayne hosts a farewell party for herself.

October 26, 06 – Billy Lewis begins drinking again.

October 26, 06 – Josh Lewis inadvertently stops Reva Shayne from committing suicide.

October 27, 06 – An unconscious Reva Shayne is rushed to the hospital, where her family finds out that she has been battling cancer for months.


November 1, 06 – Harley Cooper becomes the superhero “The Guiding Light,” and helps protect the people of Springfield.

November 2, 06 – Billy Lewis goes to an AA meeting to help stop drinking.

November 3, 06 – Reva Shayne flat lines in Cedars hospital for a few moments.

November 7, 06 – Olivia Spencer learns that Jeffery O’Neill was the man who raped her, and is Ava’s father.

November 8, 06 – Blake Marler is named as mayor and collapses due to being poisoned. She is also revealed as being the mastermind behind

November 9, 06 – Rick Bauer announces that Reva Shayne is cancer free.

November 9, 06 – Jeffery O’Neill is named as interim mayor of Springfield.

November 13, 06 – Jonathan and Lizzie Randall move in with Reva Shayne.

November 14, 06 – Blake Marler wakes up long enough to tell Gus Aitoro that she knows his secret.

November 14, 06 – Olivia Spencer lets everyone know that Jeffery O’Neill is Ava’s father.

November 15, 06 – Frost Moon Festival on Main Street.

November 17, 06 – Marah Lewis returns to town.

November 21, 06 – Jonathan Randall gets a tattoo over his heart for his soon to be daughter.

November 27, 06 – Marah Lewis leaves town.

November 28, 06 – Sarah Randall is born.

November 28, 06 – The governor takes away Jeffery O’Neill’s spot as mayor due to some ‘rumors.’

November 30, 06 – Jonathan and Lizzie Randall take Sarah Randall to a heart specialist.


December 4, 06 – Billy Lewis and Sheila begin dating.

December 6, 07 – Billy and Josh Lewis have a gun pulled on them; and are later arrested in Kansas.

December 7, 06 – Gus Aitoro fins out that his health may have been compromised from an FBI job, and that he might not be able to have children.

December 8, 06 – Gus Aitoro finds out that baby Sydney is headed to foster care and kidnaps her.

December 12, 06 – Ava Peralta celebrates her birthday.

December 12, 06 – Mel Bauer and Jeffery O’Neill begin their own private law firm.

December 13, 06 – Gus and Harley Aitoro go on “Light of Springfield” to share their story about how they want to keep baby Sydney.

December 14, 06 – Reva Shayne meets Cal at a cancer support group.

December 22. 06 – Lizzie Spaulding has he grandfather, Alan Spaulding, taken to Ravenwood Psychiatric Hospital.

December 26, 06 – Buzz Cooper asks Olivia Spencer to marry him.

December 26, 06 – Ava Peralta accepts a job offer from Alan-Michael Spaulding.

December 28, 06 – Jonathan and Lizzie Randall attempt to have a honeymoon.

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